Palmer-Lincoln Family Papers

(Mss. 4628)


Biographical/ Historical Note

Edward C. Palmer (1865_1923) was born in Wareham, Massachusetts and attended Harvard University in the 1880s. At the death of his father in 1895 he took over the family business in the wholesale paper trade: E.C. Palmer and Co., Ltd., New Orleans, La.. By his death, the company had expanded to include two branch houses in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Edward C. Lincoln was the son of Edward Lincoln and Helen M. Palmer, and the brother of Maud and Madge Palmer. He had one daughter, Helen, who married James Rufus Lincoln. They had at least three sons, who include Thomas, Rufus and Peter.

Scope and Content Note

The papers (1 linear foot) largely consist of family correspondence between the Palmers in the years 1900-1921. Contents include both personal and business news. E.C. Palmer's paper business is documented through his letters to his mother, Helen M. Palmer, a copy book from the 1890s, audit books from 1914-1919 and a notice of appointment. Papers from Maud E. Palmer's interests in the cranberry trade consist of correspondence, receipts and notebooks. Lincoln family papers include family correspondence, legal papers, cards and drawings. Photographs and negatives represent both families.

Container List

                   Series I.  Correspondence

Folders 1-4     Helen M.  Palmer from Edward C.  Palmer, 1898-1923, n.d. 
                Personal and business matters are discussed.  Of note in
                family matters is correspondence outlining details of
                Edward Palmer's separation and divorce from Alice Palmer
                (1910-11) and Maud Palmer's typhoid fever, (Nov. 1911). 

Folder 5        Maud E. Palmer from Edward C. Palmer, 1898-1920.  

Folder 6        Maud E. Palmer from the Palmer family,1878-1911,   n.d.
                These include letters    from   Maud's grandmother,
                father,  her cousin  George Gibbs, an aunt, Sarah, and her
                sister Madge.

Folder 7        Maud E.  Palmer, General Correspondence, 1878-1911, n.d.
                A letter from Josephine Lincoln (n.d.)  concerns  the
                impending marriage of Helen Palmer and James Lincoln.

Folder 8        Maud and Madge Palmer from Helen Palmer Lincoln, 1922-
                1937.  The majority of the letters date from Helen's
                years at Vassar College, N.Y., and her travel after
                graduation (1928-29).

Folder 9        Palmer Family, Correspondence, 1868-1902, n.d.  These
                include letters from E.  Palmer Sr.  to his wife, Helen,
                and Helen M. Palmer's letters to her mother.  A letter
                from Alice Stephenson (1902)  is included, on the
                presumption this is the wife of Edward Palmer. 

Folder 10       Letters and Newspaper Clippings on Death of Edward C.
                Palmer, June 21-July 6, 1923.  Edward C.  Palmer died on
                June 17, 1921. The newspaper clippings consist of
                obituaries from paper trade journals and letters of
                condolence to the family and business from paper
                businesses across the United States. 

Folder 11       Helen Palmer Lincoln, General Correspondence, 1952_76,
                n.d.  This includes a poem to Helen from her father,
                Edward C. Palmer (n.d.). 

Folder 12       Helen Palmer Lincoln and James Rufus Lincoln from Thomas
                Lincoln, 1955-59.  These are Thomas's letters from Tulane
                University, New Orleans, La.  Of note is a letter
                describing an Elvis Presley concert (April 14, 1956). 

Folder 13       Helen Palmer Lincoln and James Rufus Lincoln, General
                Correspondence, 1952-76. 

Folder 14       Lincoln Family, General Correspondence, 1903_15.  Letters
                include questions to James Lincoln Sr.  concerning the
                genealogy of the Lincoln family (1906-7). 

      Series II.  Business and Legal Papers, c. 1897_1951.

Folders 15-16   Audit Books, E.C.  Palmer & Co., 1915_19.  Three records of
                audits;  6/1/1914- 5/31/1915; 6/1/1915-5/31/1916;

Folders 17-18   Maud E.  Palmer, c.  1897_1951.  Maud Palmer owned a
                Cranberry bog at Clear Pond Bog in Wareham, Mass., and
                was a shareholder in South Meadow Cranberry Co..  Her
                papers consist of letters (1948-51) from her overseer and 
                bank concerning Clear Pond Bog, and from the manager
                of South Meadow. There are also receipts for shipment of
                cranberries, three notebooks detailing the operation of
                the bog and a bank deposit book. 

Folder 19       Palmer Family, 1895-1921.  These include receipts, a
                building proposal, a codicil to Helen M.  Palmer's Will
                and resolutions on the death of E.C.  Palmer by E.C.
                Palmer & Co., Ltd. (1921). 

Folder 20       Lincoln Family, 1841-1951.  Materials include a Marshall's
                pass for Preston(?)  Lincoln in Tennessee (1865),
                appointments of attorneys and a notice of a stockholder's
                meeting for E.C. Palmer & Co. (1951). 

       Series III.  Printed and Graphic Items, 1905_72. 

Folder 21       Helen Palmer Lincoln, School and College, 1922-52.
                School and College publications are comprised of The
                Pioneer, magazine of the Isadore Newman Training School,
                New Orleans, La. (two issues, 1922-23), a Commencement
                Program for Vassar College (1927) and the Vassar College
                Class of 1927 25th Year Report (1952). A diploma from the
                Hartridge School, New Jersey, (1923) is also included. 

Folder 22       Palmer Family, 1902-33, n.d.  Material includes wedding
                invitations, two sheets of stamps for the Wareham
                Historical Society and an announcement of election to the
                board of E.C. Palmer & Co. (1922). 

Folder 23       Lincoln Family, Printed Items and Drawings, 1905-72.
                Among the printed items are notices of a "Lincoln Family
                Meeting" organized by the Old Colony Historical Society
                (1906), a riding school exhibition program and a
                commencement program for Tulane University, New Orleans
                (1960). The drawings are mainly by the Palmer children
                and include Mother's Day cards.  Other cards included are
                Valentine and Christmas cards and Helen Palmer Lincoln's
                dance cards. 

       Series IV.  Manuscript Volumes, c.1890-1927, n.d. 

Folders 24-25   Manuscript volumes consist of the copy book of Edward
                Palmer for E.C.  Palmer & Co.  (c.1890-94), a telephone
                book (n.d.), a notebook relating to furniture removal and
                a Vassar College notebook containing production notes on
                the play The Duenna (1927). 

       Series V.  Photographic Materials, c. 1890-1941.  

Folders 26-28   The thirty-four photographs and three negatives are mostly
                unidentified.  There are identified photographs of Edward
                C.  Palmer (c.1890-99) and Helen Palmer Lincoln (c.
                1910), and photographs of the Soul House in New Orleans,
                La..  A plan of the Soul property is also included. 

Index Terms
Palmer, Edward C., 1865_1923
Palmer, Helen M., d. ca. 1922
Palmer, Maud E.
Palmer, Madge
Lincoln, Helen Palmer
Lincoln, James Rufus
Lincoln, Tom
E.C. Palmer & Co., Ltd.
Paper industry -- New Orleans (La.)
Cranberries -- Massachusetts
Vassar College
Soul House