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August 29, 1856

My beloved Son,

The pleasure afforded us by your letter of the 16th inst., received (however, not until yesterday) you can well imagine. To know you were well and happy with your sweet Alie, and that soon she will be all thine own: this is welcome, and glad tidings to those who so truly, earnestly desire your well being, as all do here....

[page 2 omitted]

...Baltimore will be full of visitors the third week in Sept.—as the National Convention opens then on the 17th. You will be too busy to attend of course but you can gain much and early information of the proceedings which will be of great interest to your Father. We hear Dr. Duncan, Mr. Saml. P. Duncan, Mr. Marshall, and Mr. J.P. Walworth are to be there of our section. You will be married at a notable time if the National nomination is given to Mr. Fillmore. The only man (your father thinks) to save our ship of Union, at this period.

Your father intends returning to Riverside tomorrow to remain until Wednesday. He thinks his presence necessary to inspire the Negroes to do their best in picking now. There is so much cotton open which would be lost should bad weather come again. There is also much sickness (tho of light character) according to Wickwire's last letter, which he wishes to investigate the cause of, as it interferes with the full force which should now be in the field.

In his absence I shall be quite alone, unless Sister Fanny will lend me one or two of her little flock for company, but I have plenty of occupation, and pleasant thoughts, so do not feat the time passing heavily…

Ever in truest affection,

Your most devoted

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