Dear Educator,
The classroom resources assembled here were designed to help you use this web site and other material on the Internet in the teaching of Louisiana history and culture. French Language instructors will also find the texts and images of Résonance Créoles/ Creole Echoes useful in their classrooms. The Questions for Comprehension section will guide student use of the exhibit. Multidisciplinary lesson plans offer students and teachers access to a variety of materials in different subject areas, including history, language arts, and fine arts. Links in the lesson plans connect both to relevant images and texts from the on-line exhibit as well as to outside material.
These materials are designed for middle and high school students (grades 6-12), although they may be modified for younger students. Each lesson plans provides overall objectives, brief background information, and links to complementary web sites. Many of the lessons could also be adapted for students to complete on their own.
The Louisiana State Museum also offers lesson plans for Louisiana history instruction:

The Louisiana State Museum Cabildo Lesson Plans