The City of the Belle Créole
1) Someone who speaks French can be called _______________.
2)Poché’s Speech “Les Creoles de la Louisiane” assumed that “creoles” were exclusively ___________________.

Diverse Origins
3)__________________was the first American Governor of Louisiana.
4) The three-caste racial order in Louisiana included __________________________.

“The Creole Family”
5) _________________wrote “La Famille Créole”.
6) St. Domingue is the former name of this country. _____________________.

Two Foundation Myths
7) Spanish Governor_____________ executed the leaders of the revolt by Louisiana colonists against Spain.
8) Mil huit cent quatorze is a book of poems about ____________________.

The View From Outside
9) George Washington Cable wrote in what language? ___________________.
10) ___________________ wrote A Critical Dialogue between Aboo and Caboo.

The View from Inside
11) _____________ refuted Cable’s questioning of the Creole’s racial purity.
12) Dominique Rouquette’s collection of poetry __________________idealized the simple life and natural state of Native Americans.

The Free People of Color
13) Many free black refugees from ____________ came to Louisiana.
14) ______________ wrote Nos Hommes et Notre Histoire, a book that celebrated the achievements of free black New Orleanians.

“The Latin Race in Louisiana”
15) During _______________many of the city’s free people of color assumed leadership roles in Louisiana’s government.
16) After the Civil War, many Francophone New Orleanians insisted on the absolute _________________ of their ancestors.

Alfred Mercier
17) Mercier received his medical education in ____________________.
18) Some of the dialogue in L’Habitation Saint-Ybars was written in what language? ______________________.

Adrien Rouquette
19) As a young man, Adrien Rouquette learned which Native American language? ____________________.
20) Rouquette’s first assignment as a priest was to ____________________Cathedral.

Louis Placide Canonge
21) Canonge was the editor of _________________ during the Civil War.
22) Canonge managed the French Opera house for ______ seasons?

Armand Lanusse
23) Lanusse was the director of this school for many years. _____________________.
24) ______________was a collection of poems by seventeen free men of color from New Orleans.

Léona Queyrouze
25) Queyrouze was friends with the writer ___________________.
26) The famous French writer _____________________ sent a response to Queyrouze’s letter.

Sidonie de la Houssaye
27) Only _______of de la Houssaye’s fourteen children survived into adulthood.
28) ____________________ was de la Houssaye’s nom de plume (pen name).

Louis Moreau Gottschalk
29) Gottschalk went to Paris at the age of ___________.
30) Name one of Gottschalk’s piano compositions that was inspired by life in New Orleans.___________________________.

Basile Barès
31) Barès’s piano composition “Grande Polka des Chasseurs à Pied de la Louisiane” was published while he was still a _______.
32) Barès’s music does not explicitly refer to ________________________________.

L’Abeille and L’Athénée Louisianais
33) Most New Orleans Newspapers were founded by _________________.
34) L’Athénée Louisianais was founded to preserve ____________________.

The Afro-Creole Press: Freedom in French
35) _____________, a newspaper owned and edited by free people of color, was the first to appear after the fall of New Orleans to Union forces.
36) ___________________launched La Tribune in 1864.

Opera in New Orleans I
37) A performance of Gretry’s _____________is the earliest know Opera performance in New Orleans.
38) _______________brought New Orleans Opera companies to the East Coast for performances in the 1830s.

Opera in New Orleans II
39) Which two famous opera singers visited New Orleans in the 1880s and 1890s?______________________________.
40) In the year _______________ the French Opera House was destroyed in a fire.