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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Maps
The more than 50,000 maps in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set range from the great atlases to small individual maps clarifying very specific land questions, to the great triangulation surveys, to the repetitive but for the meteorologist important weekly weather maps, to the maps that made history as well as the maps of past history and of course to the purely serendipitous, or so it would seem, maps found in the Serial Set.

Since some maps lack titles and many are not listed in the introductory matter of the Reports and Documents, which they accompany, they have been difficult to research - especially since all the subjects depicted on a map may not have merited indexing in the index coverage of the whole Report or Document. Readex has created this additional search module to focus searches on maps themselves - the geographic areas they depict, the subjects they represent, their titles, and the names associated with the maps either as cartographers, explorers, or in some other capacity.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set with American State Papers
The U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980 covers not only information from the U.S. Congress, but also includes key Executive Department publications and publication series. Beginning with Volume 1 in the first session of the 15th Congress (1817), the Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980 contains all publications from the 15th through the 96th Congresses. Readex's digital edition of the American State Papers, 1789-1838 - which contains legislative and executive documents of the 1st through 14th Congresses - both complements the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980 and is cross-searchable with it.

U.S. Exports of Merchandise
Provides data on U.S. exports of domestic and foreign merchandise, arranged by Harmonized Schedule B Commodity Code, including quantity, value, and shipping weight, by country of destination, customs district of exportation, and method of transportation, both for the current month and for the year to date. Call No.: C 3.278/3:date
U.S. Imports of Merchandise
Provides data on U.S. imports of merchandise, including net quantity, value, and shipping weight data, in terms of commodity, by country of origin, with totals for each customs district of entry and customs district of unlading, both for the current month and for the year to date. Call No.: C 3.278/2:date
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
The main site for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The office issues patents and trademarks and the site gives information on how to apply and contains various search engines which gives the user access to millions of patents and trademarks.

U.S.A. Counties
Serves as a reference source of county information, containing over 3400 variables or items from 13 federal and private organizations.
Ullmanns Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is a state-of-the-art reference work detailing the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry. Subject areas include: inorganic and organic chemicals, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, metals and alloys, biotechnology and biotechnological products, food chemistry, process engineering and unit operations, analytical methods, environmental protection, etc.
UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory is the authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types — academic and scholarly journals, Open Access publications, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more from around the world. And, it's easy to use!

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels
Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels is the first ever scholarly, primary source database focusing on adult comic books and graphic novels. Beginning with the first underground comix from the 1960’s to the works of modern sequential artists, this collection will contain more than 75,000 pages of comics and graphic novels, along with 25,000 pages of interviews, criticism, and journal articles that document the continual growth and evolution of this
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