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LLMVC= Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, Hill Memorial Library (non-circulating)
LSU Libraries Webliography, African-Americana

Reference Sources The African-American atlas: Black history and culture--an illustrated reference
Molefi K. Asante. (New York: Macmillan), c1998.
REF E 185 A79 1998

Black American Reference Book.
Mabel M. Smythe, Ed. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ Prentice Hall), 1976.
E 185 D25

Black Biography, 1790-1950: A Cumulative Index.
Randall K. Burkett and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., eds. (Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healey), 1991.
REF Z 1361 N39 B52 1990

Chronology of African American History.
Alton Hornsby Jr. (Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc.), 1991.
E 185.96 D38

The Civil Rights Struggle: Leaders in Profile.
John d'Emilo. (New York, NY: Facts on File), 1979.
E 185.96 D38

Contemporary Black Biography: Profiles from the International Black Community.
Michael L. LaBlanc, ed. (Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc.), 1991.
REF E 185.96 C66 1991, Vol. 1-12 (Middleton Reference Table 1), Vol. 1-41 (Online)

Dictionary Catalog of the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History.
Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History. (Boston, MA: G.K. Hall), 1962-1974.
Z 881 N592 S35

Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery.
Randall M. Miller and John D. Smith, eds. (New York, NY: Greenwood Press), 1988.
REF E 441 D531 1988

Encyclopedia of Black America.
August Low, ed. (New York, NY: McGraw-Hill), 1981.
REF E 185 E55

Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights: From Emancipation to the Present.
Charles F. Lowery and John F. Marszalek, eds. (New York, NY: Greenwood Press), 2003.
REF E 185.61 E54 2003

Historic Landmarks of Black America.
George Contor. (Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc.), 1991.
REF E 185.53 A1 C36 1991

Historical and Cultural Atlas of African-Americans.
Molefi K. Asante and Mark T. Mattson. (New York, NY: MacMillian), 1991.
REF E 185 A8 1991

The Negro Almanac: A Reference Work of the African American.
Henry A. Plaski and James Williams, eds. (Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc.), 1989.
E 185 P55 1989

Who's Who Among Black Americans.
Iris C. Loyd, ed. (Detroit, MI: Gale Research, Inc.), 1990.
E 185.96 W52 1996/97 (12th ed. - 16th ed. Online)

Bibliography A Bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America.
Monroe Nathan Work. (New York, NY: H.W. Wilson), 1965.
Z 1361 N39 W8 1965

The Black Experience: A Bibliography of Bibliographies.
Ron Blazek. (Chicago, IL: The Division ALA), 1978.
Z 1361 N39 B58

Index of Afro-American Reference Resources.
Rosemary Stevenson. (New York, NY: Greenwood Press), 1988.
REF Z 1361 N39 S77 1988

Malcolm X: A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.
Timothy V. Johnson. (New York, NY: Garland), 1986.
BP 223.28 L57 M3 1986

Malcolm X: A Selected Bibliography.
Lenwood G. Davis. (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press), 1984.
BP 223 Z8 L573 1984

Biography Alex Haley & Malcolm X's The autobiography of Malcolm X [electronic resource]
Alex Haley and Malcolm X. (New York: Chelsea House Publishers), c1996.

Autobiography of Malcolm X [electronic resource]:notes
Ray Shepard. (Lincoln, Neb. : Cliff Notes), 1973.

Black Americans in Aviation.
(San Diego, CA: Neyensch Printers, Inc.), 1975.
TL 533 P47

Blacks in Science and Medicine.
Vivian Ovelton Sammons. (New York, NY: Hemisphere Publishing Corporation), 1990.
REF Q 141 B58 1990
Q 141 B58 1990 (Hill Memorial Library -- Non-Circulating)

Great Black Russian: A Novel on the Life of Alexander Pushkin.
John Oliver Killens. (Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press), 1989.
PS 3561 I37674 1989

Marcus Garvey.
Edmund D. Cronon, ed. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall), 1973.
E 185.97 G3 C72 1973

Mississippi Black History Makers.
George Sewell and Margaret L. Dwight. (Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi), 1984.
E 185.93 M6 S48 1984

Prince Among Slaves.
Terry Alford. (New York, NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), 1977.
LLMVC E 444 I25 A78

Other Works
LSU Libraries Webliography, African-Americana

Minorities in Science: Selected Reference Sources no. 119
Mitchell Brown. (Baton Rouge, LA: Chemistry Library, Louisiana State University), 1994.
  • Electronic version:

  • The Africans: A Triple Heritage.
    Ali A. Mazrui (Ali Al'Amin). (London: BBS Publications), 1986.
    DT 14 M39 1986b

    Molefi K. Asante. (Trenton, NJ: African World Press), 1988.
    DT 15 A82 1988

    Archaeological Perspectives on Ethnicity in America: Afro-American and Asian American Culture History.
    Robert L. Schuyler. (Farmingdale, NY: Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.), 1980.
    E 185 A72

    Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization Volume 1: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece, 1785-1985.
    Martin Bernal. (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press), 1987.
    DF 78 B398 1987

    Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology.
    Cheikh Anta Diop. (New York, NY: Lawrence Hill Books), 1991.
    DT 14 D5613 1991

    The Isis Papers.
    Frances Cress-Welsing. (Chicago, IL: Third World Press), 1991.
    E 185.625 C74 1991

    Malcolm X As They Knew Him.
    David Gallen. (New York, NY: Carroll and Graf Publishers, Inc.), 1992.
    BP 223 Z8 L5734 1992

    Souls of Black Folk.
    William E.B. DuBois. (New York, NY: Modern Library.), 1996.
    E 185.6 D797 1996

    They Came Before Columbus.
    Ivan Van Serima. (New York, NY: Random House), 1976.
    E 109 A35 V36

    Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire.
    Drusilla Dunjee Houston. (Baltimore, MD: Black Classic Press), 1985.
    GN 545 H63 1985

    World's Greatest Men of Color.
    A.J. Rogers. (New York, NY: MacMillian), 1973.
    DT 18 R592 2 Volumes

    Selected Periodicals The Arts Quarterly.
    (New Orleans, LA: Dillard University), 1937-1939.
    LLMVC NX 164 N4 A77

    The Black Enterprise.
    (New York, NY: E.G. Graves publishing Co.), 1970-
    Microfiche 1714
    Microfilm 4143
    E 185.8 B5

    (New York, NY: Crisis Publishing Co.), 1910-
    E 185.5 C92 Compact Shelving
    Microfilm 4804

    Guide to Scholarly Journals in Black Studies.
    (Chicago, IL: Center for Afro-American Studies and Research), 1981.
    Z 1361 N39 G83 1981

    The Keys.
    (Milwood, NY: Kraus-Thompson Organization), 1933-1939.
    HT 1581 A2 K48

    Presence Africaine.
    (Paris: Editions du Seuil), 1967-
    GN 645 P74

    Selected Indexes Biography and Genealogy Master Index: 1986-90 Cumulation.
    Barbara McNeil, ed. (Detroit, MI: Gales Research, Inc.),
    REF Z 5305 U5 B56 3 volumes (Middleton Reference Index Table 4)

    Blacks in Selected Newspapers, Census and Other Sources: An Index to Names and Subjects, First Supplement.
    Compiled by James Abajian. (Boston, MA: G.K. Hall), 1985.
    REF Z 1361 N39 A28 supplement, 2 Volumes

    Index to Black Periodicals.
    (Boston, MA: G.K. Hall & Co.), 1988-
    REF A 13 O4

    Kaiser Index to Black Resources, 1948-1986.
    Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. (Brooklyn, NY: Carlson), 1992.
    REF Z 1361 N39 K34 1993, 5 Volumes

    Pan-African Index to Current Biography.
    Clarence G. Contee. (Monticello, VA: Council of Planning Librarians), 1976.
    Z 5942 C689 no.951

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