Works of B. F. French

B.F. French's two series, Historical Collections of Louisiana and Historical Collections of Florida and Louisiana, are the current focus of the Electronic Imaging Lab's efforts to digitize significant historical texts related to Louisiana and the Lower Mississippi Valley. Both series of volumes contain the diaries, journals, and memoirs of the earliest explorers to come to the North American continent.

Each volume of these series is being digitized, and made available in successive phases. Initially, each volume is scanned and edited to make sure the text is accurate. These "Phase One" texts are available through this site as accurate but not highly formatted searchable HTML texts.

In Phase Two of this project, each volume will reflect more substantial editing and formatting, and will also be in HTML format.

Finally, during Phase Three, each of these texts will be tagged in SGML, according to the Text Encoding Initiative standard, a highly sophisticated means of electronically marking all the structural elements of each text. This final SGML tagging will permit very sophisticated searches within and across texts.

The B. F. French texts currently available are:

Historical Collections of Louisiana:
Volume One, 1846 (Phase One, 600K)
Volume Two, 1850 (Phase One, 865K)
Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida:
Historical Memoirs and Narratives, 1527-1702 (Phase Two, 580K)