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A Newsletter Applauding Recent LSU Libraries Faculty Accomplishments


This is the first issue of this Newsletter. It will be issued occasionally, as new material is submitted. Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed to this issue!

John Anderson

Bill Armstrong

Steve Bensman
Aimee Fifarek
Sigrid Kelsey
Jane Kleiner
Mark Martin

Elisa Rasmussen
Bill Thompson
Barbara Wittkopf
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Additional Notes

Congratulations to Sigrid Kelsey, Bill Thompson and Mark Martin. They were the first three to respond to this call for accomplishments! Each will receive a Uni-Ball Roller Pen as thanks from me for "getting the ball rolling!" (please stop by my office to pick up your prize)

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From Liane Hanson, Letters, Weekend Edition, National Public Radio, June 24, 2000.

"A correction to make now, because last week I referred to the initials PBS as an acronym. Tom Blake [sent a letter which] read, 'An acronym is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a word formed from the initial letters of other words. NASA and laser are good examples of acronyms. On the other hand, an initialism, according to the OED, is a group of initial letters used as an abbreviation for a name or expression, each letter or part being pronounced separately. CIA, FBI, IRS, NPR and PBS are all examples of initialisms.'

Hence, librarians, take note! ALA, LLA, SLA, ACRL, etc., are initialisms and not acronyms.

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