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(Mss. 717, 722)




Biographical/Historical Note

Scope and Content Note

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Size. 1 linear ft.; 18 ms. v.; 39 pr. v.

Geographic locations. Louisiana; Maryland; England.

Inclusive dates. 1844-1909.

Languages. English.

Summary. Legal and financial papers, correspondence, memorandum books, record books, and printed material.

Access. No restrictions.

Copyright. Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Citation. William Acy, Jr. Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stack location. E:1, F:1, OS:A.

Arrangement. Papers are arranged in chronological order.


Biographical/Historical Note

William Acy, Jr., born in 1822, was a plantation owner in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. He also served as Justice of the Peace of Ascension Parish, La. from 1885-1891. His father, William Acy, Sr., of the "Acey" family, emigrated from Hull, England to the United States in the early 19th century. He lived first, in Baltimore, Maryland, then at General Wade Hampton's Millwood Plantation in South Carolina, and finally at Gen. Hampton's Point Houmas Plantation in Louisiana. William Acy, Jr. owned land in Louisiana and Mississippi, which included Standley Plantation in Carroll County, Mississippi. He married Margaret E. Stansbury in 1847, and after her death, he married Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Marchbanks Stevens, a widow, in 1865. He had one son, C. C. Acy. Among William Acy's most prominent acquaintances was Francis T. Nicholls, who served as Governor of Louisiana and Chief Justice of the Louisiana State Supreme Court.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, legal, and financial papers of William Acy, Jr. comprise this collection. Personal papers consist primarily of correspondence with relatives and friends in Maryland and England. They relate personal news and social activities, and provide some genealogical information. Among them is a letter from a cousin reporting on the poor living conditions in England and apathy of the people (Aug. 15, 1873).

Business correspondence provides legal advice from Acy's attorneys and friends. Correspondence of Francis T. Nicholls pertains to Acy's properties (1888-1892). Letters from T. H. Somerville concern Standley Plantation, in Greenwood, Mississippi (1898-1901), and those of R. N. Sims concern law suit before the Louisiana Supreme Court (1872). Letters from his son, C. C. Acy, describe conditions and management problems at Standley Plantation. There is also a letter from patient confined to Jackson State Hospital complaining of conditions and inquiring about the length of his stay at the facility (April 15, 1907). He also questions whether he may have been committed for political reasons. Additionally, there are numerous letters regarding litigation over the settlement of the estate of William Acy, Sr., who died in 1882. Approximately $40,000 was owed to him at his death along with possible rights to property in Louisiana and Mississippi. There are numerous copies of court records kept by Acy, Jr. documenting the progression of a lawsuit filed against him by his nephew, William B. Lynam, who claimed a share in the estate of William Acy, Sr.

Other documents include commissions signed by Louisiana Governors Hebert, Wickliffe and Moore confirming Acy, Jr.'s election as Justice of the Peace of Ascension Parish (1855-1861); a petition to the court submitted by James H. Muse against William Acy, Jr. for slander (Dec. 21, 1882); and a certificate awarded to Acy by the Amite City Lodge, No. 175 of the Louisiana Grand Lodge of Freemasons (March 4, 1871). Other legal papers consist of deeds and documents regarding property Acy acquired in Louisiana and Mississippi; papers pertaining to the estates of William Acy, Sr. and Margaret Stansbury Acy; and a sample ballot for the State and Tangipahoa Parish election of 1900. Canceled checks, tax receipts, bills, and invoices comprise the financial paper.

Printed materials consist of maps of Baltimore, Maryland (1901) and London (n.d.); a legal brief submitted to the Louisiana Supreme Court in the case of James H. Muse vs. William Acy (1882); advertising handbills, broadsides, pamphlets, catalogs, and books pertaining to railway travel (1897, 1901, 1907, 1908); hypnosis (1898); treatment of disease; sale of books, baby carriages, and farm equipment, including a cotton gin (1898). Among the medical printed materials is The Physician's Substitute (1850), giving remedies for illnesses, Will You Help a Friend? (1901) and Southern Album (n.d.) containing illustrations and testimonials of prominent Southerners on the success of treatments. Additional printed volumes include the Code of City Ordinances of the City of Natchez, V. 19, (1854-1858); National Geographic Series, No. 5, V. 20, (1867); almanacs (1892, 1895); and issues of the Old Theology Quarterly (April 1889, 1894, 1899, 1900).

Photographs include cartes de viste, a cabinet card and a tintype, mostly of unidentified individuals. Photographs of family members include Elizabeth Stansbury Acy (1859), Mary Elizabeth Marchbanks Stevens Acy (1887), and William Acy, Sr. (1856). Bank books (1866-1883, 1897-1902), memorandum books (1877-1903) and record books (1850-1899) comprise the manuscript volumes.

Container List

Stack location Box Folders Contents

E:1 1 1-39 Correspondence, financial records, legal papers, biographical sketch (n.d.),

40 Photographs (1856, 1859, 1887, n.d.)

Stack location Volume Contents

F:1 v. 1 Bank book, William Acy, Jr. (1866-1883).

v. 2 Bank book, William Acy, Jr. (1897-1902).

v. 3 Memorandum book (1877-1881).

v. 4 Memorandum book (1878-1879).

v. 5 Memorandum book (1879-1883).

v. 6 Memorandum book (1880-1883).

v. 7 Memorandum book (1882).

v. 8 Memorandum book (1882-1885).

v. 9 Memorandum book (1883-1887).

v. 10 Memorandum book (1889).

v. 11 Memorandum book (1889).

v. 12 Memorandum book (1903).

v. 13 Memorandum book (n.d.).

v. 14 Receipt book (1850-1899).

v. 15 Record book (1850-1899).

v. 16 Record book (1858-1866).

v. 17 Record book (1873-1882).

v. 18 Record book (1875-1876).

Stack location Volume Contents

F:1 v. 19 Code of City Ordinance of the City of Natchez. (1854-1858).

v. 20 National Geographic Series, No. 5. (1867).

v. 21 Richard Frotscher's Almanac and Garden Manual (1895).

v. 22 Sixth Annual Report of the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital (1895).

v. 41 The Physician's Substitute: containing directions . . . (1850).

v. 42 Catalogue and Announcements 1897, Ginn and Co. (1897).

Stack location Box Folder Contents - printed volumes

E:1 1 23 v. 23 An Illustrated Lesson in Hypnotism (1898); v. 24 Tomato Growing, Farmers' Bulletin No. 98 (1898).

28 v. 25 Ginseng, the Crop That's Worth its Weight in Sterling Silver (1901).

15 v. 26 Do the Scriptures Teach That Eternal Torment is the Wages of Sin; OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY, no. 1 (April 1889).

18 v. 27 Do You Know?; OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY, no. 21 (April 1894).

24 v. 28 Gathering of the Lord's Jewels; OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY, no. 44 (Jan. 1899).

26 v. 29 Which is the True Gospel?; OLD THEOLOGY QUARTERLY, no. 49 (April 1900).

18 v. 30 The Bank Depositor and His Relations to the Bank (1894) [two copies].

17 v. 31 Circular to Registers and Receivers ... Location and Assignment of Bounty-land Warrants, Issued July 20, 1875 (1892).

18 v. 32 Circular to Registers and Receivers ... Location and Assignment of Bounty-land Warrants, Issued July 20, 1875 (1894).

28 v. 33 Will You Help a Friend? (1901).

25 v. 34 Special Baby Carriage Catalogue (1899).

20 v. 35 The De Laval Baby Cream Separators (1896).

21 v. 36 The De Laval Baby Cream Separators (1897); v. 37 Industrial Railways for Manufacturing Establishments (1897).

39 v. 38 Southern Album (n.d.).

23 v. 39 1898 Smith Sons Gin and Machine Co. (1898).

17 v. 40 Capital Almanac (1892).

36 v. 43 Challenge of the Mountains, Canadian Pacific Railway (1908).

Stack location Oversize folders Contents

OS:A 1 Textile - needlepoint (n.d.).

2 Financial papers, commissions (1855-1861); Deeds (1886, 1887); Tangipahoa Parish tax assessment (1888).

3 Financial papers, insurance policies (1897, 1899). Advertising broadsides (1898, n.d.); Donaldsonville Chief Supplement (June 1896); ballot (ca. 1900); lease - Standley Plantation (1898);


4 Map of Baltimore, Md. (Ca. 1901); Map of London (n.d.); Land plat of Acy property (n.d.).

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