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Library Privileges for K-12 Teachers and Administrators

In order to facilitate the teaching and research interests of Louisiana K-12 teachers and administrators, the LSU Libraries will extend borrowing privileges in accordance with the following policies and procedures:

  1. To apply for privileges the teacher must obtain a letter from his/her principal on school letterhead requesting that the teacher have borrowing privileges at the LSU Libraries.* An administrator may request privileges on school letterhead on his/her own behalf.
  2. The letter must be brought to the Middleton Circulation Desk (first floor) for approval prior to privileges being granted.
  3. The applicant must present a Visa or MasterCard credit card at time of request in addition to the letter mentioned above. If the credit card expires during the designated borrowing period, the applicant must update credit card information to continue borrowing privileges.
  4. The applicant must read and understand the LSU Libraries' borrowing policies and must sign an agreement to abide by these policies including meeting due dates and being responsible for any fines and fees incurred.
  5. The applicant will receive undergraduate library borrowing privileges, with the exception of ILL services, and will be limited to ten outstanding items at any given time.
  6. The applicant will be issued a nontransferable, temporary card for borrowing materials and will be required to show a picture ID (such as a driver's license) each time the card is used.
  7. Borrowing privileges will be for the academic year (August through May) or summer session (June - July) or portion remaining at the time of application.
  • Home school teachers must present the annual home school request letter and return receipt from the Home Study Program, Office of Education.
  • Summer school teachers must present a letter signed by the summer school principal.

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