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      The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle
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The Family Lytle: Place in Society

Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Circa 1901-1903

        Sometime between 1901 and 1903, a few years after the death of Mary Lytle, A.D. set his camera equipment outside the family home, called out everyone who could come out, and captured a few images of the family. In this photograph (left), A.D. sits at the far right on a chair, holding one of three family dogs in place. A.D. Lytle, Jr., his grandson and namesake, sits between his grandfather and father. Howard's daughter, Mary Sue, sits behind her father and in front of her mother, Lillie. The woman sitting beside Lillie is Elizabeth Lindis, who came to live in the Lytle household at age 15. She stayed with them until her death at age 76.

Magnolia Cemetery
Lytle Family Plot,
Magnolia Cemetery

        Both A.D. and Howard continued to take very active roles in church and fraternal organizations, particularly the Knights of Pythias. Even in the closing years of their lives both maintained their presence at the lodge house and at conventions held around the nation.

        The year before and the year of his death, Howard continued his participation in the Knights. The year after Howard's son A.D. Jr. died of typhus, either or both Howard and A.D. Sr. went to Denver for the Knights of Pythias annual convention, as the convention badges at the bottom imply. A few years after that, Howard died of tuberculosis at the age of 46 on August 11th, 1915, a few months after attending the conference in Shreveport.

St. James Episcopal Church Pin

Knights of Pythias Lapel

Knights of Pythias Medal

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