Tiger TAIL Site Vision

Evaluating online information blends both research and personal judgement. Each site may have some aspect that is more difficult to assess than others. You will have to make educated decisions about whether to trust the information given and when it is appropriate to use that information.

To evaluate another site you may choose again from this list:

  1. Environment: Air Pollution
    What pollutants are in the air and how can they affect your health?
  2. Literature: William Faulkner
    What facts are available about this Nobel Prize winner and his novels?
  3. Media: Reality Television
    Do reality-based police shows help or hinder people’s faith in law enforcement?
  4. Medicine: Aspartame Disease
    What serious health risks have been associated with NutraSweet and Equal?
  5. Weather: Tornado Intensity
    How dangerous are tornados based on the Fujita Scale of intensity?

Or you can move on to the discussion of ethical uses of the information you find in print and online.

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