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Anderson, John Map Librarian and Director 578-6247
Armstrong, William Director of the Institutional Repository and Scholarly Communications Librarian 578-2738
Blessinger, Kelly Head, Access Services 578-8538
Bolton, Judy Department Head, Public Services 578-6545
Braunstein, Stephanie Head, Government Documents & Microforms 578-7021
Caminita, Cristina Head, Research & Instruction Services 578-9433
Charney, Laura Digitizing LA Newspapers Project Manager 578-6529
Comeaux, David Web Development Librarian 578-6083
Costello, Gina Head of Digital Services 578-3686
Cramer, Jennifer Abraham Director, T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History 578-7439
Daugherty, Alice Collection Assessment and Analysis Librarian 578-7652
Diamond, Tom Head of Collection Development and Open Access Initiatives 578-6572
Dunaway, David Science Librarian 578-4680
Fontenot, Mitch Information Literacy/Outreach Librarian 578-7374
Frank, Emily Instructional Technologies / Engineering Librarian 578-8264
Griffin, Linda Smith Head of Cataloging 578-4685
Hebert, Andrea Human Sciences, Education and Distance Learning Librarian 578-7195
Hrycaj, Paul Research & Instruction Librarian 578-2629
Kelley, Rebecca Business Librarian 578-8735
Kelsey, Sigrid Director of Library Communications and Publications 578-2720
Kuyper-Rushing, Lois Associate Dean of Public Services 578-4622
Lacher-Feldman, Jessica Head of Special Collections, Associate Librarian 578-6551
Laver, Tara Zachary Curator of Manuscripts 578-6546
Lercher, Aaron Collection Development and Analysis Librarian 578-4778
Lopez, Randa Agriculture Support Librarian 578-4266
MacDonald, Amanda LSU Discover Librarian 578-2402
Martin, Mark Photographic Processing Archivist 578-6501
McClain, Tasha Government Documents/Microforms Librarian & Circulation Supervisor 578-8611
Miller, Marty Art & Design Librarian 578-7197
Mitchell, Jennifer Head, Manuscripts Processing 578-0975
Morrison, Don Conservator 578-6557
Palermo, JoAnn General Catalog Librarian 578-4035
Rasmussen, Hans Coordinator of Special Collections Technical Services 578-4803
Richardson, Aaron University Archivist 578-7072
Riquelmy, Christina Rare Book Cataloger 578-6533
Russo, Michael Instruction Coordinator 578-6823
Taylor, Michael Curator of Books and History Subject Librarian 578-6547
Waugh, Mike Systems Librarian 578-3330
Wilder, Stanley Dean 578-2217