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Peirce-Haralson-Rumble Family Papers

Dec 14th 1888

My own precious darling

I was so very much disappointed this morning by not receiving one of your dear sweet letters. I always look forward to their coming with so much pleasure. If I am sick they make me feel better. If I am downhearted, they cheer me up, and they also with their wonderful make up guide me on to better actions and greater achievements. I trust my darling Mary is not sick. If you are my precious dont fail to let me immediately know. Mary we now have only a short while to wait now. I will be with you by the 28th. I dont expect we will have much chance to talk as you will be so busy getting ready. I saw Mrs. Minor yesterday. She asked all about her kin down the river. She told me she wanted to send you a present and that she would give it to me to bring down when I come. Miss Bowman has a very pretty set of silver for us, also Mrs. Smyth. Wont we have lots of it? So much the better. I would not care if every one gave silver. I was at a swell party last night. It was given by Miss Mary Britton. I was completely disgusted by the way some of the ladies dressed. I do think this cool weather, they should be a little more particular about their dress. The supper was elegant, and as usual wine flowed freely. Mrs. Minor, Miss Jean and Miss Boyd were all present. Miss Minor wore a white satin covered with crystal beads. Miss Boyd wore a beautiful and artistic black silk, very low neck and no sleeves. The dress showed her magnificent figure to quite an advantage. At the same time it made me cold to look at her. I suppose you would like to know how I looked. Well I was dressed in full evening dress. You ought to have seen me in my swallow tail coat. Next Tuesday evening I will attend a tea at Mrs Klapps. It is to be another grand affair.

The cotton is falling off very fast and business is not quite so lively as it has been. Darling, our room, they have almost completed and I am satisfied you will be pleased with it. Miss Sallie Wensel and her cousin Miss Smith are very anxious to come down with the crowd and make the trip with us. Possibly they will. Mr. Kennedy and his bride (Miss Arrighi) will be on the boat with us. They are to be married on the first, and will come down on Leathers. Quite a merry time we will have darling laughing at the bridal party, not to mention what will be said about us…

With warmest love and many weary kisses for you very precious darling, I am

Devotedly yours

For God sake write.

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