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The Author Search

The author search will find books written by a particular author. For example, to find the material in the library’s collection written by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, click the Catalog tab on the library’s home page.

Then select Author from the left drop-down menu and Browse from the right drop-down menu. In the text field, enter “wright, frank Lloyd” and then click Search.

The catalog responds with an alphabetical list of author field headings as well as suggestions for related headings. Clicking any of these will ultimately bring up a list of materials that have been authored by Frank Lloyd Wright.

It’s as simple as that.

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The Title Search

The title search is just as simple, as long as you know the title of the book you want or, at least, the beginning of the title. For example, if you are looking for Frank Lloyd Wright: America’s Master Architect, you would search for it by selecting Title from the left drop-down menu and Exact from the right and then clicking Search.

As long as the item is in the collection, this search will find the record for that one item.

If you know only the first few words of a title, you can still find it with a Title-Browse search. Select Title from the left menu and Browse from the right, and type “Frank Lloyd Wright.” Now search.

This search results in an alphabetical list of all titles in the collection that begin with “Frank Lloyd Wright.” On the list you will find Frank Lloyd Wright: America’s Master Architect.

Learn More

For information on searching by topic concepts, see the Online Catalog—Keyword Searching and Online Catalog—Subject Searching tutorials.


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