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"Library Research Methods and Materials" (LIS 1001) focuses on introducing students to library and information organization, access, and retrieval. LIS 1001 is offered both as a traditional class, held in a state-of-the-art electronic classroom, or as an online class where students are able to participate in a virtual environment. This allows students hands on instruction and practice with the Libraries' ever increasing access to online resources.

LIS 1001 classes fill up quickly so be sure to register early.

For more information, visit the LIS 1001 - General Information page.

Key Dates and Times:

  • Fall Semester 2014
    Schedule of Sections Offered Fall 2014

    First Session - Fall 2014 (August 25th - October 14th)
    August 27: Final date for dropping courses without receiving a "W"
    August 28: Last Day to Add Courses
    September 1: Labor Day Holiday
    September 30: Final date for dropping courses
    October 2-3: Fall Holiday

    Second Session - Fall 2014 (October 15th - December 2nd)
    October 17: Final date for dropping courses without receiving a "W"
    October 20: Final date for adding courses
    November 21: Final date for dropping courses
    November 26 - 28: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Spring Semester 2015
    Schedule of Sections Offered Spring 2015

    First Half (January 14-March 6)
    January 16:  Last day to drop without a W
    January 19:  Martin Luther King holiday
    January 20:  Last day to add
    February 16, 17, 18:  Mardi Gras holiday
    February 23:  Last day to drop

    Second Half (March 9-May 1)
    March 11:  Last day to drop without a W
    March 12:  Last day to add
    April 3-12:  Spring break
    April 21:  Last day to drop


This class is also available as a correspondence course through LSU Independent and Distance Learning.