World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial
Exposition Stereographic Views

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Mark E. Martin





Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

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June 2005



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65 stereographs mounted on card, ±4.00" x 7.00" (Stereograph Studio Card)






New Orleans, Louisiana



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These stereographs were created to document the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New Orleans, 1884-1885.




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World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Stereographic Views, Mss. 4206, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



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Biographical/Historical Note


The World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition was held during the winter and spring of 1884-85 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Exposition was largely the idea of three men: Major Edward A. Burke, the Louisiana State Treasurer and editor of the New Orleans Democrat and the New Orleans Times, which titles he merged in 1881 to become the Times-Democrat; F. C. Morehead, a Vicksburg editor and president of the National Cotton Planter’s Association, and; Edmund Richardson, who held the largest amount of acreage under cotton in the United States and, with one exception, the largest in the world. In 1882 the National Cotton Planter’s Association endorsed the Exposition and in 1883 Congress passed an act creating “The World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition.” In April 1883, the National Cotton Planter’s Association executive committee chose New Orleans, Louisiana, as the host city. Edmund Richardson was elected president, Samuel Mullen, secretary, and Major Burke assumed the role of general manager.


Securing slightly less than $500.000.00 by early 1884, building began for the exposition’s structures only one of which was intended to be permanent. Delays caused the opening date to be pushed back from 1884 December 01 to 1884 December 16 and even then the site was not completed. Reports of the day describe “confusion” and “reprehensible delay in getting the exposition completed and in good running order.”[1] Once open, things did not progress smoothly. Not only was the Exposition deeply in debt but also a great deal of ill will had grown up between the exhibitors and managers. On 1885 January 08, a meeting took place to consider financial relief as the Exposition was $200,000.00 in debt and would be $360,000.00 in debt by February. By 1885 February 11, the acrimony between exhibitors and managers reached the point that exhibitors held an “indignation meeting” against the managers. The debt and the unrest were temporarily restrained and the exposition ran its full length. When the Exposition closed on 1885 June 01 it was roughly $470,000.00 in debt. A few years later, Major Burke, Louisiana State Treasurer, newspaper publisher, and the Exposition’s General Manager would be indicted for embezzlement and forgery, which charges he would answer from London having already left the state and the country some time before.


Scope and Content Note


The 65 (sixty-five) stereographs in this collection mainly document exteriors and interiors of Exposition structures. There are a few scenes in New Orleans proper and at ferry crossings in the vicinity.


Of these 65 stereographs: the Centennial Photographic Company published 61 images; George F. Mugnier, New Orleans, Louisiana, published 2 images; W. M. Chase, Baltimore, Md., published 1 image; and an unnamed photographer/company published 1 image.





The collection has but one series, the images arranged in the publishers’ numerical sequence. Where no number exists the images are listed as “unnumbered.”


[unnumbered] Another View Of Live Oaks & Main Building.

[unnumbered] Another View Of The Interior Of The Horticultural Hall Before Completion.

[unnumbered] Exterior View Of The Horticultural Hall.

[unnumbered] Exterior View of the Horticultural Hall.

[unnumbered] French Market, New Orleans, 1885.

[unnumbered] Interior Of The Horticultural Hall Before Completion.

[unnumbered] Interior Of The Music Hall.

[unnumbered] New Orleans Exposition, 1885.

[unnumbered] Vermont Exhibition Area.

0006. Minnesota Section, G. & S. Building

0009. Agricultural Locomotive Power

0023. Main Building "Through The Trees." S.

0027. Minnesota "Cartoon" Car.

0028. Mexican Pulque Plants

0033. The Stand-Pipe, Water Works

0034. Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul R. R. Exhibit, G. & S. Bldg.

0045. Before The Doors Were Opened

0067. A New Orleans Residence.

0068. A New Orleans Residence.

0084. A Mississippi Steamer - Saloon.

0085. Main Building Avenue [. . .] South Gallery.

0096. Opening Ceremonies - The Presentation

0116. Main Building, East Avenue, South

0121. The Greely Expedition Exhibit, G. & S. Building.

0122. The Greely Expedition Exhibit, G. & S. Building.

0162. The Palm Court.

0171. Creole Homes, St. Peters Street.

0197. Music Hall With Christmas Tree.

0226. Nebraska's Exhibit, G. & S. Building.

0239. He And [. . .] At Home, New Year's Day, 1885.

0240. A Louisiana "Swamp Angel," G. & S. Building.

0248. The [. . .] Flag [. . . ] Section, G. & S. Building.

0249. Mexican Silver, 5640 LBS., [. . .] Building.

0260. Main Building, N. E.

0276. Native Wine-Press, New Mexico Section, G. & S. Building.

0333. Live Oak Avenue, Levee Side.

0336. A Quiet Reflection, Main Building.

0387. All Three Puzzled.

0422. New Hampshire Section, G. & S. Building.

0432. Main Building From The Electric Light Tower.

0495. Michigan Section, G. & S. Building.

0514. U. S. Post Office Department, G. & S. Building.

0521. The Old Bell "Independence." The Washington Artillery Escort.

0637. Kansas Section, G. & S. Building.

0638. Kansas Section, G. & S. Building.

0657. Shetland Pony [. . .].

0677. Oregon Section, G. & S. Building.

0678. Government & States Building from East Gallery.

0686. Persimmon Exhibit, Mexican Section, Hort'l Hall.

0711. North Horticulture Hall. The Conservatory.

0746. Live Oaks & Main Building.

0747. Live Oak Grove. Ex. Grounds.

0783. Reception of Rex, Feb. 16, '85.

0796. The Mexican Court.

0876. G. & S. Building From South-East Gallery.

0888. Horticultural Hall.

0913. Dakota Section, G. & S. Building.

0935. Dakota Section, G. & S. Building.

0965. Alabama Section, G. & S. Building.

0966. Gov't And States Builidng, Central Aisle.

1025. Idaho Section, G. & S. Building.

1296. Waiting For The Exposition Boat.

2750. Washington And His Hatchet. Franklin And His Whistle.

3137. The Moore Memorial Room -- Looking South.

3138. The Moore Memorial Room -- Looking North.





Aerial views--Photographs


Artillery (Troops)--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Bananas--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Cannons--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Carts & wagons--United States--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Exhibit booths--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Exhibition buildings--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Flaneurs--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Galleries (Display spaces)--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Houses--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Interiors--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Krewe of Rex (Organization)--Photographs

Landscape photographs

Markets--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Mud--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Oaks--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Piers & wharves--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Plaster sculpture--Photographs

Railroad cars--United States--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Railroad freight cars--United States--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Shetland ponies--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Steamboats--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs


Urban landscapes--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs

Vieux Carré (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs

Waterworks--Louisiana--New Orleans--Photographs


World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1884-1885: New Orleans, La.)--Buildings--Photographs

World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1884-1885: New Orleans, La.)--Photographs








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[1] Chicago Daily Tribune, 1884 December 26.