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Understanding Call Numbers

Distinguishing features

Once you have a call number for an item you need, you will need to know what type of call number is in order to actually find that item.

Characteristics to help easily identify, the system used:

  • Dewey Decimal - begins with series of 3 numbers
    • 302 H789I 1993
    • 781.62 D184I
    • 917.3 D141G
  • Library of Congress - begins with one or two letters, followed by numbers
    • E 174 .U58
    • LB 1062 .B37
    • Z 1037 .A2 C67 2004
  • Superintendent of Documents - begins with one or two letters, includes a colon (:)
    • PM 1.9:1998
    • GA 1.13:GGD
    • Y 4.F 76/2:C 16/2/1993
Review Question:

PS 3527 A15L6 1980 is an example of what type of call number?
Dewey Decimal
Library of Congress
Superintendent of Documents


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