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Reference Sources African American Almanac. 8th edition.
(Detroit, MI: Gale Research), 2000, vols. 1&2.
E 185.5 N34 Middleton Library Reference

African American Biographies: Profiles of 558 Current Men and Women.
Walter L. Hawkins. (Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland), 1992
E 185.96 H38 1992 Middleton Library Reference

The African American Encyclopedia.
R. Kent Rasumssen, editor. (New York : Marshall Cavendish Corp.) 2001, 10 vols.
E 185 A253 2001 Middleton Library Reference

African American Women: Biographical Dictionary.
Dorothy C. Salem, editor. (New York : Garland), 1993.
E 185.96 A45 1993 Middleton Library Reference

Black Firsts: 2,000 years of Extraordinary Achievement.
Jessie Carney Smith, editor; Caspar L. Jordan, Robert L. Johns, associate editors; foreword by Johnnetta B. Cole.
(Detroit, MI: Gale Research), 1994
E 185 B574 1994 Middleton Library Reference

Afro-American World Almanac: What Do You Know About Your Race?:
With Unusual Historical Facts About Prominent People of African Descent from A to Z.

Ross Z.Brown.
E 185 B8788 1943 Hill Memorial Library (Louisiana Collection)

Who's Who Among African Americans. 9th ed.
Gale Research Inc. (New York : Gale Research), 1996/97
E 185.96 W52 Middleton Library Reference
GaleNet (Biography Resource Center): 12th ed.(1999)[Limited to LSU Community]

Historical Statistics of Black America.
Compiled & edited by Jessie Carney Smith and Carrell Peterson Horton. (New York: Gale Research), 1995, 2 vols.
E 185 H543 1995 Middleton Library Reference

In Black and White: A Guide to Magazine Articles, Newspaper Articles, And Books Concerning
More Than 15,000 Black Individuals and Groups.

Mary Mace Spradling. (Detroit, MI : Gale Research Co.), 1980, 2 vols.
Z 1361 N39 S655 Middleton Library Reference

Statistical Record of Black America. 2nd edition.
(Detroit, MI: Gale Research Inc.), 1990-, vols. 1&2.
E 185.5 S83 1993 Middleton Library Stacks

Selected Periodicals African American Review. vol. 26, no.1 (Spring 1992)-.
(Terre Haute, IN: Indiana State University, Dept. Of English.)
PS 153 N5 N445 Middleton Library

Black Heritage. vol. 17-21, 1977-1982.
(Reston, Virginia: Sylvestre C. Watkins, Sr., Editor & Publisher).
E 185.5 N3827 Middleton Library

Half-Century Magazine. v.1-18, 1916-1925.
(Chicago, IL: Half-Century Magazine Publishing Company)
Reprint of original; Negro Periodicals in the United States, 1840-1960.
(New York : Negro Universities Press)
E 185.5 H3652 Middleton Library

National Black Review : NBR. v. 3, 1990-.
Van Nuys, CA : National Black Review.
E 185.5 N37 Middleton Library

Negro American Literature Forum. v. 1-10, no.3; fall 1967-1976.
(Terre Haute, IN: School of Education, Indiana State University).
PS 153 N5 N445 and Film 4090 Middleton Library
JSTOR: 1967-1976 [Limited to LSU Community]

Selected Indexes Antebellum Black Newspapers: indices of New York Freedom's Journal (1827-1829), The Rights of All (1829),
The Weekly Advocate (1837), The Colored American (1837-1941).
Donald M. Jacobs, ed. Heath Paley, Susan Parker, and Dana Silverman asst. eds. (Westport, CT : Greenwood Press), 1976
E 185.5 J33 Midddleton Library

Black Americans : A Study Guide and Sourcebook.
Lynn P.Dunn. (San Francisco: Robert D. Reed, printed by R and E Research Associates), 1975
E 185 D92 Midddleton Library

Index To Black History & Studies (MULTIMEDIA). second edition
(University of Southern California, Los Angeles : National Information Center For Educational Media (NICEM)), (1973)
E 185.7 Z9N3 1973 Midddleton Library

Index to Afro-American references resources.
Rosemary M.Stevenson,. (New York : Greenwood Press), 1988
Z 1361 N39S77 1988 Middleton Library Reference

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  • srs221.html Description of program for "A Celebration of African-American Art Forms", Wednesday, January 29, 1997.
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  • African-American Women: A Selective Bibliography of LSU Resources
  • srs213.html Violence in the Community: Selected Reference Sources
  • birmingham MLK Speeches: Letter from Birmingham City Jail (April 16, 1963)
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  • srs216.html Timeline of Events in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Life
  • srs217.html Children's and Young Adult Multicultural Literature; Afro-American Children's Literature; and
    Books About Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • srs218.html Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Biographical Sketch

Bibliographies Blacks in Film and Television: a Pan-African Bibliography of Films, Filmmakers, and Performers.
John Gray. (New York : Greenwood Press), 1990
Z 5784 M9 G72 1990 Middleton Library

Invisible Wings: An Annotated Bibliography on Blacks in Aviation, 1916-1993.
Betty Kaplan Gubert. (Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press), 1994
TL 521 U5 G83 1994 Middleton Library

Keyboard Music of Black Composers: A Bibliography.
Aaron Horn. Foreword by T.J. Anderson. (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press), 1992
ML128 B45 H68 1992 Music Reference

Black America: A Research Bibliography.
Ronald Krash. Assisted by Reference Staff of Pius XII Library. (St. Louis ), 1972
Z 1361 N39 K7 1972 Middleton Library

Race And Region, A Descriptive Bibliography. Compiled with Special Reference to the Relations Between Whites and Negroes in the United States.
Edgar Tristram Thompson. (Chapel Hill : Univ. of North Carolina Press), 1949
Z 1361 N39 T5 Middleton Library

Selected Works African Presence in Early America.
Ivan Van Sertima, ed. (New Brunswick, U.S.A. Transactions Publishers), 1992
E109. A35 A38 1992 Middleton Library

Black Women in Antiquity.
Ivan Van Sertima, ed. (New Brunswick (U.S.A.) : Transaction Publishers), 1988
HQ1137 A35 B56 1988 Middleton Library

Lincoln's Negro Policy.
Earnest Sevier Cox. (Richmond, VA ), 1972.
E185 C86 Hill Memorial Library (Judge Jones Lincoln Collection)

Great Black Leaders: Ancient and Modern.
Ivan Van Sertima, ed. (United States of America : Journal of African Civilizations Ltd, Inc.), 1988
DT 18 G74 1988 Middleton Library

Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples.
Jack D.Forbes. (Urbana, IL : University of Illinois Press), 1993.
E 59 M66 F67 1993 Middleton Library

Going to School: the African-American Experience.
Kofi Lomotey, ed. (New York : New York Press), 1990
LC2771 G65 1990 Middleton Library

A Grand Army of Black men: Letters from African-American Soldiers in the Union Army, 1861-1865.
Edwin S. Redkey, editor. (New York : University of Cambridge), 1992
E 540 N3 G74 1992 c.1 Middleton Library

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage. 1st ed.
William Loren Katz. (New York : Atheneum), 1986
E 98 R28 K37 1986 Education Resources Center, Middleton Library

What they never told you in history class.
Indus Khamit Kush. ( : Luxorr Publications), 1983
E 185 K87 1983 Middleton Library

Editors of Time Life Books. (Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books), 1994
E 185 A2585 1994 Hill Memorial Library Louisiana Collection

On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldiers: Biographies of African Americans in the U.S. Army, 1866-1917.
Frank N. Schubert, comp. & ed. (Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources), 1995
U 52 O5 1995 Middleton Library

Black Legislators in Louisiana During Reconstruction.
Charles Vincent. (Baton Rouge,LA : Louisiana State University Press), 1976
E 185.93 L6 V55 Middleton Library

The Voice of Black America: Major Speeches by Negroes in the United States, 1897-1971.
Philip S. Foner, ed. (New York : Simon and Schuster).
E 185 F592 Middleton Library

Selected Journal Articles Martin, Ben L. From Negro to Black to African American: The Power of Names and Naming.
Political Science Quarterly, 106(1) (Spring, 1991), pp.83-107.
H 1 P8 Middleton Library

Torrey, Volta. Can you top this...Old African Numbers Game?
Science Digest, 53(1) (January, 1963), pp. 54-57.
Film 3444 Middleton Library

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