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United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)
Patent & Trademark Resource Center Association (PTRCA)
U.S. Code Title 35 - Patents
Peer to Patent

Additional Search Tools
7 Step US Patent Search Strategy Guide
7 Step US Patent Search Strategy Video Tutorial
U.S. Patent Number Guide
Google Patents
PATENTSCOPE - Search US and Foreign Patents, allows for visualization of data
Patent Lens - Regularly updated US and foreign patent database
Free Patents Online
Patent Pal Information Toolbar

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USPTO Audio Visual Tutorial Please turn on your speakers
Auburn Library Audio Visual Tutorial Please turn on your speakers
Text Tutorial Read through the steps as you search the USPTO website yourself in an adjoining screen

Types of Patents
Utility Patent
Provisional Utility Patent
Plant Patent
Design Patent

Other Sites of Interest
Intellogist - For researching patent resources in different countries, comparing search databases, and best practices on prior art searching
Patent Buddy - Social networking site for those researching US Patent attorneys, agents and organizations
Patent Librarian's Notebook
Patent Law Resources