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Aframerindian Slave Narratives index

Presents almost 150 slave narratives by Africans mixed with Indians. This is a unique and very revealing source to reinterpret American history and demonstrate the unity of Africans and Indians.

Tagged With: Society Slaves History Oral-History Web-Resources Archival-Materials

African-American Women: A Selected Bibliography of LSU Resources

Includes the following aspects: [Arts] [Bibliographies] [Biographies and Autobiographies] [Feminism] [General] [Health] [History] [Interviews and Oral Histories] [Juvenile Literature] [Literature and Drama] [Quotations] [Reference Works]

Tagged With: Archival-Materials History Literature Web-Resources Biographies/Autobiographies Dramas Women Feminism Oral-History Arts

Black Oral History Collection

Tagged With: History Web-Resources Archival-Materials Oral-History

Bridgett Demery Jackson Brister oral history interview, 1997

by Brister, Bridgett Demery Jackson

Tagged With: Religion Women Society Racism Louisiana-Related History Archival-Materials Oral-History

Charles Vincent oral history interview, 2002

Vincent, Charles, 1945-

Tagged With: Politics Civil-Rights Society Racism Race-Relations Louisiana-Related Religion History Oral-History Archival-Materials

Conversations with Maya Angelou

Angelou, Maya

Tagged With: Women Literature 20th-Century History Archival-Materials Oral-History

Conversations with Nikki Giovanni

Giovanni, Nikki

Tagged With: Women Literature History Archival-Materials Oral-History 20th-Century

Conversations with Toni Morrison

Morrison, Toni

Tagged With: Women History Literature 20th-Century Archival-Materials Oral-History

Earline Cary-Williams oral history interview, 1997

by Cary-Williams, Earline, 1915-

Tagged With: Religion Louisiana-Related History Oral-History Archival-Materials

Eula Mae Hatter oral history interview, 1997

Hatter, Eula Mae, 1921-2000

Tagged With: Religion Music Louisiana-Related Archival-Materials History Oral-History

Freddie Pitcher oral history interview, 2002

Pitcher, Freddie, 1945-

Tagged With: Politics Civil-Rights Education Society Race-Relations African-American-Judges African-American-Lawyers Louisiana-Related Archival-Materials History Oral-History

I dream a world : portraits of black women who changed America

Lanker, Brian

Tagged With: Women Portraits History Archival-Materials Oral-History

Integration and the black experience at LSU, 1992-1993

Electronic access only.

Tagged With: Louisiana-Related Oral-History History Archival-Materials Politics Civil-Rights

LOUISiana Digital Library

The LOUISiana Digital Library (LDL) is an online library of over 84,000 digital materials about Louisiana's history, culture, places, and people. Its purpose is to make unique historical treasures from Louisiana's archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories in the state electronically accessible to Louisiana residents and to students, researchers, and the general public in other states and countries.

Tagged With: Databases Open-Access Louisiana-Related Culture History Manuscripts Archival-Materials Oral-History Photographs

Malcolm X : A Research Site

This is a comprehensive website on the life and legacy of Malcolm X.

Tagged With: History Malcolm-X Bibliographies Photographs Politics Web-Resources Biographies/Autobiographies Oral-History Manuscripts Archival-Materials

Mary Edith Moody oral history interview, 2002

Moody, Mary Edith, 1926-

Tagged With: Women Politics Civil-Rights Louisiana-Related History Oral-History Archival-Materials Martin-Luther-King-Jr.

Performance, cultural identity, and feminist practice in the oral history of an African American domestic worker

Johnson, Elondust Patrick, 1967-

Tagged With: Women History Oral-History Louisiana-Related Thesis/Dissertations Check-me-out Government-Publications Archival-Materials

The T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History

The Center conducts, collects, preserves, and makes available to scholars oral histories--primary source documents of Louisiana's social, political, and cultural history. The collection to date is comprised of over 40 series and contains over 2,500 tape-recorded interviews totaling more than 3,000 hours of tape.

Tagged With: History Oral-History Culture Society Education Politics Web-Resources

Toni Morrison : conversations

Morrison, Toni

Tagged With: Women Literature 20th-Century History Archival-Materials Oral-History

W.P.A. collection. Ex-slave narrative project, 1937-1941

Federal Writers' Project (La.)

Tagged With: Society Slaves Archival-Materials History Oral-History Louisiana-Related 19th-Century

What Endures…

LSU Libraries Special Collections T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Blog and Podcast

Tagged With: Oral-History History Politics Education Culture Society Web-Resources Martin-Luther-King-Jr.

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