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"A god of justice?" : the problem of evil in twentieth-century Black literature

by Whitted, Qiana J.

Tagged With: History Literature Society New-Books 20th-Century Check-me-out Religion

"A long time coming" : the inspiring, combative 2008 campaign and the historic election of Barack Obama

by Thomas, Evan

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

African American women's rhetoric : the search for dignity, personhood, and honor

Atwater, Deborah F., 1949-

Tagged With: Women Lauguage History Society Social-Conditions Check-me-out New-Books Literature

American composer Zenobia Powell Perry : race and gender in the 20th century

Pool, Jeannie G.

Tagged With: Women Culture Pop-Culture Music Biographies/Autobiographies Check-me-out New-Books

Antebellum slave narratives : cultural and political expressions of Africa

by Archer, Jermaine O. "Speaking Guinea and a mixture of everything else" : the slave narratives of Frederick Douglass revisited -- William Wells Brown : subtle whispers of slave culture, pan-Africanism, and insurgency -- "Moses is got de charm" : Harriet Tubman's mosaic persona -- Harriet Jacobs : a larger discussion of the John Kuner Parade and other cultural recollections -- Discourse on the slave narrative and a new interpretation of Black anti-slavery ideology.

Tagged With: Society Slaves Culture History Literature Social-Conditions New-Books

Barack Obama : the voice of an American leader

by Price, Joann F.

Tagged With: Society Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out Race-Relations New-Books

Barack Obama and the future of American politics

by Street, Paul Louis

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

Between Barack and a hard place : racism and white denial in the age of Obama

by Wise, Time J.

Tagged With: Barack-Obama Politics Society Race-Relations Check-me-out New-Books

Black girlhood celebration : toward a hip-hop feminist pedagogy

by Brown, Ruth Nicole

Tagged With: Culture Society Women Check-me-out Feminism Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

Encyclopedia of hip hop literature

by Stanley, Tarshia L.

Tagged With: Literature Culture Check-me-out Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

Hip-hop revolution in the flesh : power, knowledge, and pleasure in Lil' Kim's lyricism

by Thomas, Greg.

Tagged With: Culture Society Women Biographies/Autobiographies Check-me-out Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

Keeping faith : philosophy and race in America

by West, Cornel

Tagged With: Society Politics Race-Relations Check-me-out New-Books

King's dream

Sundquist, Eric J.

Tagged With: Martin-Luther-King-Jr. Check-me-out New-Books Civil-Rights History Politics

L'intraitable beauté du monde : adresse à Barack Obama

by Glissant, Édouard

Tagged With: Society Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out Race-Relations New-Books

Lift every voice : the history of African American music

by Peretti, Burton W.

Tagged With: History Culture Check-me-out Music Pop-Culture Society New-Books

Narrative conventions and race in the novels of Toni Morrison

by Heinert, Jennifer Lee Jordan

Tagged With: Literature Society Check-me-out Racism New-Books

Praise song for the day : a poem for Barack Obama's presidential inauguration, January 20, 2009

by Alexander, Elizabeth

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

Road to freedom : photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1956-1968

Cox, Julian

Tagged With: Politics Civil-Rights History 20th-Century Culture Photographs Society Race-Relations Exhibits New-Books

Street dreams and hip hop barbershops : global fantasy in urban Tanzania

by Weiss, Brad

Tagged With: Pop-Culture Hip-Hop Society Culture Check-me-out New-Books

The Black condition

by Dodson, Howard

Tagged With: History Society Politics New-Books Check-me-out Religion Social-Conditions

The breakthrough : politics and race in the age of Obama

By Ifill, Gwen

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

The hearing eye : jazz & blues influences in African American visual art

by Lock, Graham

Tagged With: Culture Arts Check-me-out Music Jazz 20th-Century New-Books

The inaugural address, 2009 ; together with Abraham Lincoln's first and second inaugural addresses and the Gettysburg Address and Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-reliance

Inaugural address, 2009 / Barack Obama -- Second inaugural address, 1865 / Abraham Lincoln -- The Gettysburg address / Abraham Lincoln -- First inaugural address, 1861 / Abraham Lincoln -- Self-reliance, 1841 / Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out Inauguration New-Books

The inheritance : the world Obama confronts and the challenges to American power

by Sanger, David E.

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

The Obama administration and the Americas : agenda for change

by Lowenthal, Abraham F.

Tagged With: Barack-Obama Check-me-out Politics New-Books

The real hiphop : battling for knowledge, power, and respect in the LA underground

by Morgan, Marcyliena H.

Tagged With: Culture Society Check-me-out California Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

Triangular road : a memoir

Marshall, Paule, 1929-

Tagged With: Women Biographies/Autobiographies History 20th-Century Literature Check-me-out New-Books

Watch this! : the ethics and aesthetics of black televangelism

by Walton, Jonathan L.

Tagged With: History New-Books 20th-Century Check-me-out Religion 21st-Century

What Obama means : --for our culture, our politics, our future

by Asim, Jabari

Tagged With: Politics Barack-Obama Check-me-out New-Books

Women and the civil rights movement, 1954-1965

Houck, Davis W.

Tagged With: Women Civil-Rights Politics History Biographies/Autobiographies 20th-Century Check-me-out New-Books

Writing the future of Black America : literature of the hip-hop generation

by Grassian, Daniel

Tagged With: History Literature Culture Check-me-out Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

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