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  • Originally created by David Wuolu in 1994, our
    Federal Agency Directory gets thousands of visitors per month.
  • The latest version was installed, modified, and set up by Angela VandenBroek. It is updated by Michelle Donlin.
  • The directory is a partnership of Louisiana State University and the Federal Depository Library Program. The Government Printing Office (GPO) assumes no responsibility for the official nature or authenticity of individual links or pages.
  • The directory lists current/active/existing U. S. Federal Government agencies as represented in the United States Government Manual. Indentations will inform the reader of the institution's place in the hierarchy.
  • Not every level of organization will be indexed here. Some organizations (such as the Navy) have numerous sub-organizations and provide excellent indexes from their home pages. If an institution is not represented here, try the parent organization.
  • No annotation will be provided. This index is for people who know where they want to go, but don't know the URL.
  • The index is searchable by agency keyword (e.g., Veteran's Bureau) NOT subject. See, FAQs for links to search engines and other resources.

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