Research Guides: Oral History

The T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
  • Mission
    The primary mission of Center is to document the history of LSU. Because the history of the state and university are closely intertwined, many broader Louisiana subjects are documented as well. Interviewees include war veterans, former governors, congressmen, state and local officials, and other political figures... [Full Text]
  • Center History

    "It's no secret," said T. Harry Williams, "that I am a great believer in oral history. Trained researchers using a tape recorder ought to interview people to get the information that is in their heads and no place else." For the past decade, the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, keeping with this mandate, has been collecting, preserving, disseminating the valuable information found in first-person narratives... [Full Text]
  • Who Is T. Harry Williams?

    The name T. Harry Williams conjures up many images for those who knew him. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning author and an outstanding teacher of southern history, who had a flair for the dramatic. Williams was also an innovative scholar and a pioneer in the field of oral history... [Full Text]
  • What Is Oral History?

    Oral history is a qualitative method of collecting and preserving unrecorded information about the past that fill gaps in the written record and results in the creation of primary resources. Tape-recorded interviews can replace many of the missing elements that are vital to historical studies... [Full Text]
  • How Can You Get Involved?

    The Williams Center would not be able to carry out its mission to ultimately serve the public were it not for public collaboration. So thanks to volunteer interviewers, community partnerships, and donors we are able to continue documenting Louisiana's rich cultural heritage and making it available to researchers... [Full Text]
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