The User Instruction Group at LSU Libraries supports the missions of both the library and the university. Through person-to-person, classroom, and online methods, library instruction promotes information literacy and awareness and use of the library system's vast resources among the university community and the general public as well.

Information Literacy Strategic Plan

Library Instruction

Online Tutorials

Use these tutorials to learn about the library and information literacy.

Library and Information Science 1001

"Library Research Methods and Materials" (LIS 1001) focuses on introducing students to library and information organization, access, and retrieval. LIS 1001 is offered both as a traditional class, held in a state-of-the-art electronic classroom, or as an online class where students are able to participate in a virtual environment.


Middleton Library has two classrooms available for occasional use by LSU faculty and affiliated groups.

Research Workshops

Librarians can provide research workshops for your class either in Middleton Library or in your classroom. For general instruction introducing research skills and tools, complete a request here. For more specific instruction covering discipline-based research sources and strategies, contact the appropriate subject librarian.

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