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Staff Listing
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Wilder, Stanley Dean 578-2217 wilder@lsu.edu
Browning, Lydia Administrative Coordinator 578-2217 lbrow17@lsu.edu
Kelsey, Sigrid Director of Library Communications and Publications 578-2720 skelsey@lsu.edu
Kuyper-Rushing, Lois Interim Assistant Dean
578-4622 lkuyper@lsu.edu
Smyth, Elaine Assistant Dean 578-6552 esmyth@lsu.edu
Zaske, Dawn Coordinator of Personnel Services 578-7798 dzaske@lsu.edu

Administrative Services

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Marshall, Amanda Business Manager 578-7318 aknipp1@lsu.edu
Bertrand, Kendra Coordinator 578-4368 kbertr1@lsu.edu
Comardelle, Inga Coordinator, Purchasing and Facilities 578-7319 icomar1@lsu.edu
Mann, Heather Purchasing Coordinator 578-2769 hmann4@lsu.edu

Cartographic Information Center

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Anderson, John Map Librarian and Director 578-6247 janders@lsu.edu


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Griffin, Linda Smith Head of Cataloging
African & African American Studies
578-4685 lgriffi@lsu.edu
Bensman, Steve Cataloger 578-6932 notsjb@lsu.edu
Hicks, Shannan Graduate Assistant 578-4685 shicks8@lsu.edu
Hollins, Rosalind - 578-7320 rhollin@lsu.edu
Mungall, Catherine - 578-2911 cmungal@lsu.edu


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Plank, Elissa Head, Circulation 578-3216 esp1061@lsu.edu
Bertrand, Shayne Student Supervisor 578-4226 cbertr1@lsu.edu
Carlson, Allyson Graduate Assistant 578-2058 acarls4@lsu.edu
Fontenot, Jeremy Carrel Manager 578-1443 jfont27@lsu.edu
Garbush, Charles Clerk 578-5296
Jarreau, Mona Reserve Desk 578-6722 mjarrea@lsu.edu
Juneau, Jason 4th Floor Stacks Supervisor 578-6926 jjunea2@lsu.edu
Metz, Eric (Chad) Coordinator 578-1407 emetz2@lsu.edu
Thibodeaux, Trey 3rd Floor Stacks 578-6927 ethibo3@lsu.edu

Collection Development

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Diamond, Tom Head of Collection Development and Open Access Initiatives
Asian Studies, Chinese Culture and Commerce, Louisiana Leaders: Notable Women in History, Open Access, Services for LSU Online Students and Faculty, Women and Gender Studies
578-6572 notted@lsu.edu
Arceneaux, Barry LA2 578-3003 barcen7@lsu.edu
Arrighi, Marsha Head, Acquisitions Services 578-8539 marrigh@lsu.edu
Daugherty, Alice Collection Assessment and Analysis Librarian
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Studies
578-7652 adaugher@lsu.edu
Lercher, Aaron Collection Development and Analysis Librarian
Biological Sciences, Coast & Environment, Experimental Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics and Factbooks
578-4778 alerche1@lsu.edu
Shows, Kim Tran Library Associate 578-3319 khtran@lsu.edu

Collection Management

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Taylor, Dana Department Head 578-4039 notdlr@lsu.edu
Allen, Susan - 578-7934 spallen@lsu.edu
Besse, Holly LA3 578-3384 hbesse1@lsu.edu
Carnes, Jesse Library Associate 578-4017 notjic@lsu.edu
Carter, Anitra Library Associate 578-2358 acarte2@lsu.edu
Fellin, Elaine - 578-3341 efellin@lsu.edu
Motsinger, Susan Library Associate 578-8623 smotsin@lsu.edu
Palermo, JoAnn - 578-4035 notjep@lsu.edu
Vallance, Brenda Library Associate 578-7932 bvallan@lsu.edu

Digital Services

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Costello, Gina Head of Digital Services 578-3686 gcoste1@lsu.edu
Charney, Laura Digitizing LA Newspapers Project Manager 578-6529 lcharn1@lsu.edu
Harrell, Gabe Computer Analyst 578-7352 jharre7@lsu.edu
Tillay, Rachel Graduate Assistant 578-7352 rtilla1@lsu.edu

Education Resources

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Bigelow, Robert Education Resources Supervisor 578-2349 rbigelo@lsu.edu

Government Documents

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Arceneaux, Amanda Graduate Assistant 578-2570 aarce17@tigers.lsu.edu
Braunstein, Stephanie Head, Government Documents & Microforms
Political Science
578-7021 sbraunst@lsu.edu
Bryant, Sandra Rosa Serials/Needs & Offers Specialist 578-7208 sbrya15@lsu.edu
Hutson, Doris Database Maintenance Specialist 578-7204 dchutso@lsu.edu
McClain, Tasha General Librarian 578-8611 tmcclain@lsu.edu
Rogers, Paulette Shipments Processing Specialist 578-7206 progers@lsu.edu

Interlibrary Loan Services

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Michael, Cayce Head, Interlibrary Loan Services 578-2057 cmichael@lsu.edu
Caillet, Ryan Graduate Assistant 578-2138 rcaill3@lsu.edu
Fontenot, Jacob Lending Specialist 578-9424 jacobfontenot@lsu.edu
Lounsberry, Megan Borrowing and Document Delivery Specialist 578-9424 mlouns1@lsu.edu
Staub, Melba Borrowing Specialist 578-9424 mstaub@lsu.edu
Tehrani, Azeen Student Supervisor, Borrowing Specialist 578-9424 atehra1@lsu.edu

Institutional Repository & Scholarly Communications

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Armstrong, William Director of the Institutional Repository and Scholarly Communications Librarian
Data Management, Education, Library Science
578-2738 notwwa@lsu.edu

Library Systems

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Melancon, Brian Head, Computer Systems 578-9427 bmelan1@lsu.edu
Brewer, Tom Computer Analyst 578-6940 nottmb@lsu.edu
Carrasco, Carlos Computer Analyst 578-4236 carrasco@lsu.edu
Waugh, Mike Systems Librarian 578-3330 mwaugh2@lsu.edu

Music Resources

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LeDee, Mikel Music Resources Supervisor 578-4674 mledee1@lsu.edu
Hartman, Lindsey Graduate Assistant - lhartm1@lsu.edu
Music Resources, 578-4674 -
Vogler, Gregory Graduate Assistant 578-4674 gvogle1@lsu.edu

Oral History (T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History)

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Cramer, Jennifer Abraham Director, T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Oral History
578-7439 jabrah1@lsu.edu
Hess, Erin McMenamin Library Associate 578-6577 emcmen1@lsu.edu
Tanglao, Kyle Library Associate 578-7548 ktanglao@lsu.edu
Winnie, Wyatt Graduate Assistant 578-7439 wwinni1@lsu.edu

Research & Instruction Services

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Blessinger, Kelly Head, Research & Instruction Services
Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle, Geology
578-8538 kblessi@lsu.edu
Burvant, Nancy Graduate Assistant 578-8875 nburva1@tigers.lsu.edu
Caminita, Cristina Agriculture and Instruction Librarian
Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Agriculture - General, Agronomy, Animal Science, Aquaculture, Career Issues and Controversies, Citation Management, Communication Skills for Careers in Nursing, Entomology, Family, Child, and Consumer Science, Food Science, Forestry, Horticulture, HUEC 4021 - Contemporary Topics in Nutrition, HUEC 4070 Entrepreneurship in Human Ecology, HUEC 4110 - Capstone in Nutritional Sciences, Human Nutrition, Human Resources and Workforce Development, Plant, Environmental, & Soil Sciences, Renewable Natural Resources , RNR 1002 - Issues in Natural Resources Management, Services for LSU Online Students and Faculty, Wildlife, Forestry & Fisheries
578-9433 ccamin1@lsu.edu
Dunaway, David Patent and Trademark Librarian
Anthropology, Chemistry, Geography, Introduction to Library Research, Patents and Trademarks, Physics and Astronomy
578-4680 ddunaw1@lsu.edu
Fontenot, Mitch Information Literacy/Outreach Librarian
Psychology, Social Work, Sociology
578-7374 mfonten@lsu.edu
Frank, Emily Instructional Technologies / Engineering Librarian
Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Construction & Industrial Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Engineering, Introduction to Library Research, Mechanical Engineering, Moodle Reading List, Petroleum Engineering, Services for LSU Online Students and Faculty, Standards
578-8264 efrank7@lsu.edu
Gifford, Rachel Graduate Assistant 578-8875 rgiffo2@lsu.edu
Hebert, Andrea Reference Student Supervisor 578-7195 ahebert@lsu.edu
Hrycaj, Paul Reference Librarian/Information Literacy Librarian
Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle, Philosophy, Theater
578-2629 phryca1@lsu.edu
Kelley, Rebecca Business Librarian
Accounting, Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans, Finance, ISDS, Management, Market Research, Marketing, Mass Communication, MGT 3830 - Strategically Managing Organizations , Services for LSU Online Students and Faculty
578-8735 rkell25@lsu.edu
Lopez, Randa Graduate Assistant
Biography Resources, Book Review Resources, Citation Management, College Resources, Dictionary and Thesauri Resources, Directory Resources, E-books (Downloading from EBSCOhost), Employment Resources, Encyclopedia Resources, English as a Second Language Resources, Genealogy Resources, Grants, Louisiana Resources, News Resources, Position Papers Resources, Reference: Other Useful Sources, Standardized Tests, Style Guide Resources, Translation Resources, Weather Resources
578-6575 rlope12@lsu.edu
Miller, Marty Art & Design Librarian
Architecture & Interior Design, Art & Art History, Landscape Architecture
578-7197 martymiller@lsu.edu
Russo, Michael Instruction Coordinator
English, Literary Criticism Resources, Poetry Criticism Resources
578-6823 mrusso1@lsu.edu

Special Collections

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Lacher-Feldman, Jessica Head, Special Collections 578-6551 jlacherfeldman@lsu.edu
Abbott, James Facilities Manager 578-6548 jabbott@lsu.edu
Albertine, Sissy Photographic Processing 578-6556 salbert@lsu.edu
Atkinson, Megan Manuscript Processing Archivist 578-6554 matkinson@lsu.edu
Bienvenu, Germain Public Services 578-6566 gbienve@lsu.edu
Bolton, Judy Department Head, Public Services 578-6545 jbolton@lsu.edu
Cheetham, Louise Graduate Assistant 578-6558 lcheet1@lsu.edu
Cowan, Barry University Archives 578-6943 bcowan@lsu.edu
Frawley, Michael Graduate Assistant/Civil War Center 578-3553 mfrawl1@tigers.lsu.edu
Henderson, Luana Manuscripts Processing 578-6554 lphende@lsu.edu
Hill Memorial Library Reading Room, 578-6568 -
Jewett, Leah Wood Exhibitions Coordinator 578-6558 lwood@lsu.edu
Laver, Tara Zachary Curator of Manuscripts 578-6546 tzachar@lsu.edu
Marks, Dena Graduate Assistant 578-6544 dratne2@lsu.edu
Martin, Mark Photographic Processing Archivist 578-6501 mmarti3@lsu.edu
Melancon, Michelle University Archives 578-6943 mmela41@lsu.edu
Michel, Jennifer Microfilming 578-6567 jmiche5@lsu.edu
Mitchell, Jennifer Manuscripts/Processing Head 578-0975 jmitc84@lsu.edu
Mlotkowski, Jessica NEH Project Manager 578-0192 jmlotk1@lsu.edu
Morrison, Don General Librarian 578-6557 dpmorris@lsu.edu
Rasmussen, Hans Coordinator of Special Collections Technical Services
Religious Studies
578-4803 hrasmuss@lsu.edu
Riquelmy, Christina Rare Book Cataloger
Comparative Literature, Foreign Languages and Literatures, French Studies
578-6533 criquel@lsu.edu
Smith, Anne Processing 578-6835 alsmith@lsu.edu
Statton, Dana Graduate Assistant 578-6544 dstatt2@lsu.edu
Stowe, John Processing 578-8916 jstowe@lsu.edu
Taylor, Michael Assistant Curator of Books
History, History -- Europe, History -- Latin America & Caribbean, History -- Louisiana, History -- United States, Rare/Antiquarian Books
578-6547 mltaylor@lsu.edu
Ussin, Teresha Public Services 578-6545 tussin1@lsu.edu

Web Development

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Comeaux, David Web Development Librarian 578-6083 davidcomeaux@lsu.edu
Vadlani, Naresh Computer Analyst 578-0025 nvadla1@lsu.edu

Departments and Services

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Administrative Services, 578-6897 -
Book Barn, 578-5925 bbfriends@lsu.edu
Cartographic Information Center, 578-6247 -
Circulation Desk, Middleton Middleton Lobby 578-2058 libcirc@lsu.edu
Coffee Shop, 578-3719 -
Collection Development, 578-6572 -
Collection Management, 578-6897 -
Deans Office Fax, 578-6825 -
Education Resources, 578-2349 -
Fix Library Building, - libfix@lsu.edu
Fourth Floor, 578-6926 -
Friends of the LSU Libraries, 578-5925 bbfriends@lsu.edu
Government Documents, 578-2570 -
Hill Memorial Library, 578-6544 -
Hill Memorial Library Information Desk, 578-6544 -
Information, 578-5652 -
Interlibrary, Loan Borrowing, Lending, Document Delivery 578-2138 libilb@lsu.edu
ITS Help Desk, 578-3375 -
ITS Print Desk, 578-7554 -
Law Library, 578-4042 -
Library Office, 578-2217 -
Library Systems Division, 578-9427 -
LOUIS, 578-3700 -
Middleton Library Information, 578-5652 -
Oral History T. Harry Williams Center for, 578-6577 -
Personnel, 578-7798 -
Phone Renewal, 578-2665 -
Reference, 578-5652 -
Reference Fax, 578-9432 -
Reserve Materials Desk, 578-6722 -
Special Collections Admin. Office, 578-6544 -
Special Collections Admin. Office Fax, 578-9425 -
Special Collections Reference, 578-6568 -
Third Floor, 578-6927 -
Tutorial Center CAS, Middleton Library 141 Middleton Library 578-7119 cas@lsu.edu
University Archives, 578-6943 -
Veterinary Medicine Library School of, 578-9800 -
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