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  • What is Access World News?
  • Opening the Database
  • Searching the Database

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What is Access World News?

Access World News is a database of full-text local, national, and international newspapers.

Local titles include The Advocate and The Times-Picayune 

Use Access World News to:

  • Find news articles
  • Understand current and quickly evolving events and issues
  • Track how issues and events change over time
  • Compare the viewpoints of different publications and geographic locations on an issue

It is important to note if you are accessing the database from off-campus, you will be asked to authenticate via MyLSU.

You can access the Library webpage through your MyLSU simply by clicking "Library Resources" on the left hand side and then "LSU Libraries Web Page" from the drop down menu provided.

(Click the arrows below to page through the tutorial.)

Opening the Database

Go to the LSU Libraries website:

Click on the Databases tab and select the letter A from the By Title list.  In the alphabetical list, you will find Access World News.  

Working from off campus?

Now you should be in the Access World News database.

Searching the Database

There are different basic options for how to find news resources:

  • Locations tab and the map allow you to select and narrow down resources based on a geographic location.
  • Shortcuts lists the most commonly used papers and areas of news coverage.
  • Source Types tab allows you to limit based on the following types: blogs, college/university newspapers, journals, newsletters, newspapers, newswires, transcripts, video, and web-only sources.
  • Source List tab provides and A-to-Z list of titles in the database, excluding magazines. 
What if you want magazines?
We'll look at some of these categories one-by-one.

Searching the Database


Access World News allows you to search at various geographic levels. The default search is The World - the broadest search possible:

To narrow your search, you can search by continent, region/country, state, or publication.

Try it!

Use the map or list under Locations to narrow to the level of Alaska.  

Are there news sources from Alaska within Access World News?


Searching the Database


The Shortcuts give you quick access to frequently used resources.

When you select a title from the Shortcuts list, you can search within the publication or browse an issue by entering a date or by selecting a recent issue.

Try it!

Select The Advocate shortcut link.

Does Access World News include content from today's edition of The Advocate


Searching the Database

Unless you are browsing a publication by date, you will search using the search box. All Text is the default search. If your search term appears anywhere in the document – from headline to the very last line of text – it will be retrieved with the All Text search.

Click on the drop-down menu for more options:

From here, you can select specific sections of the article to search:

  • Lead/First Paragraph - Opening paragraph, usually expresses the main idea of the article
  • Headline - Title that indicates the nature of the article
  • Author/Byline - The name of the person who wrote the article
  • Section - The name of the section of the newspaper in which the article appeared, such as Sports, Entertainment, Local News, etc.
  • Caption - The text that accompanied any photos or illustrations that ran with the article in the published paper


Searching the Database

Try it!

If you're doing a pro/con paper on marijuana legalization, you might be curious about changing public attitudes in the US. 

Select United States from Locations. Now above the main search box your should see United States.

Use this search box to search within All Text for marijuana legalization and poll.  Be sure to change the search in the second drop-down to All Text:


Scan the headlines of the results. What can you tell about the current attitude of Americans on the issue of marijuana legalization?

Searching the Database

From within the results page, you may want to revise your search or start a new one.  To do so, you need to find these options near the top of the page:

Try it!

Select Edit Search and change the search from All Text to Lead/First Paragraph for the marijuana legalization and poll search. 

On the results page, you will get far fewer results.  Scan the headlines.  How would you compare these results in terms of accuracy and precision with those from the All Text search? 

Searching the Database

Within the results screen you can refine your results to view them by a specific year, location, source, and source type.

Try it!

Expand the results by year option.  You can see how current years have many more results than previous years for our marijuana legalization and poll search. What conclusions can we draw based on the increased frequency of new stories on this issue?

Searching the Database

By clicking on a title, you can view the article.

On the right, you see the options to email, print, and cite the article:

To get the citation, select Bibliography (export).  Here, you can download citations for reference management software tools.  Or, you can click the hyperlinks for prepared citations:

Be sure to check these for accuracy!  

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In May 2012, Cindy Chang, wrote a series of articles on a specific topic for The Times-Picayune.  What was the topic?

Remember Y2K? It was the forecasted coding problem that meant computers would not be able to transition from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000, causing alarm and preparation worldwide.

In which year were the majority of articles about Y2K written?  


In that year, in which month were the majority of articles written about Y2K?

Is the news magazine Mother Jones available in Access World News?

One of the sources available from Japan is JIJI - a Japanese wire service.  Are JIJI's newswires in English or Japanese? 

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