Distance Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the book that I need is checked out to another patron?

If the book that is needed is checked out to another patron,
  • Place a hold on the book.
  • Complete the Materials Request Form AFTER notification that the book is available.
  • Type the title of the book in the appropriate box.
  • Add (Book on hold for me) immediately after the title.
  • You may also add Book on hold for me in the Comments box if you wish.

This will enable library staff to quickly pull the book from the Hold shelf and send it to you without additional searching.


What is LALINC?

LALINC is the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium. It is a way for students and faculty of Louisiana colleges and universities to borrow materials from libraries other than their own.

Who is eligible for a LALINC card?

Each library determines its level of participation. LSU Libraries issues LALINC cards to LSU faculty and graduate students for use at other LALINC institutions. (It honors cards from other institutions issued to faculty and graduate students, not staff or undergraduates.)

How do I obtain and use a LALINC borrowing card?

  1. The LSU DE student applies for a LALINC card using the online LALINC application form.
  2. The Middleton Circulation Department verifies that the student is registered for DE classes and prepares and mails the LALINC card to the DE student.
  3. The DE student presents the LALINC card at the circulation desk of the LALINC library, usually the site library where instruction is received.
  4. Each LALINC library determines the local procedure for using the LALINC card, so each has a unique procedure for checking out materials. Some issue a temporary checkout card, valid for the semester, to the student. Some hold the LALINC card while reserve materials are being used. Students may use a LALINC card at any participating library, but must abide by the policies and procedures of each library.
  5. The level of LALINC library privileges is set by individual libraries, so privileges vary somewhat from library to library. Detailed information about LALINC privileges can be found on the LOUIS Web Page. Although interlibrary loan (ILL) privileges are not usually available to those using LALINC cards, they are available to DE students. If neither the site library nor the LSU Libraries owns needed material, the DE student can request it through ILL at the LALINC library.

Which libraries are LALINC libraries?

Click here for an alphabetical list and a link to more detailed information about each LALINC library.

Can I use my LALINC card to check out books from the LSU Libraries?

No. If you come to campus to check out books, you must have a Tiger (ID) Card.


What is the 1-800 number?



The Distance Education Librarian is available to assist with any problems you might have and welcomes telephone calls and e-mails. You may call the 1-800 number in Research & Instruction Services (1-800-364-7678) and ask to be transferred to the DE librarian during daytime library hours, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. E-mail is checked on a daily basis. (If you are actually at your site library, staff at that location can provide research and database help.) Other sources of help are listed below.

Who should I contact ...

... to get my 17-digit ID number?

Check your LALINC card, TigerCard, or contact the Distance Education Librarian.

... for subject specific research help including how to select sources and search a database?

Appropriate subject librarian.

... for urgent research help on nights and weekends?

Middleton Research & Instruction Services during hours that they are open.

... if I've forgotten my Ingenta password?

The Ingenta Connect Complete Password Reminder

... about other Ingenta problems?

Interlibrary Loan Services.

... about off-campus access to databases when the Troubleshooting Guide has not helped?

Electronic Research & Instruction Services Librarian.

... if I do not recieve my LALINC card?

Middleton Circulation Services.

... about an unfilled request for books and/or articles?

Middleton Circulation Services.

... about Middleton library fines?

Middleton Circulation Services.

... about site library fines?

Site library circulation department.

... if my library privileges have been barred?

Middleton Circulation Services. Daytime | Evening.

... if my e-mail to the DE librarian has not been answered within a few days?

Telephone DE librarian to see if e-mail received OR Middleton Research & Instruction Services if the DE librarian unavailable.

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