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Peirce-Haralson-Rumble Family Papers, 1809-1925 (bulk: 1856-1861 and 1885-1888)
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Frances Temple Peirce was born in Boston, Mass., in 1826, and she apparently was related to the Minors of Natchez and Terrebonne Parish, La., through her mother Mary Lintot Steer Peirce. She was educated in Natchez and married Bertrand Haralson of St. Francisville. Their daughter Mary Haralson married Wilson Rumble, a Natchez grocer and cotton factor in business with Theodore Wensel.

The collection comprises correspondence, legal documents, genealogical materials, and miscellaneous printed and graphic items. Letters received by Frances Haralson primarily relate to Natchez social life and family news. Love letters between Wilson Rumble and Mary Haralson pertain to their pending marriage and their expectations, social activities in Natchez and Bayou Sarah, and Wilson's work and economic conditions in Natchez.

Notes on the images:

1 and 2. Rebecca A. Minor (aunt) to Frances Haralson, February 17, 1856, and September 20, 1857. Rebecca Minor of Concord Plantation, wife of prominent Natchez planter William J. Minor, reports social news about and trips taken by mutual friends and acquaintances.
     The planters of Natchez cultivated a genteel and distinctive lifestyle meant to display their wealth. Consequently, they frequented the spas of Virginia and Tennessee, summered in the North, and made the Grand Tour of Europe (James, p. 11).
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3. Wilson Rumble to Mary Haralson, December 14, 1888. He expresses his eagerness to be married, discusses their wedding gifts, describes parties and styles in Natchez, and comments on the declining price of cotton. During their courtship and engagement, Wilson and Mary lived in Natchez and Bayou Sarah, respectively, and kept up a full correspondence, sending letters by steamboat almost every day.
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