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Muggah-Glover-Guyther Family Papers

[Anchorage, March 23, 1844]

Dear Cousin Mary,

It is a great pleasure to me to give you a part of this letter. We were all much pleased to hear of your happiness in your new relation and home. You must have a delightful country where you live; it is so far south, and I suppose you enjoy the sea breeze. I expect it will be very beneficial to your health. Have you learned how to keep house yet? Are you fond of gardinin and attending to poultry?

I have been looking for a letter from your sister Julia some time but have not received one yet. Have you heard from her? Do you expect her to visit you? Write her word she must stop at Natchez if she should, and spend some time with us. Tell Mr. Lynch Mr. Anderson has accepted the call to the Baptist church in Natchez and will probably remain here for many years if we both live. Have you any Baptist meetings near you? Do you hear preaching often? If you are deprived of these great privileges, dear Mary, you must pray and live devotedly, and perhaps your prayers will soon be heard, and churches built up and you will live in a country where all may love to serve the good Lord. Remember to set a good example before your companion, that he seeing your good works may also be constrained to seek the pearl of great price. Mother, Husband, and Agnes send their respects to you and Mr. Lynch. Tell me in your answer if you have commenced wearing loose gowns yet. When you write to Julia remember me to her. Receive my prayers for your future happiness and prosperity, both in this life and the everlasting life. I remain your affectionate friend.

M.P. Anderson

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