Staff Listing: William Armstrong

Picture: William Armstrong

William Armstrong
Director of the Institutional Repository and Scholarly Communications Librarian

As the newly appointed Director of the Institutional Repository and Scholarly Communications Librarian, Armstrong will oversee and guide the construction, development and management of LSU’s Institutional Repository. The goal is to construct, populate, and maintain an institutional repository that will collect, store, preserve, and provide access to the intellectual output of LSU’s faculty, staff, and students, and assist the university in managing its archival electronic records. This will include research data of all kinds, publications and other products resulting from intellectual activity, and university records. In this effort, Armstrong will work closely with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, ITS, CCT, the Dean of LSU Libraries, the University Archivist, and Libraries Systems. Among the services that will be offered under the auspices of the IR will be data management planning and training for faculty, staff, and grad students.
Armstrong will also lead discussions at the university level concerning scholarly communications, in order to raise awareness about changing models and new developments in the field important to the university.
Formerly Head of the Chemistry Library and the subject specialist for Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy for many years, Armstrong continues to work in the field, currently assisting the InChI Trust in development of videos to be used in teaching researchers about InChI, a universal, non-proprietary means for representing molecular compounds in a machine readable fashion.