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Louisiana Information

Louisiana Department of Education
Find information about Louisiana school systems, Goals 2000, a calendar of events, and more...
Find general information and statistics about the College of Education at Louisiana State University.
LRCE - Louisiana Resource Center for Educators
The LRCE is a unique service for K-12 educators who work in private, parochial and public shcools in Louisiana.
East Baton Rouge Parish Schools
This page links to most schools in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Electronic Classroom

Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Featuring a new craft project every week! The emphasis of this page is on learning, creativity and problem-solving, while having the fun of doing crafts. Each craft project has a variety of designs, patterns to print, and illustrated instructions. (There is also an excellent compilation of information about minerals including pictures).
Classroom Connect
Connects classrooms with week-long, topic-based explorations, teachers with lesson plans and links for materials, conferences and universities.
The Faces of Science
African Americans in the Sciences.
A fun website with interactive educational games for students.
Great Civil War Resources for K-12 Students
Through essays and articles, engaging web-based activities, and primary source documents such as photos, letters, diaries, and literature, students of all ages that explore the websites we have compiled, will gain a balanced perspective of the Civil War.
Interactive and Virtual Dissections
Save an animal! Use these tutorials designed for high school biology classrooms.
Kidlink is a grassroots project aimed at getting as many children in the age group 10 -15 as possible involved in a GLOBAL dialog. Since it's start in 1990, over 60,000 kids from 87 countries on all continents have participated in the offered activities.
Kidpub WWW Publishing
This site lets children publish their own stories as well as read those published by others.
The New York Times Learning Network
Connections for students, teachers and parents. (grades 3-12)
Questacon: Australia's National Science and Technology Center
Experience a virtual tour of Questacon's National Science and Technology Center. Learn about Questacon's programs for people of all ages across Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region to experience the fun and fascination of science.
Skewl Sites
The best educational web sites researched by teachers for teachers.
The Strange War: Stories for a Culture of Peace
"It is not enough to tell children that war is a bad thing and peace is much nicer", says Auer. "They want and need to know more: Why do people fight wars? Has war existed always? How did it come into the world? Is war something that just cannot be avoided? Maybe because human nature just is aggressive and murderous? Is it possible that a war 'breaks out' even if the majority of people want peace? Who is responsible for the keeping of peace? Governments? The Soldiers? Everybody? - In these stories I have tried to tackle philosophical, economical, anthropological and political questions without oversimplifying them and still in such a way that children can understand."

Electronic Reference Tools

American Sign Language Browser
A practical sign language dictionary for self-tutoring and fun learning. Videos demonstrate signs.
Bartleby Library
Great books online.
A searchable hypertext Webster interface.
The Encyclopedia Mythica
A collection of encyclopedic information available on the Internet.
The Grammar Lady
Offers help with common grammar questions.
Documents for the Study of American History (AMDOCS)
The full text of historic documents of the United States.
Purdue Libraries Quick Reference
An extensive collection of online reference tools from Purdue Libraries.
Roget's Thesaurus
Web access for finding just the right word.
A free nationwide residential and business directory.
Unit Converter
Converts any unit of measurement to other unit equivalencies.
USPS Zip Code Information
Zip code information from the US Postal Service.
WebElements Periodic Table is the first periodic table on the WWW. Created by Mark Winter, University of Sheffield, winner of the England Royal Society of Chemistry 1998 HE Teaching Award.


From Now On
An educational technology journal that also includes new ways of learning and teaching.


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