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The LSU Libraries has provided an introduction to searching the online catalog. To use it, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is there anyway I can access my account in the new online catalog?

    Answer: Yes, you can renew materials, check your account and change your PIN from any internet terminal.

    To learn how to access your account, click HERE.

2. What is my PIN and how do I use it?

    Answer: PIN is your Personal Information Number. It functions as a password to your account.

    To learn about your PIN, click HERE.

3. What if I need something that the LSU Libraries doesn't own?

    Answer: Interlibrary borrowing is a service provided to University Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students to support research by acquiring titles not owned by LSU. Requests can be made with an internet form, by telephone or with a handwritten form.

Find all the information you need for placing a request by clicking HERE.

4. Can I search for journal articles using the online catalog?

    Answer: No. You can find out if we subscribe to a specific journal using the "periodical title" search in the online catalog, but individual article titles are not listed. Article titles, authors and complete citations are found by using article databases.

5. Do you have a list of great websites for musicians and music students?

    Answer: Yes. It is called the LSU Music Webliography.

Click to see the LSU Music Webliography.

6. Is there "Searching the online catalog" help available?

    Answer: Yes. For general help in searching, go to the LSU Libraries' FAQ: http://faq.blogs.lib.lsu.edu/ More help can be found by clicking on "HELP" in the header of the online catalog. For general tips and tips for searching for music materials, click

Do you have a question about searching the online catalog for music materials?
Send it to: Lois Kuyper-Rushing

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