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Muggah-Glover-Guyther Family Papers

Anchorage, June 21st 1848

My dear Cousin Julia,

I feel ashamed that I have not answered your very interesting letter before this….We have nothing new here, since the conventions the political community have found something new to talk about. Is Mr. Muggah a Whig or Democrat? There was general rejoicing in Natchez when they heard that Gen. Taylor was nominated.

Why don't Cousin Mary write? I wrote to her along time ago. Is her health good? Has not Cousin Margaret made up her mind to take that widower yet? Tell her it would be so pleasant to have three places to visit when we go over. I do 't know wither I like to have any young lady about for I am always afraid to romp much with married ladies. They are generally delicate. WE have a very comfortable way of dressing up here, which I have no doubt would suit you. Just put a yoke on the neck of your dress and let the skirt hang loose from that. We call them slips, particularly adaptable to married ladies, but some of us single ladies fancy them so much that we wear them occasionally to. I would reckomend to you….

Ma unites with me in sending much love to you, Cousin Mary and Margaret, also your children. Remember us to Mr. Muggah. Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain your very affectionate Cousin

Mary M. Glover

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