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General Sources Building Bridges of Understanding Between Cultures.
Charlotte Keating. (Tucson, AR: Palo Verde), 1971.
Z 1037 K3 1971 MIDL

Crossing borders with literature of diversity.
Julia Candace Corliss. (Norwood, Mass: Christopher-Gordon Publishers), c1998.
LC 1099 .3 C674 1998 EDUC JV-Ref

Cultural Pluralism and Children's Media.
Esther Dyer, Compiler. (Chicago, IL: American Library Association), 1978.
Z 675 S3 C88 MIDL

Developing multicultural awareness through children's literature: a guide for teachers and librarians, grades K-8.
Patricia Roberts. (Jefferson, N.C: McFarland), 1993.
Z 1361 E4 R63 1993 EDUC JV-Ref

Different Faces: Growing Up With Books in a Multicultural Society.
(London: Pluto), 1988.
PR 990 W44 1988 MIDL

Guidelines for Selecting Bias-Free Textbooks and Storybooks.
Council on Interracial Books for Children. (New York, NY: Council on Interracial Books for Children), 1980.
LB 3047 C68 1980 MIDL

Celebrate America's Diversity: Holidays, Festivals and Histroical Events Celebrated and Recognized by African Americans, American Indians, Asian/Pacific Islanders and Latinos.
(Chicago, IL: ALA Graphics), 1993.
GT 4803 C4 1993 EDUC

Learning in living color: using literature to incorporate multicultural EDUC into the primary curriculum
Alora J. Valdez. (Boston: Allyn and Bacon), c1999.
LB1527 .V35 1999 EDUC

More Than Skin Deep: Developing Anti-Racist Multicultural Education in Schools.
Ian Massey. (London: Hodder and Sloughton), 1991.
LC 1099.3 G37 1991 MIDL

The Multicolored Mirror: Cultural Substance in Literature for Children and Young Adults.
Merri Lindgren, editor. Cooperative Children's Book Center. (Fort Atkinson, WI: Highsmith Press), 1991.
Z 1037 M398 1991 EDUC - JV Ref

Multicultural friendship stories and activities for children ages 5-14
Patricia Roberts. (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press), 1998.
LC1099 .R623 1998 EDUC

A multicultural guide to thematic units for young children.
Jeri Carroll. (Carthage, IL: Good Apple), c1993.
LC 1099 .3 C37 1993 EDUC

Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults: A Selected Listing of Books, 1980-1990,
By and About People of Color.
3rd edition
Ginny Moore Kruse and Kathleen T. Horning. (Madison, WI: Cooperative Children's Book Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction), 1991.
Z 1039 B56 K78 1991 EDUC - JV Ref

Multicultural Programming.
Rita Cox. (Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Library Association), 1989.
Z 718.2 C2 C68 1989 MIDL

Multicultural projects index: things to make and do to celebrate festivals, cultures, and holidays around the world, 4th ed.
Mary Anne Pilger. (Westport, CN: Libraries Unlimited), 2005.
LC 1099 .P55 2005 EDUC REF

Multicultural Spoken here: Discovering America's People Through Language Arts and Library Skills.
Josephine Chase. (Santa Monica, CA: Goodyear Publishing Co.), 1979.
E 184 A1 C445 MIDL

Multicultural Teaching: A Handbook of Activities, Information and Resources.
(Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon), 1990.
LC 1099.3 T54 1999 EDUC

Multi-Ethnic Books for Young Children.
Louise Griffin. (Washington D.C.: National Association for the Education of Young Children), 1971.
Z 1037.9 G7 EDUC

Our Family, Our Friends, Our World: An Annotated Guide to Significant Multicultural Books for Children and Teenagers.
Lyn Miller-Lachmann. (New Providence, NJ: R.R. Bowker), 1992.
Z 1037 M654 1992 EDUC - JV Ref

Promoting World Understanding Through Literature, K-8.
Mary C. Austin. (Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited), 1983.
Z 1361 E4 A93 1983 MIDL

Racism and Sexism in Children's Books.
Writers and Readers. (New York, NY: Council on Interracial Books for Children), 1979.
PN 1009 A1 R23 MIDL

Reading into Racism: Bias in Children's Literature and Learning Materials.
Gillian Klein. (London: Routledge), 1985.
LB 3045.64 K57 1985 MIDL

Turning on Learning: Five Approaches for Multicultural Teaching Plans for Race, Class, Gender, and Disability.
Carl A. Grant and Christine E. Sleet. (Columbus, OH: Merill Publishing Co.), 1989.
LC 1099.3 G73 1989 MIDL

Using multicultural literature to teach K-4 social studies:a thematic unit approach
Barbara Edwards. (Boston: Allyn and Bacon), c2002.
LB1530 .E39 2002 EDUC

Venture Into Cultures: A Resource Book of Multicultural Materials and Programs.
Edited by Carla D. Hayden. (Chicago, IL: American Library Association), 1992.
Z 1037.9 V467 1992 EDUC - JV Ref

Writing across the curriculum in secondary classrooms: teaching from a diverse perspective
(Upper Saddle River, N.J: Merrill Prentice Hall), c2001.
LB1631 .W693 2001 EDUC

Periodicals Interracial Books for Children Bulletin.
(New York, NY: Council on Interracial Books for Children)
PN 1009 A1 I55 MIDL

MultiCultural review: dedicated to a better understanding of ethnic, racial, and religious diversity.
(Westport, CT: GP Subscription Publications), c1992-
Z711.8 .J68 MIDL

Afro-American Literature Sources The Black American in Books for Children: Readings in Racism. 2nd Edition
Donnarae MacCann and Gloria Woodard, ed. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press), 1985.
PS 173 N4 B57 1985 MIDL

Black Authors and Illustrators for Children's Books; A Biographical Dictionary.
Barbara Rollock. (New York, NY: Garland), 1988
PN 1009 A1 B53 1999 EDUC - JV Ref

Black Books Galore!--guide to great African American children's books about boys
Donna Rand. (New York: Wiley), c2001.
E185 .R334 2001 EDUC - JV Ref

Black Books Galore!--guide to great African American children's books about girls
Donna Rand. (New York :John Wiley), c2001
E185 .R366 2001 EDUC

Black History: A Book of Culturally Based Activities for K-6 Children. 2nd Edition
Barbara Schubert. (San Jose, CA: Reflections and Images). 1977.
E 184.7 S38 EDUC

Black history month resource book 1st ed.
(Detroit :Gale Research), c1993.
E 184 .7 B53 1993 EDUC REF

A Book of Famous Black Americans: Complete Units for Teachers of Children Ages 4-8.
Carol Taylor Bond. (Livonia, MI: Partner Press, Mt. Rainier, MD: Distributed by Gryphon House), 1989.
E 184.7 B66 1989 EDUC

Books by African-American Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults.
Helen E. Williams. (Chicago, IL: American Library Association), 1991.
Z 1037 W672 1992 EDUC - JV Ref

Celebrating the Coretta Scott King Awards: 101 ideas & activities
Nancy Polette. (Fort Atkinson, Wis: Alleyside Press), c2000.
PS 173 N4 P65 2000 EDUC

Cultural Conformity in Books for Children: Further Readings in Racism.
Donnarae MacCann and Gloria Woodward, editors. (Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press), 1977.
PN 1009 Z6 C8 MIDL

Shadow and Substance: Afro-American Experience in Contemporary Children's Fiction.
Rudine Simes. (Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English), 1982.
PS 374 C45 S55 1982 EDUC
PS 374 C45 S55 1982 MIDL

Telling Tales: The Pedagogy and Promise of African American Literature for Youth.
Dianne Johnson. (New York, NY: Greenwood), 1990.
PS 153 N5 J64 1990 MIDL

Other Works The Afro-Americans.
Howard Snead. (New York, NY: Chelsea House Publishers), 1989.
YP 973 SM637A EDUC

All the Colors of the Race: Poems.
Arnold Adoff. (New York, NY: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books), 1982.
YP 811 AD239A EDUC

The Black Americans: A History in Their Own Words, 1619-1983.
(New York, NY: T.Y. Crowell), 1984.
YP 973 M528B EDUC

A Dream of Freedom: the Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968
Diane McWhorter. (New York: Scholastic), c2004.
YP 323.1 M177D EDUC

Freedom like sunlight: praisesongs for Black Americans.
Lewis J. Patrick. (Mankato [MN.]: Creative Editions), 2000.
YP 811 L6744F EDUC

Here in Harlem: poems in many voices, 1st ed.
Walter Dean Myers. (New York: Holiday House), c2004.
YP 811 M9968HE EDUC

A.P. Porter. (Minneapolis, MN: Candrhoda Books), 1991.
YP 394.2 P844K EDUC

Langston's train ride, 1st ed.
Robert Burleigh. (New York: Orchard Books), 2004.
YP 921 H893B EDUC

The New York Public Library amazing African American history: a book of answers for kids
Diane Patrick. (New York: Wiley), c1998.
YP 973 P314N EDUC

Now Is Your Time.
Walter Dean Myers. (New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers), 1991.

Stretch your wings:famous Black quotations for teens, 1st ed.
(Boston: Little Brown), c1999.
YP 973 ST9155 EDUC

Sweet music in Harlem, 1st ed.
Debbie A. Taylor. (New York: Lee & Low Books), c2004

Wee sing America [sound recording]
Pamela Conn Beall. (New York: Price Stern Sloan), c2002, p1987.

World's greatest speeches [electronic resource].

Biographies Bayard Rustin:behind the scenes of the civil rights movement, 1st ed.
James Haskins. (New York: Hyperion Books for Children), c1997.
YP 921 R971H EDUC

Extraordinary Black Americans from Colonial to Contemporary Times.
Susan Altman. (Chicago, IL: Children's Press), 1989.
YP 920 AL4685E EDUC

Fight on!: Mary Church Terrell's battle for integration
Dennis B Fradin. (New York: Clarion Books), c2003.
YP 921 T325F EDUC

Frederick Douglass and the Fight for Freedom.
Douglas T. Miller. (New York, NY: Facts on File), 1988.
YP 921 D737MI EDUC

Frederick Douglass the Black Lion.
Pat McKissack. (Chicago, IL: Children's Press), 1987.
YP 921 D737M EDUC

Frederick Douglass:for the great family of man, 1st ed.
Peter Burchard. (New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers), c2003.
YP 921 D737BU EDUC

Langston's train ride, 1st ed.
Robert Burleigh. (New York: Orchard Books), 2004
YP 921 H893B EDUC

Martin's big words: the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, 1st ed.
Doreen Rappaport. (New York: Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children), c2001.
YP 921 K53R EDUC

Mary McLeod Bethune: A Great American Educator.
Pat McKissack. (Chicago, IL: Children's Press), 1985.
YP 921 B563M EDUC

Only passing through:the story of Sojourner Truth, 1st ed.
Anne F. Rockwell. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf: Distributed by Random House), c2000.
YP 921 T874R EDUC

Outstanding Black Americans.
(St. Paul, MN: TREND Enterprises), 1988.
E 185 O96 1988 EDUC

Paul Laurence Dunbar, A Poet to Remember.
Pat McKissack. (Chicago, IL: Children's Press), 1984.
YP 921D 899M EDUC

Rosa Parks.
Eloise Greenfield. (New York, NY: Harper Collins), 1995.
YP 921 P2527G 1995 EDUC

Sojourner Truth, A Self-Made Woman.
Victoria Ortiz. (Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott), 1974.
YP 921 T8740 EDUC

Unsung Black Americans.
Edith Gilbert Stull. (New York, NY: New York, Grossett & Dunlap), 1971.
920 ST934SU EDUC

The voice that challenged a nation:Marian Anderson and the struggle for equal rights
Russell Freedman. (New York: Clarion Books), c2004.
YP 921 AN548F EDUC

Wake up our souls: a celebration of Black American artists
Tonya Bolden. (New York: H.N. Abrams [Washington, D.C.])
YP 704.03 B687W EDUC

Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Children's Books Martin Luther King Day.
Linda Lowery. (Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books), 1987.
YP 921 K531 EDUC

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jacqueline L. Harris. (New York, NY: F. Watts), 1983.
YP 921 K53h 1983 EDUC

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Man to Remember.
Pat McKissack. (Chicago, IL: Children's Press), 1984.
YP 921 K53M EDUC

Martin Luther King, Jr.: America's Great Nonviolent Leader in the Struggle for Human Rights.
Valarie Schloredt. (Milwaukee, MN: G. Stevens), 1988.
TP 921 K53S EDUC

Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Freedom Movement.
Lillie Patterson. (New York, NY: Facts on File.), 1989.
E 185.97 K5 P29 1989 EDUC

Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.
James T. DeKay. (New York, NY: Random House), 1989.
YP 921 K53D EDUC


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