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Library Instruction

Mission: The User Instruction Group at LSU
Libraries supports the missions of both the
library and the university. Through person-
to-person, classroom, and online methods,
library instruction promotes information
literacy and awareness and use of the library
system's vast resources among the university
community and the general public as well.

Information Literacy Strategic Plan


Online Tutorials

Use these tutorials to learn about the library and information literacy. They can help improve your research's quality and efficency and introduce you to some of the useful tools the library has to offer.

Library and Information Science 1001

"Library Research Methods and Materials" (LIS 1001) focuses on introducing students to library and information organization, access, and retrieval. LIS 1001 is offered both as a traditional class, held in a state-of-the-art electronic classroom, or as an online class where students are able to participate in a virtual environment.

Library and Information Science 4001

The focus of the course is the research process, from the moment a research project is assigned to the information gathering and literature review stages to the use of information in a project or paper. Students will learn to locate, evaluate, and use library resources in multiple formats. Students will work on their own individual research topics. Assignments include an annotated bibliography and a literature review. Students will finish the course with a collection of materials that can serve as the foundation for their future research.


Middleton Library has two classrooms available for occasional use by LSU faculty and affiliated groups.


Librarians at Middleton Library can provide instruction in research strategies, use of print and electronic resources, and Internet instruction geared towards the needs of your students. Contact a subject specialist to schedule library instruction sessions for your classes; the librarian can either visit your class or host your class at the library. Middleton Library has two classrooms available for library instruction for your classes. Both of the rooms contain 21 independent work stations, with a ceiling mounted projector and an instructor's lectern. You must submit your request for instruction at least two weeks in advance.


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