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African American History | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

Explore the website! It offers all types of resources and external links to other useful resources for your research

Tagged With: History Web-Resources Society Archival-Materials Biographies/Autobiographies Barack-Obama Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Genealogy

African American women : a biographical dictionary

Salem, Dorothy C.

Tagged With: Women Biographies/Autobiographies Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

African Americans in the media today : an encyclopedia

by Riley, Sam G.

Tagged With: Culture Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Pop-Culture

African-American writers : a dictionary

Hatch, Shari Dorantes

Tagged With: Biographies/Autobiographies Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Literature Check-me-out

Bibliography of Black music

by De Lerma, Dominique-René

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Music Bibliographies

Blacks in American films and television : an encyclopedia

by Bogle, Donald

Tagged With: Culture Pop-Culture Biographies/Autobiographies Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

Dictionary of American Negro biography

Logan, Rayford Whittingham, 1897-1982

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Biographies/Autobiographies Women Culture History Literature Politics Society Africana-Studies

Encyclopedia of African American politics

by Smith, Robert Charles

Tagged With: History Politics Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of African American women writers

by Page, Yolanda Williams

Tagged With: Literature Women Biographies/Autobiographies Dictionaries/Encyclopedias 20th-Century Check-me-out

Encyclopedia of African-American civil rights : from emancipation to the present

by Lowery, Charles D.

Tagged With: History Society Civil-Rights Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Politics

Encyclopedia of African-American literature

by Samuels, Wilfred D.

Tagged With: Literature Biographies/Autobiographies Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Black studies

by Asante, Molefi K.

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias History Society Culture Women Religion Check-me-out African-Studies Africana-Studies Black-Studies

Encyclopedia of hip hop literature

by Stanley, Tarshia L.

Tagged With: Literature Culture Check-me-out Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Pop-Culture Hip-Hop New-Books

Encyclopedia of race and racism

by Moore, John H.

Tagged With: Society Race-Relations Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Racism Social-Conditions

Encyclopedia of racism in the United States

by Min, Pyong Gap

Tagged With: Society Race-Relations Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Racism Social-Conditions

Encyclopedia of rap and hip-hop culture

by Bynoe, Yvonne

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Pop-Culture Hip-Hop Music Culture

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

by Wintz, Cary D.

Tagged With: Society Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Harlem

Oxford African American Studies Center

The Oxford African American Studies Center provides students, scholars and librarians with more than 8,000 articles by top scholars in the field. The core content includes: * Africana * Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895 * Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present * Black Women in America, Second Edition * African American National Biography Available through LSU Middleton Libraries

Tagged With: Databases History Literature Biographies/Autobiographies Women Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

The African American encyclopedia

by Rasmussen, R. Kent.

Tagged With: Civil-War Literature Culture Society Politics Women Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Religion

The African-American almanac

Estell, Kenneth

Tagged With: History Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Periodicals

The encyclopedia of African and African-American religions

by Glazier, Stephen D.

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Religion

The encyclopedia of the Harlem literary renaissance

Brown, Lois, 1966-

Tagged With: Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Literature 20th-Century Biographies/Autobiographies Harlem Check-me-out

The Greenwood encyclopedia of African American civil rights : from emancipation to the twenty-first century

by Lowery, Charles D.

Tagged With: History Society Politics Race-Relations Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Civil-Rights

The Greenwood encyclopedia of African American folklore

by Prahlad, Anand

Tagged With: Culture Society Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Folklore

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute Home

Includes information about the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Projects at Stanford University, the King Estate, the King Center, and a listing of other related web sites.

Tagged With: History Web-Resources Martin-Luther-King-Jr. Biographies/Autobiographies Exhibits Dictionaries/Encyclopedias Timeline

The Martin Luther King, Jr., encyclopedia

by Carson, Clayborne

Tagged With: Martin-Luther-King-Jr. Society Politics Biographies/Autobiographies Race-Relations Dictionaries/Encyclopedias 20th-Century Civil-Rights

Writing African American women : an encyclopedia of literature by and about women of color

by Beaulieu, Elizabeth Ann.

Tagged With: Literature Women Dictionaries/Encyclopedias 20th-Century Biographies/Autobiographies

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