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What is Citation Management Software?
Citation management software helps in the process of writing papers by collecting citations from various sources, organizing them, and eventually compiling them into a bibliography or list of works cited. The software helps the user create citations in numerous different styles such as APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago. 

Endnote and Reference Manager 12 are available for PC and MAC users under the Citation Management menu on LSU's TigerWare

Mendeley and Zotereo are free to download from the internet.

Citations, bibliographies, or cited references pages generated by these programs are not always 100% accurate and it is a good idea to double-check the citations and not just rely exclusively on the work of the program. If there are any questions or concerns, contact the Research Help Desk in Middleton.



A citation management program available for use through LSU’s TigerWare, Endnote is a valuable device for the writing process. Endnote can help users collect, store, manage, and share bibliographic references and citations from the libraries' databases. Users can also use Endnote while they write their papers by inserting citations using “cite while you write”. Endnote is a great tool to help with formatting papers, creating bibliographies and footnotes in different citation styles such as Chicago, MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.

PC and MAC users can download Endnote here.

Endnote Overview Video

How to Import References into Endnote

For more information about Endnote, check out GROK.

For more training videos, users can go here.

Reference Manager 12


Reference Manger is citation management software brought to you by LSU’s TigerWare. Reference Manger can be used as an online search tool. It provides an easy way to search online databases and can pull the references directly into Reference Manager. It can also be used as a reference database by storing, managing, and searching for references. In addition, Reference Manager can be used as a bibliography or citation generator. It has the ability to format while the user writes, inserting citations into the user’s paper.

Reference manager is only available for use by Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff
It is also only available to PC users and IS NOT compatible with Macs.

To download Reference Manager, users can go here.

Welcome to Reference Manager Video

Creating a Reference Manager Database Video

Formatting Bibliography in Reference Manager Video

For more information on Reference Manager, check out GROK or the Reference Manager webpage.

For more training videos, users can go here.



Mendeley is another citation management tool free to download online. Mendeley can create citations and bibliographies, and includes the ability to open PDFs to allow the user to take notes using virtual sticky notes and highlighters. It can import and organize those PDFs from your computer or through other citation management tools such as Endnote or Zotero. Another great thing is that Mendeley is perfect for connecting with others so the user can share papers, notes, and even bibliographies. It’s a much needed instrument for group work and shared papers. The user can also use Mendeley to assess papers from the web and mobile devices.  

Users can download Mendeley here.
For video tutorials, users can go

Mendeley in Five Minutes Part 1

Mendeley in Five Minutes Part 2

Creating your Researcher Profile

Importing Documents into your Mendeley Library

Generating Citations

For more videos, users can go here.

Pronounced [zoh-TAIR-oh], Zotero is a free and user friendly tool that helps users collect, organize, cite, and share information. “A personal research assistant,” Zotero can cite information from the user’s web browser and add it to a personal library on the user’s personal computer. Zotero allows the user to store files such as PDFs, images, audio, and video files as well as snapshots of web pages. Zotero was created to be used with Firefox as an extension, and is also compatible with Safari and Google Chrome. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer. However, if the user chooses, Zotero can be used as a standalone desktop program.
It is worth mentioning that Zotero is not compatible with Internet Explorer. It is however compatible with Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Users can install Zotero here.
More instructions on Zotero and additional help can be found here.

How to Setup Zotero Video

How to Save Citations in Zotero

For more training using Zotero, users can go here.


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