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J. G. Kilbourne and Family Papers

(Mss. 690, 713)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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564 items and 43 volumes

Geographic locations.

Clinton, La.; New Orleans, La.; Jackson, La.; Port Hudson, La.; Waterproof, La.; Point Coupee Parish, La.; Vicksburg, Miss.; Russellville, Ky.; Lexington, Ky.; St. Louis, Mo.; Texas

Inclusive dates.


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English, German


The collection contains personal and business papers of three generations of the Kilbourne family of Clinton, La. They include Civil War correspondence, letters about student life, documents concerning Kilbourne's legal career, and volumes recording the operation of Comite Plantation.


Categorical, then chronological.

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James Gilliam Kilbourne Family Collection, Mss. 690, 730, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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E:5-7; G:13; OS:K

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Microfilm 5735, Series B, Reel 11

Omission: Papers 1866-1899, Volumes

Biographical/Historical Note

The Kilbourne family resided in Clinton, Louisiana, at their residence Bonnie Burn. James Gilliam Kilbourne, planter, jurist, Louisiana legislator, and Confederate captain, was born in Hinds County, Mississippi, moved to East Feliciana Parish in 1838, attended Centenary College in Jackson, Louisiana, and married Almena Leonora Perkins in 1851.

They had ten children: Mary Octavia (1852-1881), James (1854-1924), Charles (1856-1937), Henry Gilliam (1858-1888), Lewis Perkins (1860-1912), Emma (b.1862), Susan Gilliam (1864-1913), Lillian (1868-1949), Almena Fuqua (1870-1961), Margaret Gayden (1873-1949). James became a doctor, Charles a teacher, newspaper editor, and jurist, Lewis a pharmacist, and Mary a teacher.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains personal and business papers of three generations of the Kilbourne family. Early papers consist of letters and documents relating to James G. Kilbourne's work as attorney for the Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad. Civil War letters from him to his wife while encamped in Mississippi mention army personnel and describe camp life and morale.

Post-1870 papers consist chiefly of personal letters to Kilbourne from his children, and letters to his children from friends and suitors. These relate local and family news. Letters from Charles Kilbourne relate his experiences as a student at Centenary College and as a teacher in and resident of Waterproof, Louisiana. Letters from Harry Kilbourne while attending the Commercial and Business College at Lexington, Kentucky, from Lewis Kilbourne living in St. Louis, from Emma while attending Norvilla Collegiate Institute in Greensburg, Louisiana, and from Susie and Maggie are also included. Letters from Wesleyan Female Institute, Staunton, Virginia, comment on costs, classes, and activities. Silliman Female Collegiate Institute is also represented in students' letters and items pertaining to its administration and finances. Letters to Kilbourne's grandson Walter Morehead at Centenary College are also included.

Documents, letters, and volumes concerning J.G. Kilbourne's legal career are scattered throughout the collection. Journals, ledgers, record, receipt, index, and letter books of Fuqua and Kilbourne and McVea and Kilbourne contain entries for fees, notes on cases, settlements, and docket assignments.

Additional volumes record the operation of Comite Plantation, household accounts, cotton sales, medical treatment for family, slaves and freedmen, and accounts with the latter. Some of these volumes are authored by Dr. F.D. Wood. Miscellaneous items include the muster rolls of the 4th Regiment, Louisiana Volunteers, carte de visites of family members, calling cards, and speeches and poems by Charles Kilbourne.

Collection Description

Stack Location









Legal papers of J.G. Kilbourne



Letters between James G. Kilbourne and his wife Almena (1851-1852); letters to James from J.M Wilson (1850)



Invitation to a medical lecture; letters between James and Almena Kilbourne (1859-1863); letter from Mary Kilbourne to her father (1864); sale of land (1866); map of the Batchelor land, Pointe Coupee, La.; other correspondence



Letters to Mary Kilbourne; invitation for Mary Kilbourne to a Celebration of the Literary Society at Washington College; letter to Mrs. Woodward; survey of land Point Coupee Parish



Letters to Mary O. Kilbourne (also called Mollie Kilbourne) from her father, friends, and from Joe Morehead, Russellville, Ky. addressed to her at Clinton.; legal papers of James Kilbourne; life insurance policy for Mrs. Almena Kilbourne (1871); Louisiana State University Address, J.L. Perkins, Cadet (1872); life insurance documents for James Kilbourne; sale of property (1873)



Life insurance documents; letters to Almena from James Kilbourne; program for music concert at Silliman Female Collegiate Institute (1875)



Speech by Charles Kilbourne at Centenary College (1876); letters to Charles (Charley) Kilbourne; report cards from Centenary College (1876); Commencement Exercises at Centenary College (1876); poems



Letters to Charles Kilbourne; admissions to various law lectures for Charles; invitation to Commencement Day at University of Louisiana, Law Department (1878); succession of J.N. Chambers; letters to James G. Kilbourne; insurance documents





Invitation to Grand Masonic Regalia Ball for Mrs. J. Morehead; invitation to Grand Regalia Ball for Miss Emma Kilbourne; life insurance documents; invitation to a dance for Emma Kilbourne; letter from Emma Kilbourne to her sister; bill for “the Chambers tract”



Letters to Charles Kilbourne; receipt for payment to the Commercial College of Kentucky University by Harry S. Kilbourne; letters from Harry Kilbourne in Kentucky; invitation to Commencement at University of Louisiana Medical Department; letter to Susie Kilbourne; employee's bond, J. Morehead and J.G. Kilbourne to the Singer Manufacturing Company; receipts from Richard Flower & Co.



Letters to Emma; receipts of payment; letters from Lewis Kilbourne; various family letters



Receipts from Richard Flower & Co.; business letters to J.G. Kilbourne; lease of land; family letters; ticket to the Southern Exposition Louisville, Ky.; dance card for Annual Commencement Hop of Centenary College; appointment of J.G. Kilbourne as Commissioner on behalf of Louisiana at the Louisville Southern Exposition



Insurance documents; letters to Susie Kilbourne; letters to Lillian Kilbourne; receipts; other family letters;





Letters to Susie Kilbourne; poem by Susie Kilbourne



Letters to Susie Kilbourne; letters to Lillian Kilbourne; lease of Sandy Creek Place; letter to J.G. Kilbourne from his cousin; Honor card for Walter Morehead at Silliman Collegiate Institute



Certificate of Proficiency in Spelling and Reading for Walter Morehead; various letters to Mr. and Mrs. Kilbourne from their children; letters to Susie Kilbourne



Letters to Susie Kilbourne; poem by Maggie Kilbourne; certificate of proficiency in Arithmetic, Geography, Spelling, and Reading for Walter Morehead




Business letters to J.G. Kilbourne (most from W.H. Pipes); certificate of proficiency for Walter Morehead; letter to Lillian Kilbourne from her mother; lease of storehouse



Business letters to J.G. Kilbourne (most from W.H. Pipes); letters to Lillian Kilbourne; receipts



Business letters to J.G. Kilbourne; letters to Lillian Kilbourne; receipts; letters to Walter Morehead (grandson of J. G. Kilbourne) from family members while he was a student at Centenary College, Jackson, La; report card for Walter Morehead



Letters to Walter Morehead; letters to Lillian Kilbourne



Letters to Susie Kilbourne; poems; letters to Lillian Kilbourne; letters to Walter Morehead; letter to Lucy Morehead; advertisement for Bee Manufacturing Co.; advertisement for the Krauss, Butler, and Benham Co.; school compositions



Speech by James Gilliam Kilbourne given at Centenary College








Carte de visite (photograph by Ute Iron Springs Photo Gallery, Manitou Springs, Colorado)



Photographs of unknown women (photographers include J.F. Hardman, Greenville, Ky.; W.W. Washburn, New Orleans; E.L. Foulks, Hopkinsville, Ky.)



Photographs of unknown men (photographers include A.A. Turner, New Orleans; B.Z. Gannaway, Franklin, Ky.; W.W. Washburn, New Orleans)



Photographs of unknown children (photographers include L.D. Robertson, Franklin, Ky.; S. Platowsky, Guthrie, Ky.; Hardman & McGill, Madisonville, Ky.)

Printed Items:



The Legal Gazette, January-February 1900 (Vol.1, No.1)

“Case and Comment,” Aug.1899 (Vol.6, No.3)



Friml, Rudolf. “Piano Compositions,” New York: Schirmer.


John Medina, Paris Hair Store, Boston, Massachusetts, undated.




Towne, Elizabeth. “Just How to Wake the Solar Plexus,” Holyoke, 1907.


Regulations governing the Admission of Candidates into the U.S. Naval Academy as Naval Cadets, 1888-1889.


Proceedings of the First State Sunday School Convention of La. held in the First Presbyterian Church, N. O., 1879


Mathematics book, undated


“Eagle Plow Works, Maysville, Kentucky: Price List,” undated.


“Catalogue, Clay-Preparing Machinery,” Willoughby, Ohio: J.W. Penfield & Son, undated.


“Catalogue, The Milner & Ketting Co.,” Birmingham, Ala., undated.


“Sunday School Magazine for Teachers and Bible Classes,” Publishing House of the M.E. Church, South, 1913.


“Part III: Catalogue of Piano Music,” New York: Schirmer, undated.


“Publix News,” Baton Rouge, 1932.


“Mail Course of Instruction in Magnetic Healing,” (Prof. S. A. Weltmer's), 1901.




1861, 1931

Muster Rolls (15 items)

4th Regiment, La. Volunteers, CSA, 1861

Map of the Travels of George Washington, National Geographic Society (1931)



Certificate appointing Isaac D. Wall Notary Public in East Feliciana Parish (1892)

Manuscript Volumes



#1. Daybook – account book in German.


#2. Index book – Fuqua and Kilbourne, legal firm, lists defendants and plaintiffs.

1860-1873, 1886-1890

#3. Invoice Book – Cover signed, “Dr. Charles Wood.” Ledger entries, 1860-1873, of Dr. Wood for seed, clothing, groceries, accounts with factors. Indexed. Invoices, 1886-1890, to E. D. Wood pasted at top over entries for Dr. Chas. Wood.


#4. Journal – Fuqua and Kilbourne, Clinton, La. “Blotter.”


#5. Journal – “F. & K.” [Fuqua and Kilbourne]. Fragmentary volume contains pages 95-98, 103-142, and 167-184 of day by day accounts for miscellaneous purchases.


#6. Journal – “Clinton Lodge No. 27, I. O. O. F. Clinton, La. 1870” Individual accounts and donations for building lodge room of members, p. 206.


#7. Ledger – “F. & K.” Inscribed “J. O. Fuqua, Clinton, La. F. & K.” Indexed. (Entries in Journal #4 transferred to Ledger #7) Not strictly a legal volume.


#8. Ledger – Inscribed “J. G. Kilbourne, Jan. 1869.” Not indexed. Legal fees entered. Example, Richard Pritchard in acto with McVea and Kilbourne, p. 75. Also, Citizens Bank in account with McVea and Kilbourne, p. 84.

1867-1881, 1884

#9. Ledger – Volume includes separate bound index inscribed “J. G. Kilbourne, Clinton, La. 1872 & 73.” Accounts concern legal matters, sale of cotton, chimney repairs, advances to African Americans, and purchases of bagging and ties.


#10. Ledger – A few clippings including one for making of whitewash. Indexed. Accounts contain medical entries for visits and medicine including medical care of African Americans. Included in volume is a post card (loose item) addressed to Dr. P. D. Wood, Clinton, La.

1884-1885, 1888

#11. Ledger – Cover marked “A.” Clippings concern cattle; also poem, “The Bivouac of the Dead,” by Theodore O'Hara; and information of Jesse James. Accounts with African Americans for whiskey, meat, and cash. [Dr. F. D. Wood]


#12. Ledger – Inscribed “Planter's Journal, P. O. Drawer 855, Birmingham, Ala. Sub. 150.” Indexed. Accounts for whiskey, groceries, pork, meal, shoes, notions, cloth, etc. Contains address of Mrs. M. F. Dent. Woodland, La. cover marked “B.” [Dr. F. D. Wood]


#13. Ledger – Cover marked “C.” Indexed. Individual accounts for writing paper, tobacco, sugar, flour, etc. Indexed. Reference to Book “D” on p. 74; reference to horse breeding, unnumbered page in back of book. Contains slip of paper with financial notes, on other side “RX Take this.” Prescription to T. J. Fuqua, Druggist, Clinton, La. [Dr. F. D. Wood]


#14. Ledger – Inscribed “Dr. F. D. Wood—Book D.—1889.” Indexed. Individual accounts for tobacco, sugar, rice, meat, ribbon, etc. Entries for credits and debits. Reference to Book E, P. 41. Clipping of poem on inside of back cover titled “North v. South.”


#15. Letter file Book – Indexed (partially) in back of book. Legal letters to Fuqua and/or Kilbourne.


#16. Letter (Press Copy) Book – Indexed. Letters by Thomas A. Moore and/or D. J. Wedge, attorneys, Clinton, La., regarding collections.





#17. Memorandum Book.





#18. Notebook.





#19 Plantation Record Book


#20. Receipt Book – “F. & K.” Receipts for payments by Fuqua and Kilbourne, 1858-1869; McVea and Kilbourne, 1870-1880.


#21. Record Book – “F. & K. Docket” on cover. Inscribed, “J. O. Fuqua – J. G. Kilbourne. Fuqua & Kilbourne, Feb. 5, 1855.” Legal volume lists names of parties in suits and remarks regarding settlements.


#22. Record Book – Cover “J. G. Kilbourne Mem. Book, 1882.” Inscribed “Entry Book.” Accounts for groceries, cotton, Odd Fellows Fees, memorandums of rent due, accounts with Richard Flower, Chambers Place.


#23. Record Book – Feliciana Democrat Extra, Thursday, Mar. 21, 1867, pasted on 1st page of volume. This a copy of the extra of the New Orleans Picayune of Mar. 19 titled “The Order of Gen. [P. H.] Sheridan” from Headquarters, 5th Military District, New Orleans, General Orders No. 1 dated Mar. 19, 1867. This broadside concerns the government and reorganization of the State of Texas.

Volume probably of Fuqua and Kilbourne. Entries at beginning of book refer to pages in Ledger #7. Concerns legal matters.


#24. Record Book – [F. & K.]. Legal notes, listing of court docket assignments, notes on cases, back cover—“Kilbourne”





#25. Record Book – “J. Kilbourne Day Book, Jan. 1870.” “Wood Book”. Entries concern sawing and hauling. Back page, list of washing for July 12, [1871].





#26. Record Book – Entries include charges for medical visits, 1882; Citizens Bank of Louisiana account with J. G. Kilbourne, 1890; accounts of cotton sales, 1891, and accounts with Flowers and King, 1891, and Dr. L. G. Perkins, 1891.


#27. Record Book – Inscribed on inside cover, “F. D. Wood. 1887.” Record of cotton bought and shipped by F. D. Wood. Season 1887.

1897, 1900

#28. Record Book – Inscribed “Jan. 1, 1897 to Dec. 31, 1897.” “Alston” on cover. Cash paid for groceries, meat, notions, medicine. “Mrs. Arcola Alston acct with Winter Bros. at Rodney, Miss. Commencing Jan. 9, [1900].” Account with Vicksburg Bank, 1897.


#29. Scrapbook – Indexed. Legal entries of cases, 1875-1876. Clippings regarding legal cases, court and state rights (between pages 92 and 93), 1883-1896; Louisiana State Lottery Co. v. Allen Jumel et al, p. 188. [J. G. Kilbourne]

Index Terms

(This section provides the subject indexing for the collection found in the card catalog. Index terms have been changed to match Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Documents relating to the subject given are described.)



Description of relevant documents

Advertising cards--Ohio.


Ayer's Cherry Pectoral trade card. Feb. 28, 1884

African Americans--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

1882, 1893

contract to work for rental of dwelling, Jan. 16, 1882; participation of Wilson and Clinton African Americans at fair, Oct. 19, 1893.



comments on productivity, types of soil, cost of land, clearing land and development of orange orchards, and prevalence of insects. J. G. Kilbourne, Feb. 7, 13, and 20.

Alexander, William.


discusses art as career for women, Mar. 17.

Alston, Arcola.

1897, 1900

Record Book #26

American poetry--19th century.

1885-1889, undated

mention of poems by Charles and Susie Kilbourne published or forwarded for publication, Mar. 4, 1885; Jan. 11, 29, Feb. 26, June 26, and Aug. 14, 1886; and Feb. 18, 1887; child mentions her poem, “Old Year,” Jan. 6, 1889; copy of poem, undated

Arithmetic--Study and teaching.


arithmetic text, p. 81-174, undated; theme, “Alexander and Washington,” undated

Asthma--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


treated successfully with Sam Perkin's prescription and Buddy's pancreatic diet. J. G. Kilbourne, Apr. 1.

Austin, W. M.


comments on large number of doctors in farming area, little sickness, and savings from medical practice. 1 letter by, Apr. 29.

Bonny Burn Plantation (La.)


handwritten location, Apr. 18.

Capell, O. A.


English Grammar Notebook #2.

Carnival--Louisiana--New Orleans.


comments include “almost take a boot to tell about it;” Momus procession considered the best; firemen's procession “as beautiful as anything could be;” arrival of Rex on the “R. E. Lee;” processions and ball on Mardi Gras day. Charles Kilbourne, Feb. 27.

Catholic Church--Kentucky--Lexington.


young Protestant girl's impression of first Catholic service – “quite a scene to me but the music was just splendid.” Mary Kilbourne letter.

Centenary College of Louisiana.


correspondence, speeches, report cards, receipts for payment of tuition, and commencement and dance programs. 1872-1894; secretary of Alumni Association notifies Judge Kilbourne of his election to read poem at meeting and at commencement. W. B. Norwood, Apr. 21, 1881.

Children--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

1887-1889, undated

teacher considers children wearing on patience, temper, and nerves, and looks forward to vacation. Clover Hill, Lillian Kilbourne, Feb. 18, 1887; children's letters tell of family, Christmas, home activities and local news. Dec. 10, 1888; Jan. 6, 11, 25, and Mar. 2, 1889; advertisement of Bee Waist for boys, undated

Children--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish--Conduct of life.

1876-1893, undated

family advice on school matters, behavior, girls. Jan. 16 and 22, 1876; Nov. 23 and 30, 1884; Nov. 15, 1893; undated

Children--Mississippi--Coahoma County.

1887-1889, undated

teacher considers children wearing on patience, temper, and nerves, and looks forward to vacation. Clover Hill, Lillian Kilbourne, Feb. 18, 1887; children's letters tell of family, Christmas, home activities and local news. Dec. 10, 1888; Jan. 6, 11, 25, and Mar. 2, 1889; advertisement of Bee Waist for boys, undated

Clinton (La.)--Description and travel.

1870-1889, undated

“a perfect Sleepy Hollow” with picnics, Thespian performances, socials, circuses, Odd Fellows Balls, and diverse other things. Thomas A. Moore, May 7, 1870; comments on social life, golden wedding anniversary of the Marstens, the “washing machine” business, and local news. Feb. 25 and 28, Mar. 9 and 20, 1878; Jan. 29 and Feb. 7, 1886; Feb. 22, 1889, undated

Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad.


copies of 7 legal documents concerning liquidation of railroad company for which Charles McVea was liquidator and J. G. Kilbourne attorney for plaintiff. apr. 26, May 2, July 20 (2 items), 24, Oct. 1-2, and blank form.

Comite Plantation (La.)


daily entries concern activities of overseer (T.H. Sessions) and hands, weather, health of slaves; record of cotton picked by slaves; inventory of stock and implements; record of clothing, tools, etc., issued to slaves. Plantation Diary #17

Commission merchants--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.


Ben R. Mayer and Co., Baton Rouge. 1 item.

Commission merchants--Louisiana--Bayou Sara.


Julius Freyman and Co., Bayou Sara. 5 items.

Commission merchants--Louisiana--Clinton.


H. L. and I. Mayer, Clinton. 1 item.

Commission merchants--Louisiana--New Orleans.

1872-1873; 1881-1883;


Norwood and Richards, 1872-1873. 2 items; Richard Flower and Co., 1881-1883. 15 items;

H. and C. Newman, 1892-1893. 9 items.

Confederate States of America. Army. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, 2nd.


outlines plan for organization of regiment composed of companies from East and West Baton Rouge Parishes and neighboring parishes of East and West Feliciana, Livingston, and St. Helena, 1 letter by H.M. Favrot, Apr. 25.

Confederate States of America. Army. Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 4th.


Maxey's Brigade officer comments on fine location of present encampment, sickness from impure water, tactics of General Johnston and positions of General Grant near Vicksburg and Canton. J. G. Kilbourne, June 29, 1863.

Confederate States of America. Army. Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 4th. Company K.


muster roll lists names, rank, place and period of enlistment, pay, and comments on casualties at Battle of Shiloh, Feb. 28.

De Valls Bluff (Ark.)--Description and travel.


governess comments on location, stores, church, and society of town; discusses teaching load and low pay. Sue Harper, Mar. 2.

Dick, A. E.


relates day-to-day change in line position; comments on weather, casualties, rations, spirit of troops, June 24.

Emory and Henry College. Calliopean Literary Society.


printed program

Fayette (Miss.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


teacher of art and music comments on hard times, few boarders, and an African American band's performance. Almena Kilbourne, Feb. 14, 21, and Mar. 27.

Fire fighters--Louisiana--New Orleans.


Mardi Gras procession “as beautiful as anything could be. . .” Charles Kilbourne, Feb. 27.

First Presbyterian Church (New Orleans, La.)


First State Sunday School Convention of Louisiana Proceedings Held in the First Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. Feb. 20-22, 1879. A. H. Nelson, printer

Freedmen--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


crop expenses not met because freedmen got away with cotton. East Feliciana Parish. J. R. Chambers, Feb. 8, 1875.

Freedmen--Mississippi-- Amite County.


mention of barbecue on Beaver Creek. Amite County, July 11, 1869



parade, drill, and address by Colonel W. C. P. Preckenridge at Knight Templars' Convention, Harry Kilbourne, May 15, 1881, Lexington.


1871, 1880

town lively for Grand Masonic Day on Saturday, J. G. Kilbourne, June 23, 1871; invitation to Regalia Ball, June 24, 1880, Clinton

Fuqua and Kilbourne Law Firm (Clinton, La.)


manuscript volumes 2, 4, 5, 7, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22.

Germans--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

1881, 1894-1899

hired woman comfortably settled in little house with lace curtains, chickens, and a little “peeg.” Lillie Kilbourne, Jan. 14, 1881. Entries in German. Daybook, 1894-1899, #1.



McEnery supporter and lottery man states he will vote for Republican Lennox before voting for Murphy Foster. Almena Kilbourne, Jar. 27.

Guthrie (Ky.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


friendly letters mention family, lack of servant help, and domestic difficulties, Guthrie. M. Rowland, Dec. 17, 1875, and A. A. Rowland, Jan. 8, 1876.

Hair--Care and hygiene.


John Medina, Inventor and Manufacturer of the Lisbon Wave. No. 1, John Medina, Paris Hair store, Boston, Massachusetts.

Holmes, D. H.


bill for purchase of damask, napkins, lawn, hose, spools, hair pins, scissors, and parasol, May 18.

House furnishings--Ohio--Columbus.


“The Noveltino,” latest fad in mantle drapery and curtains, advertised by Krauss, Butler, and Benham Co.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Lodge No. 27 (Clinton, La.)

1870, 1880

accounts with members. 1870. Journal #6; invitation to ball. Apr. 26, 1880.

Irish Americans--Missouri--Saint Louis.


St. Patrick's Day celebrated with march on principal streets and ball. Lewis Kilbourne, Mar. 18.

Kentucky University.


tuition receipt and student letters commenting on cost of board, personal educational deficiency, and visit to insane asylum. Harry Kilbourne, Mar. 13-14, Apr. 8, 21.

Kernan, W. E.


defeated in election of legislature by Strickland and unfaithfulness of friends. J. C. Kilbourne, June 8.

Kilbourne, James G.

[1838], 1850-1893

papers concern legal practice including Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad, law firms of Fuqua and Kilbourne, and McVea and Kilbourne, plantation matters, family life and community affairs, association with Silliman Female Collegiate Institute, Centenary College, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, postal service between Port Hudson and Jackson, and the Methodist Episcopal Church.


[1838], 1850-1893

papers concern legal practice including Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad, law firms of Fuqua and Kilbourne, and McVea and Kilbourne, plantation matters, family life and community affairs, association with Silliman Female Collegiate Institute, Centenary College, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, postal service between Port Hudson and Jackson, and the Methodist Episcopal Church; Letter Book #16 (Thomas A. Moore and/or D.J. Wedge)

Louisiana. Legislature.


Fuqua in convention; Legislature never will adjourn; “all in a state of suspension up here financially & politically.” J. T. McBee, Mar. 29. Letter file Book 15

Louisiana--Politics and government--1865-1950.


comments on election of judges by legislature—all old judges defeated except Kelly of Orleans of Moncure of Shreveport; Strickland's election based on personal misfortunes, J. G. Kilbourne, June 3.

Lumber--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


J. Kilbourne's “Wood Book” concerns sawing and hauling of lumber, Record Book #23

Manual work--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

1882-1883, 1887

bills and receipts for carpentry and brick laying. Mar. 11, 1882, 1883, and June 6, 1887.



young Protestant girl's impression of first Catholic service – “quite a scene to me but the music was just splendid.” Mary Kilbourne letter.

McEnery, Samuel Douglas, 1837-1910.


official commission appointing J. G. Kilbourne as delegate to Louisville Southern Exposition, July 17.

McVea, Charles.


makings of a “fine soldier, just the man for a heavy march.” J. T. McBee, Mar. 29.

McVea and Kilbourne Law Firm (Clinton, La.)


manuscript volumes #8 and 18.

Mentally ill--Housing--Kentucky--Lexington.


student's comments on visit to asylum—everything in fine style, magnificent buildings, and beautiful grounds. Harry Kilbourne, Apr. 21.

Methodist Episcopal Church--Louisiana--Clinton--Clergy.


description of new minister, Mr. Featherstone—old man, tall, straight, dresses fairly well, resents hearing shortcomings of members of his flock, never scolds; predicts his popularity. J. G. Kilbourne, Dec. 30, 1888; Charles Kilbourne, Jan. 13, 1888.

Military cadets--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.

1870, 1872, undated

D. S. Norwood's request for friendship of Mary Kilbourne, Jan. 2, 1870; rough draft of address to cadets by J. L. Perkins, May 20, 1870; 2 anonymous speeches to “Fellow Cadets,” undated.

Miller Brothers Billiard and Bar Room (New Orleans, La.)--Calendars.


Miller Brothers Billiard and Bar Room calendar. New Orleans, 1878

Morse, Beedy and Hines.


correspondence concerns laws regulating pay to carriers and subcontractor, possible cancellation of subcontract, service complaints, carriers complaints, and chronological list of postal carriers. 25 items.

Motion picture theaters--Louisiana--Baton Rouge.


weekly issue of Publix News. Dec. 4.

Music--Missouri--Jefferson County.

1890, 1892, undated

piano repaired in St. Louis and shipped to Captain Kilbourne for use by Sister Harriet. A. A. Rowland, West Plains, Missouri, Apr. 14, 1890; performance by African American band. Almens Kilbourne, Fayette, Mississippi, Mar. 2, 1892; music teacher mentions lack of pupils and practice of 3 hours daily. Almens Kilbourne, Fayette, Feb. 14 and 21; 2 G. Schirmer piano music catalogs, undated

New Year--Louisiana--Clinton.


reference to newspaper carrier's address as “foolish and unprofitable luxury.” Charles Kilbourne, Jan. 5.

North American Life Insurance Co.

1871-1874, 1877, 1879-1881, 1884

notices and receipts for payments; letters from New Orleans agents and New York office regarding cash value, expiration date for filing claims, receivership, distribution of assets and dividends; financial statements.

Norvilla Collegiate Institute.


student mentions large writing class, grand teacher, and new pupils from Simmesport area. Emma Kilbourne, Oct. 1.

Olney (Ill.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


description of Calico Ball includes comments on apparel of men and women, music, and ladies—not as refined as in Louisiana, most have large hands and wear shoes from 4 to 6. J. Morehead, Feb. 13.

Panama Canal (Panama)


young doctor considers proposition to go to “Lesseps Canal,” Panama. J. G. Kilbourne,

Jan. 14.

Pharmacists--Louisiana--West Feliciana Parish.

1880-1883, 1888, undated

family correspondence

Photographers--Louisiana--Bayou Sara.

1887, 1893

“instantaneous process” enables Mr. Kilbourne, of Chicago, to take splendid pictures. Almena Kilbourne, Apr. 27, 1887. Bayou Sara.



Charles Wood. 1860-1873. #3; F. D. Wood, 1879-1892. #3, 10-14, and 25; factor bills, 1892.

Physicians (General practice)--Louisiana--Clinton.


little sickness, slow practice, but Dr. Wall has 3 cases of typhoid in town. Clinton, Feb. 22, 1887.

Physicians (General practice)--Louisiana--Oak Ridge.

earnings nearly $200, near as much as other doctors there. Oak Ridge, Sept. 14, 1888.

Pipes, Henry.


U. S. Military Academy cadet returned from West Point; plans to remain in town (Jackson, La.) until June. W. Morehead, Jan. 25.

Pipes, W. H.


letters concerning investment of funds by loans to private persons and security for loans; promissory notes; financial reports on money borrowed and borrowers. 32 items.

Plantation overseers--Kentucky--Holmes County.


complaints include refusal of owner to buy hoes, loan bridle, and remove hands from field without notification; efficient in raising crops and performing work of blacksmith. Near Lexington, J. M. Wilson, Apr. 20, 1850.

Plantation overseers--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


T. H. Sessions, Comite Plantation. [East Feliciana Parish], 1857. Plantation Diary #17.

Plantation owners--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

[1838], 1850-1893

papers concern legal practice including Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad, law firms of Fuqua and Kilbourne, and McVea and Kilbourne, plantation matters, family life and community affairs, association with Silliman Female Collegiate Institute, Centenary College, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, postal service between Port Hudson and Jackson, and the Methodist Episcopal Church.



catalog from Eagle Plow Works, Maysville, undated

Port Hudson (La.)--History--19th century.


dash by Colonel Powers into United States Army on plantation; destroyed place, killed a number of African-American soldiers, and captured 70 or 80 slaves and mules. Almina Perkins Kilbourne, May 22.

Postal service--Louisiana.


correspondence concerns laws regulating pay to carriers and subcontractor, possible cancellation of subcontract, service complaints, carriers complaints, and chronological list of postal carriers. 25 items.

Public schools--Mississippi--Crystal Springs.


comments on photographic business and delay in opening school room S. F. K., Oct. 1; teacher comments on size of school and drawing class, age of pupils, school building, and membership in library association. Almena Kilbourne, Nov. 25.

Railroad travel--Southern States.


father recommends travel from Vaiden to New Orleans on night train; leave New Orleans at

5 p.m. and reach home at 10 p.m. without stopping at Jackson or Harriston, J. G. Kilbourne, May 20.

River boats--United States.


11-day boat trip, 100 passengers on board, plenty to eat, fine sleeping accommodations, good treatment by captain. Harry Kilbourne, Mar. 13.

Roads--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


story published in current issue of Century. Lillian Kilbourne, Mar. 9.

Russellville (Ky.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


personal letters to Mary Kilbourne mention local events. Russellville. J. Morehead, June 17 and 27, July 16, Aug. 22, Sept. 6 and 21, Oct. 9 and 24, Nov. 9, and Dec. 11, 1870.

Sambola, Jones T.


chairman of committee on invitations for commencement hop at Centenary College, June 6.

Sandy Creek Plantation (La.)

1883, 1887

J. H. Slaughter's rental leases from John J. and M. A. Keller, Mar. 12, 1883; Mar. 8 and 15, 1887



newspaper clippings refer to court cases involving physical injuries, libel, embezzlement, the Gaines case, p. 73, states' rights, p. 92-93, and the Louisiana State Lottery Company, p. 188-189.



D. M. Perry's bill for seeds to F. D. Wood, Detroit. Aug. 23, 1892

Shiloh, Battle of, Tenn., 1862.


information on Confederate muster roll includes comments on casualties in Company H, 4th La. Regiment, Feb. 28.

Silliman Female Collegiate Institute.

1875, 1887-1892, undated

letters concerning investment of funds by loans to private persons and security for loans; promissory notes; financial reports on money borrowed and borrowers. 32 items; student letters regarding studies, teachers, boarders, and health of student body, and programs, addresses, and award certificates. 1875, 1887-1890, undated; W. H. Pipes letters as treasurer of the Board of Trustees. 1890-1892.

Southern Exposition (1st : 1883 : Louisville, Ky.)


J. G. Kilbourne's appointment as delegate by Governor McEnery, and complimentary admit ticket, July 17 and Aug. 16.

Stone, Imogene.


engaged as Latin teacher and to “help about other things” for remainder of year; next year to teach music and other subjects. Almena Kilbourne, Feb. 28.

Teachers--Southern States.


governess comments on salary and duties. Sue [Harper], Devalls Bluff, Mar. 2, 1887, Charleston, Dec. 31, 1888; father's advice to public school teacher on lack of remuneration for her services. Welchton, J. G. Kilbourne, Jan. 18, Mar. 12, 16, and 28, Apr. 7 and 20, 1889.



knowledge of bottle of whiskey causes members of family to develop pains. Susie Kilbourne, Sept. 13.

Tenant farmers--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.


contracts and note for rental of Chambers tract. Dec. 27, 1880; Feb. 6 and 23, 1882; Jan. 30, 1883; and Mar. 25, 1884.

United States Naval Academy.


printed regulations governing the admission of candidates as naval cadets.

University of Louisiana. Law Dept.


Charles Kilbourne's admit cards to law lectures of Carleton Hunt, Randall Hunt, and Thomas Allen Clarke, Mar. 17, 1878; commencement invitation to Law Department, May 4, 1878; fatherly advice concerns finances, diligent use of time, association with law faculty, purchase of codes, and bar examination. Dec. 3 and 22, 1877; Feb. 1 and May 6, 1878.

University of Louisiana. Medical Dept.

1856, 1881

A. A. Carruth admit card to lectures on materia medica and therapeutics by Dr. Howard Smith and Dean E. D. Fenner, 1856/1857 session; James Kilbourne's medical commencement invitation lists Rev. B. M. Palmer as speaker, Mar. 17, 1881.

Valentine's Day.


greeting card, Feb. 14.

Vicksburg (Miss.)--History--Siege, 1863.


comments on encampment, ill-health of soldiers from impure water, and position of General Grant and tactics of General Johnston near Vicksburg. J. G. Kilbourne, June 29.

Waterproof (La.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


teacher comments on stores and houses, number of pupils, daily routine, school term, social life, boarding house, and May Day. Charles Kilbourne, Jan. 22 and 29, Feb. 6, Apr. 2, 11, and 19, May 7, and Nov. 28.

Wesleyan Female Institute (Staunton, Va.)


routine students' letters mentioning studies, homesickness, holiday. Susie Kilbourne, Oct. 17, 1893; Maggie Kilbourne, Nov. 3, 1893 and Jan. 15, 1894.

Whitewater (Wis.)--Description and travel.


comments on exercises and dress of 15 normal school graduates at Congregational Church; comparison of graduates with Clinton girls; dissatisfaction of people with country. Almena Kilbourne, June 23.

Wilson, J. M.


comments on Mrs. Kilbourne's overseer, sickness in area including recent panic over smallpox, and ratification, factory and railroad meetings. 2 letters by, Apr. 20 and June 8.

Women artists--Vocational guidance.


comments on pursuit of art as a professional career for women. William Alexander, Mar. 17

Woodward, William.


reference to purchase at auction of picture formerly owned by Mr. Kilbourne and terms for its return to the family. 1 letter by, Jan. 31.

World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1884-1885 : New Orleans, La.)


impressions include “grander & more artistic than anticipated,” preferences mention Battle of Sedan and Mexican Band. Mary S. Harper,

Apr. 6.

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Muster Rolls (15 items)

4th Regiment, La. Volunteers, CSA, 1861

Map of the Travels of George Washington, National Geographic Society (1931)


Certificate appointing Isaac D. Wall Notary Public in East Feliciana Parish (1892)

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