Research Guides: E-books (Downloading from EBSCOhost)

In order to download eBooks using EBSCOhost and transfer them to an eReader or other compatible device, you must do the following:

• Create a free EBSCOhost account.
• Install free software called Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID.
• If downloading or transferring to a compatible non-eReader device (ie. tablets and smartphones) install free software like Bluefire Reader. Check this list for compatible devices and software.


Create a free EBSCOhost Account

In order to create an account, click the “Sign In” link in the upper right corner of the page. Once on the Sign In screen, click “Create a new Account” and complete the registration form.



Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions must be installed in order to read books on your computer. Adobe Digital Editions is available as a free download from their website, The software allows you to download and transfer digital content the eBooks.


When you install Adobe Digital Editions, you are prompted to authorize and activate your computer in order to read protected items and transfer them to other computers and portable devices. You must have an Adobe ID to authorize your computer, and you are prompted to get one at no charge during the installation.


Important Notes:

a. If you do not get your no-charge Adobe ID when you install Adobe Digital

b. If you want to transfer eBooks from your computer to a portable device, both the device and the computer must be authorized with the same Adobe ID. (All computers, laptops, eReaders, etc. should use the same Adobe ID).

Download an eBook title from EBSCOhost to your desktop computer or tablet.

Please note that not all books are downloadable.  If your only option is “eBook Full Text” then you are unable to download to your computer or transfer to an eReader, however, you can read it online. Notice that the first book is not available for download, but the second book is available.

1. Click on the “Download” link on the search result page or from within the detailed record.


  • If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so. Click “Sign in Now.”

2. Once signed in,
select your preferred checkout period (if available) and click “Checkout & Download." The default checkout period varies from one day to seven days depending on the book.


3. Click “Checkout & Download.” A confirmation box will appear.


4. Click “Open” when you see the File Download box.

  •  If you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, the program should automatically open and your eBook should download and appear on your screen.
  • If you are using a tablet: The Bluefire Reader app you have installed on your tablet should then automatically open the eBook OR if you have more than one eReader app, you will be asked which you want to use to open the file. Tap the app you would like to use and it should open your eBook file.

How to Transfer Downloaded eBooks to an eReader.

If you would like to transfer the eBook to your compatible eReader:

1. Click the Library View button in Adobe Digital Editions.

2. If you have not plugged in your eReader, do so now. If your device has not been authorized by Adobe Digital Editions, you will be asked to do so. The device will use the same authorization as the computer you are using to download the eBook.

3. Once your computer recognizes your eReader an icon will appear on the Bookshelves list on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. To transfer the eBook to your device, simply click and drag the book icon (or title if you are viewing titles instead of book covers) to your device icon. When the red “x” turns into a green “+”, “drop” the book into the device. The eBook will be transferred to your device.

If using a smart phone: follow the directions provided in the Bluefire Reader application for your specific device. Bluefire Reader FAQ's