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Open http://www.lib.lsu.edu/ in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.


The Web of Science is a bibliographic database, which means that it contains only bibliographic information about articles, such as title, author, date of publication, etc.  It does not contain the full text of articles.  However, it does include a utility that allows you to find the full text in other databases.


To access Web of Science, go to the library's home page (www.lib.lsu.edu) and click the databases tab near the top.  Then click the Web of Science link in the Frequently Used Databases list.

After reading the description of the database, click the title to get to the default search screen.


It is important to note if you are accessing the database from off-campus, you will be asked to authenticate via MyLSU.

You can access the Library webpage through your MyLSU simply by clicking "Library Resources" on the left hand side and then "LSU Libraries Web Page" from the drop down menu provided.

The Search Sceen

The default search screen is simple and uncluttered, though there are several ways of changing the settings which you can explore on your own.  For now, we will use the search engine as we find it.

Enter the search nanotechnology and surgery in the text box as a topic search.  (A topic search is like a keyword search.  You can also search by title, author, and several other fields.)  Click Search.

The Results

The results appear because the records of those results contain the two terms we searched for, nanotechnology and surgery

We can focus the results by adding another search term, which will search only within the results we already have.  To the left of the results is an additional text box that allows you to search within results.  Add the term brain, and see how your results list changes. 

There are several other ways of focusing and filtering your results listed in the column on the left.



Each record consists of several elements, beginning with the title.  Notice that each title is hyperlinked.  Clicking the title will open the full record for that article.  You see also a button that reveals the article abstract (summary) and another button that suggests the possibility of linking to the full text of the article.  Click it to see what it does.

To the right of the record, you see the number of times the article has been cited by other researchers.  This is valuable information.  It can lead you to other articles that might be important for your own research.  Clicking the little number will generate a list of those other articles.

Saving Your Research

To save your research, select the articles you want by clicking the checkbox to the left of the title.  Then click the Add to Marked List button at the top.  Then you can do other searches and save results from those all in one place.  When you are finished searching and saving, you can click the Marked List button at the top of the screen and either print or email your citations.

You can also print and email citations directly from your results list:  note the printer and envelope icons at the top of the list.

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