G. H. Suydam Collection

(Mss. 1394)



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Size. 2 linear feet.
Geographic Locations. Baton Rouge, La.
Inclusive Dates. 1862-1863.
Languages. English.
Summary.Twenty photographs taken between 1862 and 1863 show the state capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, under occupation by Union forces. These photographs of street scenes, buildings, Union naval vessels, and Union army encampments ar e among the very earliest photographic views of Baton Rouge known to exist.
Source. Gift.
Related collections. None.
Access. No restrictions.
Copyright. Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.
Citation. G. H. Suydam Collection, Mss. 1394, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Stack Location. Vault 22 - 23.

Biographical/Historical Note

Captain G. H. Suydam, 162nd New York Volunteers Infantry, U.S. Army, collected various materials during the Civil War, some of which related to Louisiana. In 1954, Mr. G. H. Suydam, sent the North Carolina State Department of Archives and History the item s included in this collection. In 1957 the North Carolina State Department of Archives and History donated the collection to LSU, less 2 Masonic pamphlets directly related to North Carolina.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains commercial photographs of twelve (12) scenes of Baton Rouge and eight (8) photographs of ships of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron (Admiral Farragut's fleet) on the Mississippi River at Baton Rouge. Captain G. H. Suydam of the 162 nd New York Volunteers Infantry, U.S.A., secured these during his service with the Federal Army at Baton Rouge in the Spring of 1863. Three (3) of the images have the McPherson and Oliver backstamp.

Most of the photographs have handwritten memoranda on the back (verso) identifying the images on the front (recto). These memoranda have been transcribed directly from the versos as captions for the images. Notes created in house have been used for any im ages without memoranda.

The collection also includes: a copy of the Natchitoches (La.) Union, January 29, 1863; a copy of The New Orleans Times, April 15, 1864; a copy of the Freemasons' Monthly Magazine, vol. IV, no. 8, June 1, 1845.

Index Terms

17th New York State Volunteers Ferries (St. Louis, Mo.) Sailing ships
19th Army corps Florida street (Baton Rouge, La.) Sailors
1st Wisconsin battery of light artillery Fort Williams (La.) Schooners
21st Indiana General hospital (Baton Rouge, La.) Sidewheeler
3rd Brigade Gunboat Slaves
5th Regimental artillery Hart, Samuel M. State house
7th Vermont Headquarters State Prisons
Aerial views Law offices Steamboats
Architecture, Gothic Mack, Albert G. (Captain) Streets
Armies-Officers McPherson & Oliver (Photographers) U.S.S Mississippi (Sidewheeler)
Armored vessels McPherson, W.D. (Photographer) U.S.S. Essex (Gunboat)
Artillery Methodist Church U.S.S. Geness (Gunboat)
Artillery Battery Military camps-Louisiana U.S.S. Richmond (Steamboat)
Artillerymen Military hospitals Union troops-Quarters and prisons
Asylums-Blind-Institutional care Mississippi River-History-Civil War, 1861-1865 United States - History - Civil War, 1861-1865
Asylums-Deaf-Institutional care Mortars (Ordnance) United States - History - Civil War, 1861-1865 - Naval operations
Augur, Christopher C. (General) Natchez (Wharfboat) United States. Army-Artillery-Drill and tactics
Banks, Nathaniel P. (General) North Boulevard (Baton Rouge, La.) United States. Army-Light artillery
Baton Rouge (La.) Novel design United States. Army-staffs
Church Street (Baton Rouge, La.) Old Louisiana Creole-Style Architecture United States. Navy-Quarters
City Hall (Baton Rouge, La.) Oliver (Photographer) Warships
Civil War 1861-1865-Artillery operation Patients-Blind-Deaf Washington Fire Company
Coaling-stations (Baton Rouge, La.) Pedestrian Waterfronts
Dudley, Walter (Acting General) Pike's Row (Baton Rouge, La.) West Gulf Coast Blockading Squadron
Dwellings-Louisiana Plantation owners-United States Wharfboat
Empire Parish (Steamboat) Refugee camps
Female seminary Romanticism in architecture

Container List


Stack Location Box Folder Contents
Vault 2211Photos: Arsenal; Arsenal-Garrison grounds; Deaf, Dumb, And Blind School; Governorís mansion.
Vault 2212Photo: Louisiana State Capitol.
Vault 2213Photo: Louisiana State Penitentiary; Methodist Church; Pikeís Row.
Vault 2214Photo: Female Seminary.
Vault 2215Photo: Baton Rouge Residence (Gen. Augurís headquarters); U.S. Army Federal Camp; Front Street; U.S. Navy "Essex".
Vault 2216Photo: U.S. Navy "Richmond"; "Mississippi"; "no i.d."; "Natchez".
Vault 2217Miscellaneous items: envelope with writing; 6 pages from a book; page from Bible.
Vault 2218Freemasonís Monthly Magazine Vol. Iv 1845.
Vault 23Oversize Folder:Newspaper: Natchitoches Union January 29, 1863; The New Orleans Times April 15, 1864.