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The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle

Andrew D. Lytle
Andrew D. Lytle (1858-1917)
Baton Rouge Photographer

        "An Eye of Silver: The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle, Baton Rouge Photographer, 1858 - 1917" presents an expanded digital version of the physical exhibition held in Hill Memorial Library at Louisiana State University, 12 June through 01 September, 2000. Published on the Web, February 2003, this digital exhibition includes copies of photographs created by Andrew David Lytle and other materials related to his life and times in Baton Rouge.


Arrival and Early Days
in Baton Rouge

Build Up To and Occupation     
By Union Forces       

Occupation, Battle,          
and Aftermath           

Peace and Society          

Louisiana State Penitentiary     

The Volunteer Fire Companies

A.D. Lytle's Pictures

Bibliography and
Further Readings

  The Growth and Change
    of Louisiana State University

        The Family Lytle:
          Faces to the Light

          The Family Lytle:
          Place in Society

        Death and Afterlife

      Equipment and Process

    Lytle's Photo Gallery



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