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David Hunt Letters

Gibson Point 29th Jany 1817

Dear Sir

I will thank you to inform me your arrangements to get your cotton from this place. Jn. M. Thompson has a boat in forwardness and offers to take it to N. Orleans for two dollars per bale Towards what he owes the house as there is no prospect of getting his debt in any way except that of humouring him – perhaps he had better take it. I have between 70 and 80 bales in the ware house. D. McCaleb's [?] cotton dtd [deposited] in Mr. Calvits gin by Balch[?] was pd out to Jas. McCaleb. This I can set straight.

Should you go to Natchez to the Bank Disct. at this time—will you be so good as to put my note in the bank for eight hundred dollars by signing my name and yours for 60 to 90 days. I stand in need of that amt out of my stmts [statements].

Your ob[edient] servant

Israel Loring

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