Research Guides: Moodle Reading List

Creating A Reading List
1. You are recommended to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser

2. Log on and select your course.  Click Edit in Course administration:‚Äč

3. Under each module you will see Add an activity or resource. Select this for the module you are interested in:

4. Choose External Tool: 

and click Add:

5. In Activity Name, enter the name of your reading list (e.g. Reading List, Required Reading: Week 5, or The Pre-Socratic Philosophers: Reading List):

6. In External tool type, choose LSU Libraries Reading List

Click Save and return to course:

7. Now you can search for content to add to the reading list. Go to the reading list by clicking on the title of your reading list in the module.  

The reading list will open in a pop-up window. If the pop-up window is blocked due to settings on your browser, then use the button Click for Readings:

8. At this point you can search LSU Libraries' resources as if you were using Discovery (the default search on the Libraries' website at using the basic search modes of keyword, author and title:

9. When you find a title you would want to add to your reading list, click Add to Reading List:

Once you have clicked it, the button will change to Remove from Reading List

10. After adding the titles you want, scroll to the top and click on See Current Reading List
Adding Notes and Changing List Order
From Current Reading List it is easy to add notes and change the order of the items in the reading list.

To add notes, type the notes in the box under Add/Edit Notes and then click the button Update List Notes and Order at the top of the list.

To update the order of the list, in the Sort Order box at the right enter a number representing the order from the top where you want the item. Then click Update List Notes and Order:

Making Lists Public
Reading lists are private by default. When a reading list is public other instructors at LSU can see it and make copies of it. 

If you want to make your reading list public, click on the link at the top that says Click here to make this list public. You can make the list public if you would like other instructors to be able to copy it, which may be useful if there are multiple sections teaching the same material. 
Sharing and Copying Lists
1. You can copy or import existing lists, either your own lists or the lists of other instructors who have made their lists public. At the top of the Current Reading List page click on Import from Existing List:

You will see drop-down boxes with two types of lists: Your Lists and All Public Lists:

3. To copy one of your own lists, choose the list you want, and then click View this list. The list will appear below with options to include the notes in the import process and to preserve the sort order.

Choose the readings you would like to copy by checking the boxes next to them. The boxes are unchecked by default, so if you do not select any, then you will copy a blank list.

Once you have selected the readings, click Copy Selected Readings. Your new list will have the selected readings:

LSU Libraries Reading List Tool
This tool allows you to create and add reading lists to Moodle. Reading list content can include full-text articles and ebooks available through the Libraries' online collection, plus internet-based resources.

In Moodle, students will need to click on titles within the course's reading list in order to view them. Because students are already authenticated when they are in Moodle, the LSU Libraries Reading List provides one-click access to full-text material.

Instructors can search for items in the Libraries' collection, add them to a reading list, add internet resources, and add notes via Moodle. Reading lists can be shared and copied between Moodle courses, or kept private.
Questions and Assistance
If you have any questions or problems with the LSU Libraries Reading List, please contact the Libraries’ Research and Instruction Desk at 225-578-8875 or

You may also contact the Faculty Technology Center at 225-578-3375 or