Library Services for Distance Education Faculty and Students

The LSU Libraries offers a variety of services and information resources for both faculty and students participating in distance education. Please note that students and faculty in unique situations may qualify for distance services even though they are not affiliated with courses usually considered distance education courses. Examples are students living out of state while enrolled for dissertation hours or faculty at remote or off-site facilities. Contact the distance education coordinator if additional clarification is needed. Beginning April 1, 2013 contact Tom Diamond.


Services and information resources include

  • Adobe Connect or compressed video presentations about appropriate library resources.
  • Assistance with acquiring library materials in electronic format.
  • Assistance with interpreting copyright policies.
  • All services under the section for students are available to remote or off-site faculty.


Services and information resources include access to

  • A distance education web page at which has detailed information about library services and the procedures for accessing them.
  • A distance education librarian or coordinator to assist with problems. Beginning April 1, 2013 contact Tom Diamond.
  • Subject librarians/specialists to assist with research. A list of all subject librarians is available at Subject guides can be accessed from this page or by subject under A-Z on the LSU Libraries web page.
  • LSU Libraries' circulating collections via document delivery. A form to request materials can be found at  (Journal articles will be sent electronically. In-state students will receive books at the nearest site library. Site libraries are LSU-A, LSU-S, McNeese, UL-Monroe, UNO, Lafayette Public, and Terrebonne Public. Out-of-state students will receive books at the mailing address provided.).
  • Circulating collections of other Louisiana academic libraries (including the site library on the campus where instruction is received) by using a LALINC borrowing card which can be requested at
  • Interlibrary Loan services for in-state students at site libraries under the LALINC borrowing agreement. Procedures vary, so please consult Interlibrary Loan at the site nearest to you or where you receive CV instruction. Out-of-state students should request services at the nearest public library. (Note: This applies only to books not owned by LSU Libraries.)
  • A 1-800 number for the exclusive use of distance education students. Assistance from the staff of Middleton Reference is available by calling 1-800-364-7678. Students can also be transferred to the distance education librarian or a subject librarian from this number.

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