Braden (Waldo W.) Papers

(Mss. 3352)

Container List

Box 1 (Yearbooks and scrapbooks):
School yearbooks: 
     Maroon Memories, 1929
     The Quaker, 1932
     The Target, 1938
Scrapbooks (letters of admiration):
     Foldered scrapbook, 1968; certificate of appreciation,           (Guest Speaker) junior chamber of commerce, 1965
     Foldered scrapbook (removed from navy scrapbook), July - Aug
     Yellow folder: luncheon in honor of Dana and Waldo Braden
                    IWC, Mt. Pleasant, May 25, 1990
     Bound:  "To a Boyd Professor, From His Friends" letters, 1973
     Bound:  "Presented To Dr. Waldo W. Braden In Appreciation of
          his 33 Years of Service at Louisiana State University April 20, 1979 by family, friends, and colleagues"
Scrapbooks (clippings, photos, etc.):
     Penn College  (foldered), 1931-32
     Small Black, 1936-37
     Small Blue, 1938-39
Box 2 (Scrapbooks):
Scrapbooks (continued):
     medium black, 1942-43
     copied, 1045-51
     large white, 1946-52
     large green, 1952-61
     small green, 1961-69
     small red, 1967-80
     large red, 1979-90
Box 3:
American oratory
     Webster, Clay, Calhoun
     Roosevelt, TR
     Correspondence, Harper and Row Publishing
     Braden, Univ. of Mo. 1st 1989-90, cont am speakers
(box 3 continued)
Southern oratory
     Theory, Myth, articles explaining
     Correspondence, origin of So. oratory
     Southern oratory reprints
     Speakers, So
American public addresses and speakers
     Southern gentleman
     Phillips, Wendall
     Wendall Phillips
Braden, articles, reviews, debates, and miscellaneous projects
     Good ole boys
     Shift [from emphasis in Public Communication in Retorical 
           studies, ariticle by Braden, 1988]
     Shifting from P.A. to P.C. ACA
     Programs, southern Memphis
     Channing articles
     Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
     Special Criticism, Krieger
     Reflections, communication education
     Specialization:  debate in Chicago
     Library, Penn College
     "He marches to a different drum beat, deaf"
     Long project, Culbert
     Braden's reviews
     Lincoln class lectures
     Notes on FDR
Todd family
     Todd, Margaret A
     Lincoln as a writer
     "What's in a Name?"
     Todds, others
     Lincoln and Missouri
     Todds, Kentucky
     Mary Todd's Missouri Relatives
     Todds, Illinois
     Todds, of Columbia
Box 4:
Abraham Lincoln, photos, brochures, etc.
     Scenes of Abraham Lincoln's life with his Godchildren
     Stamp, poster
     Misc[ellaneous], Lincoln
     Lincoln pictures
     Gettysburg (maps and brochures)
     Leaflets, Lincoln
(box 4 continued)
Lincoln, research, background
     Lincoln as a friend
     Correspondence, Lincoln home model
     Lincoln's mother: Paul H. Verduim article in No. Neck
          of Va. Historical Magazine
     Lincoln, newspaper clippings
Lincoln, research, addresses
     Farewell address Springfield, Feb 1861
     First inaugural 1861
     Lincoln at Gettysburg, 1863
     Second inaugural, 1864
     Presidental speeches
Lincoln, research, speeches
     "Discoveries, inventions...etc"; Lincoln lecturer
     law practice
     Lost speech, 1856
     House divided speech, 1868
     Lincoln, Ohio, 1859
     Lincoln/Douglas debates, 1858
     Cooper unions, 1860
Box 5:
Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker
     Lincoln speech file
     Material for Florida speech
     Image, Lincoln
     Speaker, writer, active
     Lincoln, speaker or writer
     Lincoln's delivery
     Lincoln the campaigner
     Lincoln's rhetoric
     Reading, thinking habit of preparation
     Gettysburg address, materials
     Slides for Lincoln lecture class notes
     Lincoln in marble and bronze
     Quotations from Lincoln, etc.
     Campaign biographia of Lincoln
     Western travels with Lincoln
     The Reluctant Lincoln (notes) 1860-1865
     Lincoln and Columbia, Mo., summer of 1840
     Stephens and Lincoln, 1847-1875
     Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker, manuscript (2 folders)
     Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker, manuscript, corrected copy           2, (3 folders)
     Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker, galley
Box 6:
(Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker, continued)
     Lincoln's Voice
     Reluctant Lincoln
     Moving Abraham Lincoln's "Little Engine," [his Political 
            Speaking, 1854-1860....]
     Abraham Lincoln
     Speeches, Lincoln
     Braden, speeches, notes
     [Abraham] Lincoln, Public Speaker, reviews
     Abraham Lincoln, Public Speaker, [LSU Press correspondence]
     Author's questionaire, Waldo Braden
Memorializing Lincoln
     Memorializing, background, indroduction
     Memorializing, bibliography
     University of Illinois Press contract
     Memorializing Lincoln, correspondence
     Permissions, Memorializing
     Dust Covers, Building The Myth:  Selected Speeches          
          Memorializing Abraham Lincoln, Edited by Waldo Braden
     Bancroft, George, April 26, 1865
     Beecher, Henry Lord, April 16, 1865
     Borah, William, Nov 9, 1911
     Brooks, Phillip, April 23, 1865
     Bryan Orator, 1909
     Mario M. Cuomo, Feb 12, 1986
     Shelby M. Callom, Feb 12, 1890
     Joseph Hodges Choate, Feb 12, 1909
     Dolliver, Republican Club, NY City, Feb 13, 1905
     Emerson, Ralph Waldo, April 19, 1865
     Douglas Frederick
     Garfield, Feb 14, 1878
     Lloyd George and A. Stevenson
     Robert Todd Lincoln, Oct 9 1896
     Root, Elihu Root, Saint Gaudens's, London, 1920
     Roosevelt, TR, cornerstone of Lincoln's birthplace
     Stevenson, Adlui, at Gettysburg, Nov 19, 1951
     Simpson, Mathew,  May 2, 1865
     Taft - Lincoln Memorial,  May 30, 1922
     Wilson, Woodrow, Acceptance of Cabin, Sept 4, 1916
     Booker T Washington, The Republican Club, NY City, 
          Feb 12, 1909
     Memorializing ...?
     Sermons,  following assassination
     Lincoln's birth place, Feb 12, 1909
     Centennial, birth, 1909
Magazine articles, clippings, student notes
Selecting, Fifteenth Annual Prince of Peace Declamation
     Contest 1939-40
Louisiana Speaks, vol. 24, no. 1, 1990/91