African-American Women: A Selected Bibliography
of LSU Resources

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The art of Black American women : works of twenty-four artists of the twentieth century
Robert Henkes. (Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland), 1993
N 6538 N5 H45 1993 Middleton Library

Gathered visions : selected works by African American women artists
Robert L. Hall (Washington, D.C. : Anacostia Museum, Smithsonian Institution), 1992
N 6538 N5 H26 1992 Middleton Library

Viewfinders : black women photographers
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe ( New York : Writers & Readers Publishing), 1993
TR139 .M63 1993 Middleton Library

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African-American women in the sciences and related disciplines
Gail T. Austin (Washington, D.C. (10 First St., S.E., Washington 20540) : Science Reference Section, Science and Technology Division, Library of Congress), <1993>
LC 33.10:93-4 Middleton Library Documents

American Black women in the arts and social sciences
Ora Williams ( Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press), 1994
Z 1361 N39 W56 1994 Middleton Library

A bibliographical guide to African-American women writers
Casper LeRoy Jordan ( Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press), 1993

Z 1229 N39 J67 1993 Middleton Library
Black women and religion : a bibliography
Marilyn Richardson (Boston, Mass. : G. K. Hall), 1980
Z1361.N39 R53 Middleton Library

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Biographies and Autobiographies

Collected Black women's narratives
with an introduction by Anthony G. Barthelemy. (New York : Oxford University Press), 1988
E 185 .96 C64 1988 Middleton Library

Epic lives : one hundred black women who made a difference
Jessie Carney Smith, ed. (Detroit ; London : Visible Ink), 1993
E 185 .96 E65 1993 Middleton Library

The first to speak : a woman of color inside the White House
Kristin Clark Taylor. (New York : Doubleday), 1993
E 840 .8 T39 A3 1993 Middleton Library

The Memphis diary of Ida B. Wells
Ida B. Wells-Barnett (Boston: Beacon Press), 1995
E 185 .97 W55 A3 1995 Middleton Library

One woman's Army : a Black officer remembers the WAC
Charity Adams Earley (College Station : Texas A&M University Press), 1989.
D 811 E23 1989 Middleton Library

Queen Bess : daredevil aviator
Doris L. Rich (Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press), 1993
TL 540 C646 R52 1993 Middleton Library

Racism 101
Nikki Giovanni (New York: Morrow), 1994
PS 3557 I55 Z47 1994 Middleton Library

Raising her voice : African-American women journalists who changed history
Rodger Streitmatter. (Lexington, KY : University Press of Kentucky), 1994
PN 4872 S66 1994 Middleton Library

Three who dared : Prudence Crandall, Margaret Douglass, Myrtilla Miner : champions of antebellum Black education
Philip Sheldon Foner (Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press), 1984
LC2801 .F57 1984 Middleton Library

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Ain't I a woman : Black women and feminism
Bell Hooks ( Boston, MA : South End Press), 1981 (1984 printing)
E 185 .86 H73 1981 Middleton Library

All the women are white, all the blacks are men, but some of us are brave : black women's studies
Gloria T. Hull et al, editor. (Old Westbury, N.Y. : Feminist Press), 1982
E184.7 .A44 Middleton Library

Black feminist thought : knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment
Patricia Hill Collins (New York: Routledge), 2000
HQ 1426 C633 2000 Middleton Library

Home girls : a Black feminist anthology
Barbara Smith, ed. (New York : Kitchen Table : Women of Color Press), 1983
S509.F44 H65 1983 Middleton Library

In search of our mothers' gardens : womanist prose
Alice Walker (San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), 1983
PS3573.A425 Z467 1983 Middleton Library
818 W177i Middleton Library Education Resources

Reading black, reading feminist : a critical anthology
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., ed. (New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Meridian Book), 1990
PS 153 N5 R38 1990 Middleton Library

Talking back : thinking feminist, thinking black
Bell Hooks (Boston, MA : South End Press), 1989.
E 185 .86 H74 1989 Middleton Library

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Confusion by any other name : essays exploring the negative impact of The blackman's guide to understanding the blackwoman
Vivian Verdell Gordon et al. (Chicago, IL : Third World Press), 1991
E 185 .86 C584 1991 Middleton Library

Conversations : straight talk with America's sister president
Johnnetta B. Cole (New York: Doubleday), 1993
E 185 .86 C5815 1993 Middleton Library

Essence. (New York) Periodical
Current issues at the Serials Desk -- Middleton Library.
Older issues at E 185 .86 E7 -- Middleton Library
Pre 1983 issues at Microfilm 4872 -- Middleton Microforms Room
Infotrac: 1991-
Academic Universe: 1992-

The habit of surviving : black women's strategies for life
Kesho Yvonne Scott (New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press), 1991
E 185 .96 S37 1991 Middleton Library

Labor of love, labor of sorrow : Black women, work, and the family from slavery to the present
Jacqueline Jones (New York: Basic Books), 1985
HD 6057 .5 U5 J66 1985 Middleton Library

When and where I enter : the impact of Black women on race and sex in America
Paula Giddings (New York: W. Morrow), 1996
E185.86 .G49 1996 Middleton Library

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The boundaries of blackness: AIDS and the breakdown of Black politics
Cathy J. Cohen (Chicago: University of Chicago Press), 1999.
RA 644.A25 C575 1999 Middleton Library

Directing health messages toward African Americans: attitudes toward health care and the mass media
Judith L. Sylvester (New York: Garland Publishing), 1998.
RA448.5 N4 S95 1998 Middleton Library

Health issues in the Black community
Ronald L. Braithwaite, Sandra E. Taylor, editors (San Francisco : Jossey-Bass), 1992.
RA 448 .5 N4 H395 1992 Middleton Library

"It just ain't fair" : the ethics of health care for African Americans
Annette Dula and Sara Goering, eds. ( Westport, Conn. : Praeger), 1994
RA 448 .5 N4 I8 1994 Middleton Library

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The Abolitionist sisterhood : women's political culture in Antebellum America
Jean Fagan Yellin and John C. Van Horne, eds. (Ithaca : Cornell University Press), 1994.
E 449 A1555 1994 Middleton Library

Beautiful, also, are the souls of my Black sisters : a history of the Black woman in America
Jeanne L. Noble (Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall), 1978
E185.86 .N6 Middleton Library

Black women in United States History, v. 9-14, v.16
Darlene Clark Hine, ed. (Brooklyn, NY: Carlson Pub.), 1990
E 185 .86 B543 1990 Middleton Library

Multivolume set whose titles include:
Black women's history : theory and practice
Daughters of sorrow : attitudes toward Black women, 1880-1920
Jane Edna Hunter : a case study of Black leadership, 1910-1950
Quest for equality : the life and writings of Mary Eliza Church Terrell, 1863-1954
To better our world : Black women in organized reform, 1890-1920

Black women in white America: a documentary history.
Gerda Lerner ( New York, Vintage Books), 1973
E 185 .86 L4 1973 Middleton Library

Southern women : Black and white in the Old South
Sally Gregory McMillen (Arlington Heights, Ill. : Harlan Davidson), 1992
HQ 1438 A13 M36 1992 HILL Memorial Library, RARE/CONTEMPORARY POETRY COLL.
HQ 1438 A13 M36 1992 Middleton Library

Unequal sisters : a multicultural reader in U.S. women's history
Ellen Carol DuBois and Vicki L. Ruiz, eds. ( New York : Routledge), 2000
HQ 1410 U54 2000 Middleton Library

We are your sisters : Black women in the 19th century
Dorothy Sterling (New York: W. W. Norton), 1984
E185.86 .S75 1984 Middleton Library
305.896 St838w School of Library and Information Science Library

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Interviews and Oral Histories

The Black women oral history project : from the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe College
Ruth Edmonds Hill, ed. (Westport, CT: Meckler), 1991
E 185 .86 B545 1991 Middleton Library

10 volume set. Guide to the transcripts is shelved at E 185.86 G74 1990 Middleton Reference.

Conversations with Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou (Jackson : University Press of Mississippi), 1989
PS 3551 N464 Z4635 1989 Middleton Library

Conversations with Nikki Giovanni
Nikki Giovanni (Jackson: University of Mississippi Press), 1992.
PS 3557 I55 Z463 1992 Middleton Library

Conversations with Toni Morrison
Toni Morrison (Jackson : University Press of Mississippi), 1994
PS 3563 O8749 Z464 1994 Middleton Library

I dream a world : portraits of black women who changed America
Brian Lanker ( New York : Stewart, Tabori & Chang), 1989
E 185 .86 L355 1989 Middleton Library
E 185 .86 L355 1989 Hill Memorial Library
305.4 L289i 1989 Middleton Education Resources YP Collection Oversize

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Juvenile Literature

Big star fallin' mama : five women in Black music
Hettie Jones (New York: Viking), 1995
ML 82 J65 1995 Middleton Music Resources

Black women of valor
Olive W. Burt. Illustrated by Paul Frame (New York: J Messner), 1974
920 B973b Middleton Educaton Resources YP Collection

Brown sugar : eighty years of America's black female superstars
Donald Bogle (New York: Harmony Books), 1980
920 B675b Middleton Education Resources YP Collection

Her stories : African American folktales, fairy tales, and true tales
Virginia Hamilton (New York: Blue Sky Press), 1995
398.2 H221h Middleton Education Resources YP Collection Award-King

Only passing through: the story of Sojourner Truth
Anne F. Rockwell. Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie (New York: Alfred A. Knopf), 2000
921 T874r Middleton Education Resources YP Collection

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Literature and Drama

Afro-American women writers, 1746-1933 : an anthology and critical guide
Ann Allen Shockley, ed. (Boston, MA: G. K. Hall), 1988
PS 508 N3 A36 1988 Middleton Library

Black-eyed Susans. Midnight birds: stories by and about Black women
Mary Helen Washington, ed. (New York: Doubleday), 1990
PS 647 A35 B57 1990 Middleton Library

Black female playwrights : an anthology of plays before 1950
Kathy A. Perkins, ed. (Bloomington, Ind: Indiana University Press), 1989
PS 628 N4 B54 1989 Middleton Library

Collected Black women's poetry
Joan R. Sherman, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press), 1988
PS 591 N4 C57 1988 Middleton Library

Double stitch : Black women write about mothers and daughters
Patricia Bell-Scott, ed. (New York: HarperPerennial), 1991
PS 509 M6 D6 1993 Middleton Library

Render me my song : African-American women writers from slavery to the present
Sandi Russell (New York: St. Martin's Press), 1990
PS 153 N5 R87 1990 Middleton Library

Schomburg library of nineteenth-century Black women writers
(New York : Oxford University Press).
This multi volume set is at various call numbers in Middleton Library.
Check the Online Catalog for specific call numbers and locations.

Shadowed dreams : women's poetry of the Harlem Renaissance
Maureen Honey, ed. (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press), 1989
PS 591 N4 S54 1989 Middleton Library

Wines in the wilderness : plays by African American women from the Harlem Renaissance to the present
Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, compiler. (New York: Greenwood Press), 1990
PS 628 N4 W56 1990 Middleton Library

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The Black woman's gumbo ya-ya : quotations by black women
Terri L. Jewell (Freedom, CA: Crossing Press), 1993
E 185 .86 B5415 1993 Middleton Library

Famous black quotations : on women, love and other topics
Janet Cheatham Bell, compiler. (Chicago, Ill: Sabayt Pubs.), 1991
PN 6081 .3 F35 1991 Middleton Library

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Reference Works

African American women : a biographical dictionary
Dorothy C. Salem, ed. (New York: Garland), 1993
E 185 .96 A45 1993 Middleton Library Reference

Black women in America : an historical encyclopedia
Darleen Clark Hine, ed. (Brooklyn, NY: Carlson Pub.), 1993
E 185 .86 B542 1993 Middleton Library Reference

Index to poetry by Black American women
Dorothy Hilton Chapman (New York: Greenwood Press), 1986
Z1229.N39 C45 1986 Middleton Library Reference

Notable Black American women
Jessie Carney Smith, ed. (Detroit: Gale Research), 1992
E 185 .96 N68 1992 Middleton Library Reference Table 16

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Online Catalog

Use the Online Catalog, to locate books and journals held by the LSU Libraries on this topic. To search by subject, use established Library of Congress Subject Headings from the red volumes near the Middleton Reference desk or in the branch libraries. In general Library of Congress uses the term Afro American or Afro Americans to refer to U.S. citizens of Black African descent. Black or Blacks is used for people of Black African descent from other countries. The term Minorities refers to racial, religious, ethnic or other minority groups.

Use the subject search command only if using established subject headings. Relevant general headings include:

subject Afro American Women
subject Women, Black
subject Minority Women
subject Afro Americans
subject Blacks
subject Minorities

The word or phrase search is also useful as an alternative search method if you are not sure of the exact subject heading or to find items lacking in-depth headings:

word or phrase minorities and women
word or phrase afro and women
word or phrase women and black
word or phrase women and afro and authors
word or phrase women and afro and bibliography
word or phraseblack women and literature
word or phrase black women and biography

Note that formulating a word or phrase search without AND will look for the words as a phrase and will limit your results. To get larger results, use AND in formatting your word or phrase search. To be comprehensive, try several combinations of terms.

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