An Eye Of Silver
      The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle
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        The curator wishes to thank the following people for their assistance in mounting this exhibition:

        Marta S. Barillas, Graduate Assistant, for her excellent work in translating the physical exhibition into this online exhibition;

        Elaine Smyth, Curator of Special Collections, for taking time from her busy schedule to shepherd this new curator through the process; and

        Margaret “Sissy” Albertine, darkroom alchemist, for making excellent prints from often difficult negatives. The quality of her work helps us see the intent of the original artist and made it possible to create good digital surrogates.

        The curator also wishes to thank the following institutions and individuals for their research assistance: The Cincinnati Historical Society; The Ohio Historical Society; The Louisiana Art and Science Museum; St. James Episcopal Church; Clerk of Court, East Baton Rouge Parish; Richard Albertine; Charles East; my coworkers in the Special Collections Reading Room.

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