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Borrowers' Responsibilities

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Borrowers have the following responsibilities

  • To return or renew materials on or before their due date.  You can use your online account to keep track.
  • Protect all materials from damage and theft.  You are responsible for each item until it is returned.
  • Each individual is responsible for all library materials charged to his/her card.
  • Keep materials in good condition.  Do not write in books, fold pages, or put sticky notes in them (they leave a residue).

Library materials are used by thousands of people every year.  Everyone deserves to have materials in good condition.  Please help us to keep the books in their best condition for all users.

Regular Borrowing Privileges

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Current faculty, staff, and properly registered students of LSU may borrow library materials from Middleton Library upon presentation of a valid University identification.

Members of the faculty and staff who retire from active duty under a retirement system in which they were enrolled as a function of employment at LSU retain their library privileges. Presentation of a retiree identification card is required to exercise these privileges.

Students who are registered for classes during the current semester will be granted borrowing privileges through the first two weeks of the following semester. Graduating students' privileges will expire on graduation day of the current semester. If students have not registered by the first day of classes of the current semester, their privileges will expire two weeks after the beginning of the semester.

Special Borrowing Privileges

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Public Patrons

Some individuals not affiliated with LSU may receive limited borrowing privileges. These individuals include:

  • Louisiana residents (age 18 or older) with valid photo ID and credit card.  Note, there is no fee, but the credit card information is stored in case there is any damage or books are lost.
  • Out-of-state residents who teach in Louisiana K-12 schools (must be requested by principal or superintendent)
  • Out-of-state residents who attend LALINC institutions (must have LALINC Card)
  • Out-of-state residents working for Louisiana state agencies
  • OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program participants
  • Visiting scholars from out-of-state institutions (must be requested by an LSU dean or department head)
  • Graduate students from out-of-state institutions (must be requested by thesis advisor, department head, or a librarian at their home institution)
  • Adjunct LSU Faculty with gratis appointments

Letters requesting special borrowing privileges should be submitted to the Head of Circulation Services or to the Dean and must be accompanied by proof of eligibility.

Special Borrowers may borrow up to ten books for a period of 28 days.  Audio-Visual items circulate for seven days.  All Special Borrowers are subject to all rules and regulations including all library fees.

Due to licensing restrictions, remote access to electronic products is not available to public patrons.  Also, Interlibrary Loan services are only available to Visiting Scholars.

Public Patron Card Holders

  • An acceptable picture ID (e.g., driver's license) must be presented.
  • Public Patron Cards are not transferable.
  • Public Patron Cards may be replaced for a $5.00 fee, payable at the circulation desk.
  • Public Patron Card Regulations and Application Forms can be obtained at the main circulation desk.
  • Public Patron Cards are valid for periods not to exceed a year.

Library Cards

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LSU Faculty, Staff and Students

  • LSU faculty, staff, and students must present a current LSU ID card in order to charge materials.
  • ID cards are not transferable.
  • NOTE: A faculty member may authorize current LSU students to charge materials on his/her faculty ID card by sending an e-mail to the Circulation Department ( designating the students authorized to use the card. The e-mail must be from the faculty member's LSU account. The faculty member is responsible for all materials charged in this manner.
  • Lost ID cards should be reported immediately to the ID Office in the LSU Union and to Circulation Services in Middleton Library.
  • Faculty and graduate students in good standing may obtain a LALINC card from the Circulation Desk or online which will allow them to get library privileges at other LALINC institutions.  A list of participating LALINC libraries may be obtained from the LOUIS homepage.
  • LALINC Reciprocal Borrowing Chart

Study Carrels

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A limited number of study carrels are available for graduate and faculty use.  Applications may be made at the Circulation Desk or you can use this online form.

Study Carrel Request Form

Retired faculty members who are involved in research may request a study carrel in the Library, which will be assigned according to current policy.  Retiring faculty members who have already reserved a carrel may request to keep his/her currently assigned carrel.  Permission will be granted based upon the current availability of spaces.

For more information see the Carrel Assignment and Use Policy

A $5.00 refundable deposit is required.

Study Rooms

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Reservations for Collaborative Spaces in Middleton Library for Students

Study rooms are available for students on the 3rd and 4th floors.  Students who wish to reserve a study room in person should come to the Circulation Desk on the first floor.  They can also make a reservation by calling (225) 578-2058.  All students using the study rooms must be able to present a legible LSU ID upon request by a Library staff member.

Loan Periods

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LSU faculty, staff and students may check out an unlimited number of books. Special borrowers may check out 10 books at a time. Materials (excluding reserve materials) may be borrowed from and returned to the circulation desk of Middleton Library or any participating branch or unit of the LSU Libraries:

Middleton Library/Circulation 1st Floor, Lobby, Middleton Library
Education Resources 227 Middleton Library
Music Resources 202 Middleton Library
Government Documents/ Microforms 53 Middleton Library

Loan periods for the LSU Libraries vary depending on location, type of material and category of borrower.  To see specific information, please click on the name of the departments listed above.  Students may have their loan periods shortened to reflect the expiration date of their borrowing privileges.

Some materials may be restricted to building use only.  Please see the appropriate circulation desk for the loan period of any item(s) you wish to check out.


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There is a limit of 7 renewals per journal and 10 per monograph before items have to be brought to the desk for re-checkout.  After the tenth time the items must be returned to the circulation desk from which they were checked out.

The following materials may not be renewed:
  • reserve materials, including electronic items
  • items on hold
  • items held by borrower whose ID is blocked

In-person Renewals
Non-reserve items may be renewed at the Circulation Desk by presenting the items for renewal along with a current ID or public patron card.  While electronic items cannot be renewed, they may be checked out again to the previous user as long as enough machines are available for other patrons.

Self-Check Renewals
Non-reserve items may be renewed using the self-checkout machine near the Main Circulation desk.

Online Renewals
All renewals not done in person are now handled via the LSU Libraries catalog.  It can be accessed from the "My Account" page.  All the information necessary to renew online is available on that page.  For any problems or questions pertaining to the online renewal system, please contact Middleton Library Circulation Services at 578-2058.


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A recall is an official request for a book to be returned early.  Any borrowed item not charged to a department may be recalled.  Loan periods may be shortened and due dates changed as appropriate.  Patrons with recalled items will be notified of the new due date.  Failure to return a recalled item by the due date will result in:

  • overdue fines ($1.00 per day per item)
  • assessment of lost book charges if book is not returned before two weeks after the new due date
  • denial of library privileges (the borrower will be blocked from using materials and databases)

Patrons can use the online catalog to recall books.  If a book is checked out, clicking on the Place hold if checked out link in the catalog record will cause a hold request form to appear.  Once the form has been filled out and submitted, a recall notice will be e-mailed to the patron who currently has the book checked out.  The patron who created the hold will be notified when the book has been returned.  A hold may not be placed on a book that is not checked out.

Right to Privacy

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Every library patron has a right to privacy while using properly charged library materials.  Names of borrowers will not be disclosed (Louisiana Revised Statutes, Section 44:13).

Please be aware that this statute prohibits us from discussing patron accounts with third parties, except in the case of parents of minor children.  For privacy and security reasons, we also do not discuss patrons' accounts over the telephone.  Patrons who have questions about their accounts should e-mail them to and a library staff member will send a response to the patron's LSU account.  In compliance with Policy Statement 16.15, "Use of Electronic Mail," we will send e-mail communications only to the "" e-mail address if it exists.  We will only use other types of e-mail addresses for correspondence in the case of public patron card users or former LSU employees and students whose LSU accounts are no longer active.

Copyright Policy

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The LSU Libraries' Copyright Compliance Policy provides guidelines regarding copyright law, frequently used library services, and other additional services.

Receipts for Returned Materials

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  • When returning library materials, patrons may request a receipt if they return their items to a staff member at the circulation desk.
  • While it is preferred that library materials be returned to the circulation desk from which they were originally charged, they may be returned to any of the LSU Libraries' campus libraries or service units.

Overdue Charges

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  • Patrons are responsible for returning the materials they borrow by the due date. As a courtesy, reminder notices are sent to patrons when material becomes overdue.
  • Regular overdue charges are 50 cents per day per item.
  • For information about overdue charges on electronics, see
  • Overdue charges on journals and other short term loans are $1.00 per day per item.
  • Charges for Reserve and unbound periodical items are $1.50/hr.
  • The maximum fine is $20.00 per item.
  • In addition to fines, service charges and lost book fees are assessed after the maximum fine is reached, or after 40 days, whichever comes first.
  • Fines may be paid at the Circulation Desk at the time overdue materials are returned (between the hours of 7:15 am and 6:00 pm Mon-Fri; and 10:00 am and 5:00 pm Sat; and 12 Noon and 6:00 pm Sun).  Unpaid billed charges must be paid at the Treasurer's Office, Thomas Boyd Hall, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.  We will pay the fines of public patron cardholders using the credit card information given at the time of the application for library privileges.

Damaged Books

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Library patrons are responsible for returning books in good condition and will be assessed fines for damages.  Types of damage for which a patron will be charged include, but are not limited to, water damage, pen/pencil marks, torn/ripped pages or covers, and sticky notes.  If books are returned with 20 or more sticky notes, patrons will be assessed a fine of $0.50 for each sticky note.  Other fines will be assessed according to the severity of the damage and range from $10.00 to the replacement cost of the book.

If patrons wish to check out a book that is already damaged, they should show the damage to the Circulation Desk staff, who will make a note in the record and not hold them responsible when the book is returned.

Report a Library Item Lost

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If any item is lost, the patron should notify the library immediately in writing or using the Lost Materials Form; overdue fines continue to be assessed until notification is received and/or until the maximum fine is reached.

All items not returned before the maximum fine is reached will be considered lost.

All library patrons, including faculty, are responsible for lost book charges.  Charges for lost materials are assessed to replace the items lost.  They do not constitute purchase of lost materials, which remain the property of the State of Louisiana.  LSU Libraries does not accept patron-purchased replacement copies of lost materials instead of payment of the replacement fee.

Lost Materials Charges

Lost book charges consist of the following:
  • Replacement cost for new item
  • A nonrefundable service charge of $30.00
  • Accrued overdue fines

Materials returned within 180 days will be credited for the cost of the book only. All other charges are non refundable.

Lost charge for a tablet is $950. Upon return, there will be at least a $50.00 non-refundable fee which may increase depending on the length of time between billing and the return of the tablet.

Lost charge for a laptop is $1680.  Upon return, there will be at least a $50.00 non-refundable fee which may increase depending on length of time between billing and return of laptop.

Lost charge for either a digital camera or a digital video camera are $630.00.  Upon return, there will be at least a $50.00 non-refundable fee which may increase depending on length of time between billing and return of the camera.  Repeated or extremely late returns of electronic items may result in the loss of electronics checkout privileges.

Lost charge for a Student Response System 'clicker' is $80.00.  Upon return, there will be a $30.00 non-refundable fee.

No adjustment in the charges may be made for items returned more than 180 days after billing.

Report a Library Item Stolen

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If an item belonging to the library is stolen from a patron, the patron should report the theft immediately to the proper authorities and notify the library as soon as possible.  If the patron can provide a copy of the police report or official documentation from the police department with the file number, then overdue fines (if any) and service charges will be waived and the patron will be charged only for the replacement cost of the item.  If a police report is unobtainable, then the patron will be charged a service charge of $25.00 in addition to the replacement cost.  The patron is responsible for the replacement cost of the item in all circumstances.

If a stolen item is returned to the library within 180 days in good condition, then the library will issue a refund to the patron.

Appeal of Fees

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Patrons who are not satisfied with the resolution of their inquiries about library charges may file a formal appeal.  The time limit for filing an appeal is two years after the due date of the item(s).  If you wish to file a formal appeal, please fill out this online form:

If you wish to file a paper appeal or for some reason the online form is down, forms may be obtained at the Circulation Desk. Please note that the following circumstances are not grounds for filing an appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge/understanding of library policy
  • Inability to pay fines and charges
  • Failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice or an overdue notice
  • Cases in which you loaned materials charged to you to a classmate, family member, faculty member, etc., who failed to return them.

Payment of Charges

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All library charges forwarded to the Treasurer's Office must be paid at that office prior to registration and/or before grade transcripts will be released by the University.

Current library charges may be paid at the Circulation Desk using cash, Tigercard, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards.  Current library charges may also be paid online with Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards, using a link in the online catalog.  Older bills (already at the Bursar's Office) may be paid with Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards through myLSU.

Call Number Locations

Non-Stack Areas Including a Wide Range of Call Numbers
Chemistry Reference Fourth Floor
Compact Shelving Request items at Circulation Desk
Current Serials First Floor
Education Resources Second Floor
Hill - Special Collections Hill Library
Oversize Second Floor
Government Documents Classification
Call Numbers that Include Colons(:) and/or Slashes(/) Basement
LC Classification
A-C Second Floor
D-L Third Floor
M Second Floor
N-PM Third Floor
PN-V Fourth Floor
Z Second Floor
ED (note: ED is not an LC classification) Call numbers beginning with ED are in the basement with government documents and microforms.
Dewey Classification for Middleton Books
Most books with a Dewey Decimal number are in Compact Shelving (ask at Circulation Desk).  Please consult the online catalog to find out the location of the item you are looking for.

378.76 is the Dewey Decimal call number for our LSU theses/dissertations, Second Floor.

*Please note that some library items maybe in compact shelving. Check Online Catalog for the exact location of an item.


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